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  1. And they get to drink a nice bottle of Chateau de Chasselas.
  2. Only joking, ya big crack addict. Even you are more insightful than Savage
  3. There are gobshites on here who can talk more insightfully about football than Robbie Savage. Not you though.
  4. Yeah, I'm struggling to have sympathy for the people who voted leave. Yes, they were lied to, but the slightest amount of critical thinking and common sense would have shown the claims by the Leave campaign to be bullshit. Part of me is actually enjoying the steady stream of regret coming from Leave voters.
  5. And they (and shows like it) show you don't have to be antagonistic to get interaction from the audience. That said, I appreciate that my view of football and how it's reported might not be shared by the majority. talksport's entire model appears to be winding up fans and they're pretty successful. 606 have shifted that way more and more, so it must work for them too. I'm like you, I'd much prefer someone who's never played the game talking sense, instead of someone with years of experience playing football at an elite level talking shite.
  6. What they should be doing is giving the layman actual insight. Carragher and Neville on MNF are usually good for this. They break down key passages of play, or trends that may not have been obvious to the fan. When they show the way the Leeds team were breaking in such a similar way each time it was almost like a set piece, that was good insight and something that was probably missed. That's the role of a pundit, for me.
  7. 100% I know the newer breed of pundits are improving the... craft(?) but you only have to look at podcasts (not mine so yous can all FUCKRIGHTOFF) to see that there's an appetite for people talking about football after doing some actual research/homework. Football Ramble is good for this, right mix of insight and levity. They don't rely on conventional wisdom, and while I sometimes disagree with their conclusions, I can't fault their work.
  8. That line from Redknapp about punditry being harder now because the audience "are armed with more information. Some of it is right, some of it is wrong" had me raging. Like Howay says, if these experts actually watched us week in, week out, they'd not trot out the clichés and banality.
  9. The way some Americans deify the Constitution is mental. Screaming you can't change it and must abide by it as it was written. Even though arguably the most famous parts of it are the fucking amendments.
  10. Even then Rooney's ability to get past a man wasn't like Ben Arfa or Messi. It was a quick movement then a burst of acceleration, coupled with good strength and low centre of balance. Like you reference in the comparison between him and Riquelme, he would choose the option that was more efficient. Agree that Rooney and Shearer would have worked well together, even if that meant Rooney would score fewer goals.
  11. And he had, what, 2 career threatening injuries? 260/441, if he hadn't missed 1/2 seasons in 97/98 and 00/01 he could have added another 20+ goals to that tally. Batistuta said this; "I know at first hand how fierce the gladiatorial battles are between a striker and defenders. So, to maintain your performance as a top class goalscorer over a long period of time takes phenomenal dedication, self belief and enormous willpower. If you then throw in a number of serious injuries...how many? Three? And for the man to still be producing at the highest level is really a
  12. Didn't Grealish say Bruce's approach to training was basically to let them have a kick about like the Under 9s? Apparently it was De Laet, not Grealish. "The football was similar to Tony Pulis but at least Tony had a plan. I remember Steve would throw the ball in the middle in training and say "let's play" like we were under-9's. It was crazy"
  13. Hi Gman If someone calls you a cunt, wear it like badge of honour.
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