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  1. Can’t believe the lack of credit given to Lampard for keeping Everton up and Gerrard getting Villa into Europe
  2. First amplifying an 'ITK', now back pedaling? Not a good start to the day.
  3. Oh Gemmill, you've let yourself down here.
  4. Still is. Would actually be a decent signing to be honest.
  5. I think that's the dream that set Adam P off at 30,000 feet.
  6. I think they'll all win because they're not facing anybody with anything to play for. West Ham will have eyes on their European final, and Spurs can only finish 7th if Aston Villa fail to put away an already-qualified-for-Europe Brighton.
  7. The Goodison park faithful have only seen their team score more than 1 goal in one match, against Crystal Palace. They've won 5 times, drawn 3 and lost on 10 occasions. Scored 15, conceded 27. Bournemouth have won 5, drawn 2, lost 11. Scored 17, conceded 42 (Forty Two). Last 5 Home games for Everton W 1, D 1, L3, GF 4, GA 11 Last 5 Away games for Bournemouth W 3, D 0, L2. GF 5, GA 7
  8. I think that's harsh, he did wonders with a weaker Brighton team than De Zerbi inherited. De Zerbi has done brilliantly, don't get me wrong, but Potter deserves huge credit too. Transforming them from the pragmatic style of Hughton into a very tidy PL outfit. The Chelsea gig was a poisoned chalice; massive squad, filled with big stars, and bigger egos. Plus I've no doubt the owner wasn't shy about sharing his thoughts about team selection. Wherever Potter goes next will be the real test. If he goes to Southampton, Leeds, or maybe abroad, I think he'll repair a lot of the damage to his reputation.
  9. Then he's a massive div. Bet on the Championship, the Bundesliga, why in the holy fuck would you bet on the Premier League?
  10. This is why Smith setting up Leicester not to lose against us was wiser than gunning for the win.
  11. Is the rules against betting on competitions they can impact, or any football? Like would anyone care if Toney dropped half his wages on Serie A games?
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