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  1. Yeah sure, lets say that and not that I forgot about him.
  2. That's the tent sorted for their Walkabout.
  3. I would hate that. Man Utd can ruin (or at least set back) careers, it's a poisoned chalice. Which will become even more poisony and chalicey once Sir Jim'll Fucksit gets more of his bold ideas across. Strong Chelsea going for Graham Potter vibes. He may well be a talented coach but the rot is systemic at Old Trafford (as it was/is at Chelsea) and throwing a promising new manager into the mess won't benefit either party. Ipswich players and fans surely deserve to see what McKenna can do about keeping them in the Premier League. His stock won't suffer too much if they make a fist of it but fall short. Rob Edward's reputation certainly hasn't been harmed.
  4. https://twitter.com/westhamfootball/status/1793669725760667998
  5. One of my favourite "Jesus do you remember him?!" players. Franck Dumas. Got done for tax evasion do to gambling addiction, which is fairly apposite.
  6. So without new signings (or the fringe that we should be shifting on or keeping away from the first team) our first team will look like: Pope Trippier - Livramento Botman Schar Hall - Burn Bruno - Longstaff Joelinton - Miley Tonali - Anderson Almiron Barnes Gordon Isak
  7. I remember when it was just a photograph with the manager like this fwiw I'm very much enjoying Marcelino's confusion.
  8. This is excellent, one by one people are crying off a party they're not invited to.
  9. I'd rather have a pint with @Gemmill than Wilson.
  10. I can only think that his preferred style works with a dominant side, that's why Burnley did well in the Championship. But he didn't evolve it to work when they're not the biggest fish in the pond.
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