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  1. Coronavirus

    You're clearly thicker than a doctor's wallet (No pun intended).
  2. Coronavirus

    You what?
  3. Coronavirus

    Read above your post although it seems you have and ignored it.
  4. Coronavirus

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jul/15/coronavirus-contracts-government-transparency-pandemic Whitty, Cummings, etc etc. Contracts to their mates. The thing absolutely stinks but it's no surprise. Remember May and G4S.
  5. Coronavirus

    Like you need to ask.
  6. Coronavirus

    Corrupt Tory cunts! https://metro.co.uk/2020/09/24/uks-chief-scientific-adviser-patrick-vallance-has-600000-of-shares-in-vaccine-maker-gsk-13321944/
  7. Morecambe vs Bruce’s hapless shites

    Leyton Orient springs to mind....
  8. Morecambe vs Bruce’s hapless shites

    That's a month's quota of goals used up in one game already. I doubt we'll score again until Early December now.
  9. Morecambe vs Bruce’s hapless shites

    Big Joe on a hat-trick. Imagine if he turned into a goal machine after this. This is 2020 after all.
  10. Coronavirus

    I herd that on the news.
  11. Yes Gemmill...

    Years ahead of his time. RIP.
  12. Precedent Trump

  13. Coronavirus

    I had zero hopes of this government steering us through a rainstorm never mind a pandemic but fucking hell they've failed catostrophically with every single thing they've done on this. Scary how incompetent these jokers are.
  14. Coronavirus

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