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  1. Yeah they are. Loads more. It's shocking how much more they're worth by virtue of being captain. I'm sorry you're too monomaniacal to realise it. How's that for a fucking apology? Now would you please run along to your 1975 styled wanking shed, but before you go, please do bore the shit out of us some more with your pithy player acronyms.
  2. Had to google them Fucking Hell, give me Miranda Hart over this shit any day of the week* The Grumbleweeds - YouTube *don't though.
  3. First they turn his son bisexual now this? It's the Liberal Elite Fascist Wokerati, yet again!
  4. JWP would probably command a £50m fee by himself. Ings can't be registered for another club this season. You're a dolt. Lists are fun
  5. a) you wouldn't get Ings and Ward-Prowse for £50m. Ings had only just joined Villa and Ward-Prowse is the Southampton captain. b) I sought clarification and your reply was "Aye, reet", so stick that in your mackem-obssessed balloon knot and swivel. Oh, and at least I can work the fucking quote feature, you gormless spenk.
  6. From Caulkin in the Athletic [quote] Steve Bruce’s Newcastle reign: Strained, uncomfortable, mutinous – and, finally, over Chris Waugh and George Caulkin 38m ago 48 Steve Bruce left Tyneside with words of thanks. Finally, he was gone. There was little satisfaction, little fulfilment and no fondness, but at least there was a tone of reconciliation. It has been so hard, so toxic for everybody, so messy, so awful to watch and it has stretched on for so long, but finally, goodbye. Everybody knew it needed to happen, including Bruce himself. On Sunday, as the team failed agai
  7. Yeah, some of the criticism went over the top but the regular complaints were; He talked us down constantly He fanked Mike for transfers deals that were haphazard and ill-considered. He blamed the media, the fans, for the team's shortcomings He is at best, tactically out of date, at worst inept He isn't the man manager that his chums insisted And all of that is justified On a personal level it must hurt to be a 'Geordie', never to be accepted by the fans of the club you purport to love, to get no support from above, to be undermined. But if you'
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