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  1. Now closer to the relegation spots than the Playoffs 😂 Vardy with a bit of shithousery after his goal aswell, perfect
  2. Great to see Big Joe signed off for another 3 years. A big player in our midfield, which has been very much highlighted since his injury. I think Eddie's comments about getting it all sorted ASAP tells you how important he is for us and our immediate future!
  4. I agree on the wingbacks and centre backs. I think Tripps and Tino bombing up and down the wing will make us very dangerous going forward aswell.
  5. Also I'd like to add my thoughts about Dan Burn, I feel for him a bit as he's blatantly being targeted now and the blind faith Howe is putting in him is costing the team and Burn himself. Dan Burn is a solid defender and been a great servant for us but all players have their restraints/limits and a big lad like Dan it's always going to be pace. The fact he's got little to no protection in the current system Howe plays means he's like a sitting duck at Left Back and with so much space in the channels for speedy wingers every game it's the same story. It would actually be better for Dan Burn to play as the left side of a back 3 to be honest if Howe insists on playing him, that way there's more protection from a wing back and the system is much more compact. Otherwise Tino has to play at Arsenal if Howe keeps the same system, Tino's pace and reading of the game makes him the better left back for me and it cuts out that threat down the oppositions right wing.
  6. I had this conversation during the week about the goalkeepers, for me Pope is by far the better keeper. There's a direct correlation with the rampant goals conceded after Pope picked up his injury. Yes the defence is to blame aswell but for me that is because Pope is the much better organiser than Dubravka and the back 5 last season was absolutely solid and well drilled. Since Pope went out that back line has been all over the shop and I feel Dubravka isn't vocal enough and doesn't command his box like Nick Pope. Yes he's a decent shot stopper and OK with his feet but there's a lot to be said about Pope's organisational skills and also the defences confidence when Pope plays as to when Dubravka plays they just seem very shaky and teams have picked up on that and happy to attack at abandon.
  7. Well well well. https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2024/feb/16/ukraine-war-live-russia-avdiivka-assault-continues-as-zelenskiy-set-to-visit-europe
  8. Bored of this Ashworth talk already. Either pledge your allegiance to the Geordie cause or gan and FUCK YA MA He can be easily replaced.
  9. He's definitely starting like, Eddie stands by BDB. I reckon we'll score a couple on Saturday, I'm not so confident we'll keep a rare clean sheet. We're due one though!
  10. Fully agree, I've been impressed with him this season and he had a good game last night.
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