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  1. Toon V Uddersfield

    I wouldn't even bring Dimae in yet. Hayden's been playing alright with Longstaff in the middle and Huddersfield shouldn't be too tough an ask for those two.
  2. Other Games 17/18

  3. VAR... really??

    Because the ref was poor. The idea is fine, it's application needs improving and that will come with experience. Ref has final say. Frankly we should be getting to the stage where the ref can view the incident by jogging over to the linesman who's got an iPad stuffed down his shorts. Ref stops the game, reviews the major incident, Bob's your uncle. If the ref is reviewing the VAR the game is stopped, why does the crowd need to be told what they can clearly see is a VAR review? Or do you mean the crowd should be watching the incident at the same time as the ref but on a big screen? Personally, I think the ref should be mic-ed up. Similar to Cricket. Call his decision and ask/go for a review, then if there's a clear and obvious incident overturn or confirm his decision. That way the crowd knows what the review is about without necessitating a big screen display. Also, only the manager or Captain should be allowed to request VAR. I wouldn't have what happened on the Schalke bench happening again.
  4. VAR... really??

    Why is the ref being overruled? VAR is an advisory tool, not taking away control from the ref. It's no different to a linesman flagging for something the ref didn't see. We don't get any on-screen notification that the goal-line tech is buzzing the ref now?
  5. VAR... really??

    How will the laws change? I for one don’t see the point in metal poles. What’s wrong with jumpers?
  6. Europe --- In or Out

    Already happening I see.
  7. Toon V Uddersfield

    1 win in 13 scored 6 and conceded 26 in that time. we'll be fine.
  8. VAR... really??

    It won't happen half as much as the detractors suggest. Most goals are not controversial in any way. Even before VAR there were inquests and the ref plodding over to the linesman for a chat. This is no different, except they'll have an actual decent chance of getting the decision right. There are two things finer than going apeshit when your team scores; Going apeshit again as the protests from the opposition are proven to be baseless because not only have you scored, but the other team are whiny cheating cry babies The long, drawn out "ARHHHHHHHHH you get to shout as the cheating bastard's non-goal is rightfully chalked off and you can celebrate the opposition fans' hubris. The game managed fine without goal-line tech for years, but goal line tech is better and more accurate. The game managed years without the offside rule, but the offside rule is better and a more accura.... actually ignore that one, because they've fucked it. But you get my point.
  9. VAR... really??

    Aye the arguments against VAR aren't being explained well, for me. It all comes across a bit Luddite-y. The time to get the decision right will shorten with experience. Why wouldn't you want the right decision to be found more often?
  10. The Wolfs V The Toon

    He made at least two good saves in the Wolves game to keep us in it.
  11. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    That was the hope.
  12. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    @Dr Gloom why don’t we have a new owner yet? You promised.
  13. Other Games 17/18

    Nah, they’re terrible and they’ve beaten a poor side. Almiron’s hattrick each game will see us safe.
  14. The Wolfs V The Toon

    Wolverhampton is undeniably a shit hole. Anyone who says otherwise has never left Wolverhampton.
  15. Nope, just stream it all now. Couldn't you watch every Premier League game on Sky for c£100 a season. Now you need subscriptions to BT, Sky and so on.

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