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  1. They're idiots. Typical Twitter fodder. Give them a platform and they will spout any old crap. As I said you received a good response initially with the questionnaire. It now seems as though the other side of fan forum life have come out to play. Forget that site. I do. I only pop on to see any latest news or to see if there are any decent discussions or inside Leeds knowledge, but the topics on offer are from your typical schoolboy prepubescent "fan". Don't get me wrong, there are some good people on there, but t's hit or miss. You can have some good discussions, but it's often taken over by
  2. Agreed. Most are Chavs, as pointed out in my other post. The MOTforum and The Square Ball buck the trend as mentioned. By the way, not sure why you think we still think Manu and Liverpool are our rivals. They're not and the majority of Leeds fans will admit that. I think they will say that we have a history with them now, we havn't not forgotten about then and they haven't forgotten about us, but we do not consider them to be our rivals at this current time. Put that question on any of the forums and they will agree with you in that respect.
  3. Guys, I think I posted when Fish posted the questionnaire at the beginning of the season. Waccoe is an awful site. I am a Leeds fan and I don't even post on there. It's like Twitter. A few good people, but the rest are absolute idiots. If you need to ask any questions please go to http://forum.thesquareball.net/viewforum.php?f=1 It is not as busy as Waccoe (but probably most popular fan site), but at least it has a Mag and you will get a normal response! You might get a little banter ( a few insults) and probably get called a Ball boy C@nt , but you not get the level of abuse that you get
  4. Aye cheers for that. I'll ask some of the others on TSB to pass it on. A few mentioned it a year or so ago and they adjusted something (I'm not internet savvy) so we were more searchable and it came up on the second page. Doing a search in Google now e.g. Leeds forum, Leeds football forum etc, and it's nowhere to be seen.
  5. What? You mean mine? Eh? I'll be honest, the first time I knew this forum existed was when you posted on WACCOE. 73 is the year I was born by the way. Pretty generic really.
  6. I meant rubbish compared to the attendances we/you have had when times have been good.
  7. To be honest the northern clubs averaged more than the southern clubs ever did when down in the 2nd division.
  8. True. Ours was rubbish until Wilko came along and will be rubbish until Cellino leaves or we're competing for the Play Offs. Yours was rubbish (although you probably averaged more than us) until Keegan came along. Similar history there.
  9. You're right it doesn't come up. It used to and it's something we have discussed before to get it in the search engine. Shame really as it's probably the second biggest forum after. WACCOE. Don't blame you for being interested in your own fans I'd feel the same way, but I am interested sometimes in what other fans think about football topics in general, not just Leeds. If you ever want to approach us in the future (we'll be a long distance memory when you go up this season and we are still languishing) on the forum or the Square Ball Mag, speak to thechubbyone, Discodan or Moscowwhite
  10. Guys, Leeds fan in peace. The guy on the other thread is obviously a wind up merchant, and a complete idiot. In my opinion what makes a club a big club is always subjective. I always put it down to: Fanbase (including global) Crowd/Gates Stadia History Trophies Leeds United as a club have the above (as do you), and are a club recognised globally, having a number or fan bases nationally and internationally. So in my opinion Leeds are a big club, not the biggest of the lot and certainly not at the moment due to our current predicament, but we are still classed as a so called
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