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  1. Recommend me something to watch!

    There's some great things on Netflix. You have Amazon Prime too?
  2. First game advice

    I'd echo Monkey Fist, plus the walk from Panis to St James' should get her excited for the match as there'll be a sea of people heading that way.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    12th in League 1. Is this another weekend where they end up in their club's lowest ever position?
  4. Politics

    Gutting, Harbor View chippy closes at 9pm on a Friday.
  5. This is the news!

    Empty your inbox man
  6. This is the news!

    You sure they weren't Cocktopus?
  7. Politics

    Was it because of the Jews?
  8. Politics

    Ring fencing the NHS, Rolling back austerity, enforcing corporation tax laws, changing sentencing for hate crimes. None are extreme left propositions, or particularly exciting now, but wait a few years.
  9. Politics

    So, don't make them bland. Also, those 18yr olds will be 23. Hopefully with jobs, and responsibilities. They might be more amenable to less radical proposals. And to be honest, in 5 yrs time what we consider middle of the road, may seem radical.
  10. Politics

    Just because fuck-ups fucked it up once, doesn't mean it's a bad idea. If CT makes you dinner, it's not the recipe that's a bad idea, it's the fact you've asked a moron to do it.
  11. Politics

    You Politicos might be able to tell me, Would now be a good time for the birth of a new, truly centrist party?Tories have shifted to their right, Labour will be considered far left (even after Corbyn goes, surely?) Lib Dems remain a joke, so would a new party be able to occupy that gaping hole between them?
  12. Politics

    Brexit. I moved to Cheadle and have contributed to making that race a contest, at least.
  13. Politics

    Who were the candidates? (cba to google)
  14. Politics

    Fucking Hell Blyth.
  15. Politics

    Yep, this is what's maddening. This shit show was the most vulnerable Tory leadership I've seen in fucking ages and nobody laced up their gloves, let alone managed to land a punch. Imagine what Blair would have done to Gove and Johnson. Or Ed Milliband. Or a Sock Puppet on the hand of child?

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