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  1. Relegation Again ?

    West Brom 1/66 Stoke 4/6 Southampton 15/8 West Ham 9/4 Crystal Palace 5/2 Huddersfield 5/2 Swansea 4/1 Newcastle 14/1 Brighton 16/1 Bournemouth 33/1 Everton 100/1 Watford 100/1 Shows PpG needed for each team to get 40pts, over time. Omitted those that were already safe 12/02/2018 and so far only Burnley and Leicester have reached the promised land. It shows those who now need to win every game (WBA) and those that would need to win every other one (Stoke & Palace). We’re in amongst a group needing about a point a game (our season PpG is 1.07). This tail end of the season is when external factors become more influential like; goal difference, the quality of opposition they’re facing and what that opposition are aiming for. E.g. Bournemouth are on course for 40pts, needing only 0.88PpG, but they face one of the hardest run ins in terms of quality of opposition. That said, some of the better placed teams they face won’t be playing for anything (Burnley and Leicester e.g.). West Brom and Stoke obviously face teams higher in the league, but they also create fewer and permit more chances than their oppositions. Stoke in particular face an awful April; Arsenal (a), Spurs (H), West Ham (a), Burnley (h) and Liverpool (a). It’s only really Burnley and West Ham where you can see them getting points and even then you’d not call either 3pt bankers. I think it’ll definitely be WBA and Stoke going down. Hughes might drag some performances from Southampton’s talented squad that pull their heads above water, Hodgson might reshuffle his tactics to rediscover his earlier form and Palace have an easier run in than most. West Ham are in a horrible state and their off field problems will not help. I reckon West Ham will be playing at the Hawthorns and the Britannia in the 2018/19 Championship. On who I'd like to go down; obviously I’d like to see the back of Pardew and the Baggies are a bit of a nothing club anyway. Similarly Stoke have existed in the Premier League for a while, but their football has been poor on the whole and their fans fully buy into the myth about them being terrific… I’d love West Ham to be relegated partly because of their fans, partly because it’d be funny to see the exodus of players from the Olympic stadium and partly because I want to see how Gold and Sullivan try and spin it. I don't have any strong opinions on Southampton, Bournemouth, Huddersfield, Swansea so I don't care if they survive... Naturally I’d love Fat Sam’s team to drop, but Everton only need 1 win to get to 40pts (or the Allardyce Constant) so I can’t see it happening. Realistically I want WBA, Stoke and West Ham and I reckon I'll get my wish.
  2. Man Down

    You bellend.
  3. Man Down

    Cheers all. Was a brilliant day and the honeymoon was class too. Mrs Fish's hangover was so bad I was honestly worried we might not make the trains, planes and automobiles needed to get us there, but when we got there we relaxed for the first time in what feels like forever. And stayed relaxed until I had to start re-packing for an ill-timed stay in Edinburgh for work tonight. I wasn't allowed to wear a kilt despite a Scottish family. My speech went ok. A mate who's a stand-up was trying to give me mic-technique advice, telling me where to stand so the light is good etc. It's a 5 minute groom's speech, not Live at the Apollo.
  4. mackem messageboard gold

    Found it myself, you jackanape.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    Convoluted or comprehensive?
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    Posted this back in November. Where they stand now; Current - 26Pts Current - 0.788PpG Average Relegation - 46pts To get to 47pts they need - 1.615PpG Magic "Safety" number - 50pts To get there you need - 1.846PpG So they need about 21pts from 13 games. So 7 wins would do it...
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    What was the point tally for 4th bottom though?
  8. mackem messageboard gold

    Win the Euros tonight, buy the mackems, sell off the squad, knock down the ground and the training facilities to put up some student flats. It'd be a kindness. Then they can start up AFC Sunderland or whatever, with all their favourite bits of Sunderland AFC, but none of the bad. Just like Rangers have managed. And you'd still have £100m to spend.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    Who are they?
  10. mackem messageboard gold

    To be honest, their idea of "kicking on" seems significantly different to ours. A season in the top flight without miraculously surviving by the skin of their teeth would be "kicking on" for them and you'd fancy Allardyce would have managed that race to mediocrity. Even on their meagre budget. Staggers me there hasn't been a mass protest against the owner. The sum of their discontent seems to be a few angry swears at whoever is current sap in the dugout and empty seats. There've been threads meekly suggesting something; a banner, or a march or whatever, and they've been met with an insistence that those protests wouldn't do anything and they instead need to get behind the team now more than ever. Some even saying they shouldn't stoop to our level. As if meekly turning up (or staying away) is somehow more respectable than an organised demonstration of displeasure.
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    Surely the big earners would rather move for new contracts at a different Championship club on less money than face at least 1 season playing on a bog in front of 5k at Southend and Fleetwood? Even if it's for less money than they're on now? At least it might give them an opportunity to get a better deal again in a years time?
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    They've got a shitty run of fixtures too. Away to relegation rivals Bolton, then the Tees Wear "derby", away to Millwall which is never easy, home to promotion chasing Villa... Ending the season with Wolves and Fulham who're the highest scoring teams in the division. And every team (even the relegation rivals) will view them as an opportunity to get all three points, home or away.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    Not sure any of their players are worth £10m, and certainly won't be should they be relegated once more. NDong's loan to Watford apparently has an option to buy, but he's yet to feature for them at all and I'd be surprised if he commands £10m. Borini's fee is reported to be about £5m, Khazri's is about the same, I'd be shocked if Djilobodji could attracts bids of more than £5m. Kone's stock will have dropped as well. Say they did get £30m* would that be enough to; service their debt, cover running costs and build a team good enough to get promoted into the Championship at the first time of asking? *figure picked out of the clear blue
  14. mackem messageboard gold

    I was looking to see if the Stadium of light be the biggest stadium ever to be the permanent home of a League one side? It's comfortably the largest in the Championship and would be c20k larger than the largest currently hosting 3rd tier games. They're averaging gates of 27k in the Championship and you'd imagine they'd lose at least another c5k or so if they drop again. And given the loss of tv money, the last year of parachute payments, the gross wage bill and the debt they're in, the drop in gate receipts could have lasting impact on the club. The only future I see for them in the short term is a spartan period of austerity and "consolidation". Their external debt is sizeable, would the lenders take the stadium as payment? Would they see something akin to the turmoil that Coventry City have endured over the Ricoh Arena? I know we've got our problems, and our Premier League future is in no way guaranteed, but this is another year where I thank Christ we're not them. Even when we got relegated we had cause to be optimistic, they haven't had that. We had one of the most trophied managers around guiding us back to the Premier League at the first time of asking no muss, no fuss. One who was able to replace the mercenaries and wantaways with more than 10 new players for the first team and squad... Short apparently would have kept Moyes on had he not demanded enough money to overhaul the squad, then they got rejected by McInnes who also thought the club needed more money than was offered, and the same for O'Neill, then the uninspiring appointment of Grayson and little investment in the squad, then Coleman and fuck all spent again. We had a lovely spa getaway in the Championship, smashing teams about 6-0. They're getting smashed by teams like Cardiff and Ipswich... It'd be funny enough if it was any other "big club", but because it's affecting the fans who delighted in our relegation, who told us Benitez would leave, when he stayed that he couldn't cut it in the Championship, that he'd bought shit, that he'd bought the league, that Leeds/Reading/Huddersfield/Fulham would catch us, that winning it doesn't matter because it's a joke league anyway,... it's hilarious.
  15. mackem messageboard gold

    No. Good chat.

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