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    A lot of people being concerned and making incremental changes to their lives can have a big impact. You needn't live like a hermit to show your concern for the state of the climate. You can buy from more responsible businesses, you can vote for more responsible governments. But, y'know, that doesn't necessarily benefit you immediately and directly, so I can see why you'd not give a shit. You sure your name isn't Jack?
  2. So Tango & Cash > say, Central Intelligence? I'd say we agree, but not because the latter is more polished, just that the latter has to be marketable for all time zones, whereas Tango and Cash was just put out to live and die by it's on merits/flaws. So even a flawed movie that is hasn't been attacked by producers, marketing execs and lawyers will be a better watch than some of the focus group diluted shit. I personally think the Marvel movies that are all in house, tend to be more true to their story than the Sony (previous iterations of Spiderman), or Fox (X-men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil) properties. Although not all Marvel films are good, they're at least seem to be less diluted by dickheads. But Justice League, BvS, Man of Steel and Suicide Squad look like halfway through the writing process some shiny suited producer burst in and vomited Michael Bay-ness all over the storyboard. Loads of good films have been ruined by studio interference. Did you enjoy the Expendable movies, Fast & the Furious? These for me are less well polished, but enjoyable films.
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Mostly WWII stuff like D-Day etc. but it's good to know the more things change, the more they stay the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Stinney Good old South Carolina.
  4. In that case it just doesn't make sense to me. Why wouldn't you want a well put together film?
  5. Should always be the case that the actor isn't just a cardboard cutout. Superhero movies only got good after the director, studio and actors paid the source material a little more than a cursory glance. Material that has revealed a characters depth over the decades.
  6. Man Utd V Newcastle United - 6th October - 17.30 KO

    Benitez was urging them forward at points in the second half but the ball was coming straight back at them so they instinctively retreated. Maybe it would have been different had Joselu been able to get the ball to stick, had Diame been the monster he was at the end of last season, or had our defenders found space for our lads instead of just finding a Man Utd player.
  7. Man Utd V Newcastle United - 6th October - 17.30 KO

    Thought we were great in the first half and could and probably should have been 3-4 up. Their talent and strength in depth told, though. Proud of the lads, pleased for Muto and Kenedy, feel sorry for Benitez and remain furious at Ashley.
  8. I don't follow? You liked it (to an extent) because it wasn't as well put together?
  9. Yeah the critical reviews I've read have put me off paying to see it in the cinema. Sounds like Sony still can't get the Superhero film right. Clunky dialogue, pointless sub plots and lots of bad CGI instead of practical effects. I thought Hardy would have the range to play the character and I thought the successes of Deadpool and Logan would convince the studio to let the source material speak for itself. It's a shame as it could have easily been decent, but it sounds pretty bad with only a few redeeming moments.
  10. Peter Kenyon takeover

    People will go after Ritchie, Perez, Murphy, Dummett. But unsurprisingly, there'll be a lot of shit on the books. Thanks Obama.
  11. Peter Kenyon takeover

    Think if Benitez does go at the end of the season, Lascelles will too. I'd imagine there'll be a bit of an exodus to be honest.
  12. Europe --- In or Out

  13. Europe --- In or Out

    I see CT is still sticking with his schtick. Political point scoring trumps empathy.
  14. Peter Kenyon takeover

    I honestly believe he would have been better off owning Rangers outright. They've a larger global following than us (I assume), they're way more likely to get into European competition and therefore get his brand a bigger footprint abroad, plus their fans seem to wear a lot of cheap shit
  15. Europe --- In or Out

    Why would they? It'l be some other party's problem, or the individual politician will be able to distance themselves from the shitshow. Honestly, can you imagine Rees-Mogg or Johnson sticking around to sort out the mess they've delivered? They'll appear on a panel show or two, Johnson will probably give Strictly a go and Rees-Mogg will have a show on BBC4 about Almshouses or something. I'm. All. Right. Jack.

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