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  1. Last few years they've been offered to everyone by work and, because I've had full on flu before and didn't enjoy it, I prefer to get a little prick, than be a total prick. Proper flu is fucking awful, had me laid out for a week surviving on soup, self-pity and seasons of the West Wing. An unexpected bonus of COVID is that the NHS have me confused for a feeb and I was head of the queue for COVID and Flu jabs. Hope there are more benefits to come. Free cybernetics and shit.
  2. So the little lad has a bad cough that had him up every hour or so. Here's the thing though, there’s a creepy house opposite us. Never see the owner, unkempt garden, high bushes, dark small windows. The whole 9 spooky yards. Anyway, 3:30 Mrs Fish comes back from seeing to little'un, and half asleep I tell her to stop scratching. She says it’s not her, we realise the noise is coming from outside. There we see an older man hurriedly sweeping leaves from the path outside the house and hiding against the bush every time a car passes. My question is this; Is this the beginning of a) a h
  3. Do you not get annual flu jabs? I do. Because I'm really clever and smart and wise.
  4. Jesus! I moved a fair amount in London, but I could fit most of my stuff into a small hatchback. But it was still a ball ache. Now, with all the shit we've accumulated there's no way I'm doing it again. If ever we move from this house, we'll just pay to have some company do it instead.
  5. Good. Could do with some of that over here.
  6. You can't trust anything Lord Grimstone says. That bugger's after the Iron Throne.
  7. Clear delaying tactics by the EPL, I'd wager they've demanded some documents from NUFC, NUFC lawyers are trying to prove or disprove their relevance and that'll take time. I don't understand why a SPAC can't be set up by PIF to provide sufficient separation? Or a wealthy individual related to the KSA royal family? Even if it's conjunction with the arbitration and CAT proceedings?
  8. So you don't pay the license fee, don't watch the output... so what exactly is the nature of your discontent?
  9. It's a shit name and no mistake.
  10. Glad to know our podcast is more popular than GB News.
  11. 1. I go to my seat and find that there's already some coked up jibber sitting there who refuses to move 2. I choose violence
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