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  1. Look, if insisting on a full 20 second hug with every tradesman is weird, I don't want to be normal.
  2. We can't even get a builder round to give us a fucking quote! Mate of Mrs Fish is a builder and estimated the job we wanted in a couple of minutes when he was last over, but the pricks round here most be SoooOOOoooOOOoo busy. Arseholes.
  3. Nah, he'll have notes on his hand written by Ashley to push back against the 'Big 6' getting anything less than a shoeing. Ashley would love for those clubs to have less power in the PL, because then he could sell us to the Saudis and get out of the business ASAP. I reckon it would be someone like Wolves, or Leicester.
  4. Sorry, but players, managers and fans are punished when mismanagement leads to administration. The reason Man Utd, Spurs, Barcelona, and the Italian clubs wanted this league is because they're so far in debt it makes a mockery of the idea of Fit and Proper. Punishment should be meted out on them, whether it's fines, points deduction, transfer embargo, banned from CL or whatever. And if the managers, players and fans are unhappy with that, they should be reminded that it's their owners who brought it upon their club.
  5. So, if the changes to the CL rules means that those clubs get in regardless, they can't have huge concerns over a Saudi takeover now, right? #CANS
  6. I firmly believe that if you can't be arsed to go into work, you shouldn't. If that means phoning up and putting on 'the voice' then so be it.
  7. Imagine Charnley in that meeting man
  8. Wasn't he being binned off by Liverpool when Leicester were winning the title?
  9. Wait, what? Do the drivers get a say? Like if 10,000 kids watching on Twitch decide to give him a boost just as he's approaching a turn... well, that's just good tv.
  10. I'd be surprised if they refused to play the other six teams. Honestly, I think the ESL won't happen in it's proposed form. I think the 12 teams will negotiate even more power over their domestic and continental competitions, their broadcast rights etc.
  11. And who picks them? You're really, really, bad at this.
  12. UK Government getting a tap in by being strongly against it. But like, a Lineker tap in, rather than a Joelinton one.
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