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  1. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    What a time to be alive.
  2. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    So where has this quote come from then? Sounds like bullshit to me. I genuinely think Rafa will stay, somehow. I hope I'm right.
  3. Precedent Trump

  4. Other Games 18/19

    I find it laughable that people are now complaining about VAR as it now means they have nothing to complain about during the game . Football fans are fickle as fuck and it sums up modern day society.
  5. Other Games 18/19

    Sterling scored it, Aguero WAS offside. It was a great game.
  6. Other Games 18/19

    They just need to keep it for the last 10.
  7. Other Games 18/19

    Ajax are pure class, taught Juve a lesson here.
  8. Other Games 18/19

    0-2 down now. They look desperate now.
  9. Extending SJP

    An interesting idea but not sure I'd want to sit above level 7. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/revealed-ingenious-plan-turn-st-16138611
  10. Rafa Benitez

    Happy birthday Rafa lad!
  11. Yes Gemmill...

    The whole structure would collapse with the weight of the water, the man is thicker than a castle wall.
  12. Other Games 18/19

    Not one shot on target tonight, not one decent game so far in the CL quarters.
  13. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Like I posted in here at half time, we were the dominant side and just needed extra quality in and around the box. That carried onto the second half but we lost shape when Lejeune went off. They capitalised on the one opening they had and it was a smash and grab, one shot one goal. Poor Lejeune has no luck, that's his season over with the other knee this time.
  14. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Perez is poor aswell, yes he's scored important goals in the past but in the main he just floats through games looking for soft free-kicks.
  15. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    I have to say that Almiron isn't affecting games as much as Rafa hoped, no assists and no goals yet. He shows glimpses of what he can do but he hasn't had a solid impact in recent games where we need him to step up. One bit of magic yesterday would have swayed a tight game.

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