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  1. Wrt the Rangers deal, Ashley seems to have capitulated, new deal in place for 1 year only (down from 7 years) and a much more even split in profits
  2. I don't think relegation would make any difference to be honest. I'm assuming he's doing well financially out of any retail deal you have and possibly in some other ways so that won't change with relegation. Let's face it, if he was interested in us (Rangers) who are playing in a league with literally no money these days then I don't think a drop to the Championship would phase him.
  3. Club statement claims that the NOMAD has advised that they couldn't proceed due to the companies profile in the previous few years and the failings in corporate governance during this time. There was something a little suspicious about the fact we'd gone through about 4 NOMAD's during this time and the last one involved the same employee moving from a previous company to a new one to continue this role (Paul Shackleton) Apparently the NOMAD who was approached was Cantor Fitzgerald but the club haven't publicly confirmed this. To be honest I don't really see much of an issue with being
  4. He probably is the kind of crackpot that likes guns.
  5. The guy is an utter crackpot and was paid to write articles that were supportive of the old board (fantastic stories of £50 million investment etc). He is now paid to write articles that are critical of the current board. No one bothers with his articles other than to berate his nonsense so I find it a bit bizarre that you have dug out someone so far off the beaten path to try to support your views. It's akin to the method used by conspiracy theorists to confirm their worldview.
  6. What is the general opinion among fans about the reasons for Ashley's continued involvement with Newcastle? Is it because of the exposure it gives his brands? If so I fail to see the benefit given the general view of him Is it because he is making money from the club from retail etc? Is he hoping to sell at a profit? An experiment gone wrong for him?
  7. Seriously? This is who you are reading? The screwball who sells holy water and is paid to spin for the old board (and mocked everywhere for it)? David Icke has more credibility than him. Honestly, if that's your source for all things Rangers then you really need to take a look at your filtering process
  8. Probably some ex council flat that Lambias bought on the cheap.
  9. I pretty much agree with your post. We were forced to sell our best young player (and probably the best player in our squad), MacLeod, in January for less than the loan deal. This is all just another way of Ashley screwing us out of a few quid. Vukic has done reasonably well but I don't think there's anyone who wouldn't rather have MacLeod back instead. I'm confident we will get promoted but that's not down to Vukic coming in, it'll be due to the new manager and the influence he is having. On the footballing side our biggest problem was having McDowall in charge when he clearly didn't want th
  10. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-set-answer-50million-8931716
  11. Poor Ashley's human rights are being violated http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/rangers-shareholder-mike-ashley-claims-5366096
  12. Can't be any worse than the current crop we have...
  13. Don't know if there's any truth in it or not but there is a rumour that one of the players who was sent to us on loan has Hep B and can't play football.
  14. Probably. They tried to get access to the Rangers Lotto fund money, which is ringfenced for youth development, right up till the EGM. The person who runs the fund, Colin Stewart, was put under enormous pressure and refused to hand it over. He said he had 6 calls demanding the money in the hour before the EGM. @RFC_Colin: To confirm, despite fierce pressure all week & right up to 11am I refused point blank to transfer Development Fund money to club. 1/2 @RFC_Colin: Funds contributed by fans will now be released to our new board. I can confirm I was not flavour of the month with
  15. Sandy Easdale has quit, which just leaves Lambias and Leach. Pretty much says it all that everyone else has realised the game is up and has left but Ashley's henchmen are refusing to go. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/mike-ashley-battle-rangers-what-8789250
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