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  1. The Championship

    Its fucking shite. Ive gone from watching Leeds in the champions league semi final away v valencia to enduring 12 years of something i cannot describe as football, dont even bother watching the rubbish.
  2. Leeds United

    Hi guys. Life long Leeds United fan since 1954. I'm sure you all know our owners and the FA/Football League/UEFA have ripped us apart over the years and we are struggling badly but I was just wondering, after Leeds and Aston Villa, do you guys think you're the 3rd biggest club in the championship or would you say Blackburn, Norwich or some other no hoper? Don't get me wrong, your home support is OK (I know you pay £30 less than Leeds fans to get in but I guess there isn't that much money up there) but your away support is a disgrace, 70 fans at Deportivo, we took 7000, we have the largest away following in the country and if referees hadn't cheated us a million times we'd probably be dominating English football. I think only scumchester are a bigger club than Leeds, maybe Liverpool. I remember 1989, Newcastle couldn't get 10,000 at home and couldn't get 100/200 away fans (still can't). My questions are is it really that bad with poverty up there? Is it also strange to never win a trophy since 1969? P.s. us outsinging you with the Gary Speed song in the league cup, hang all of your heads in shame, joke of a football club.

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