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  1. A pair of mezzala and carrileros in the centre? Maybe a couple of segundo volantes ahead of an anchorman?
  2. Milk----Milk Lemonade Round--The--Corner Chocolates--Made
  3. Nah, he's a fraud, I read it on twitter.
  4. She has a name!
  5. This shit is why we never win Eurovision.
  6. Happy birthday Queue Pest.
  7. Retirement After finishing his playing career, Sibierski briefly became a football agent with his brother. He is currently the Sporting Director of Ligue 2 club RC Lens. Off the top of me head...
  8. More a flexible 5-3-2-1/-3-5-2-1. Oh Deano
  9. Shelvey is both our most talented and least dependable player. Ritchie will provide assists if we sack off short corners, if we get better movement from our striker or see our striker compete more with the defenders physically. £30m must be spent on a striker, best bet would probably be getting some young lad on loan? Maybe Ings or Sturridge? I think the latter is brilliant when he's on fire, but is always a selfish cunt. I'd try and get an attacking midfielder of quality in, even if it's a loan deal with an option/obligation to buy in the summer. A left back is vital too. Dunno how to stretch £30m without knowing what's out there. Get back to the 4-2-3-1 that wasn't great, but we at least looked more defensively solid. Elliott Yedlin Lascelles Clark Mbemba Merino Hayden Ritchie Murphy Atsu Mitrovic/Gayle* Mbemba is alright at LB, but I was thinking if we're struggling with numbers in midfield, Atsu and Yedlin can move into more of a wing back position, Mbemba can slide across to go 3 at the back. Ritchie stays on the right but tucked in, Murphy moves to the mirror position on the left, like this; Elliott Lascelles Clark Mbemba Yedlin Merino Hayden Atsu Ritchie-------------Murphy Mitrovic/Gayle* *depending on opposition; Mitro when we need to hold the ball up and compete physically, Gayle when we need to pull their defense around or take advantage of gaps behind.
  10. What does he say? Giz a summary.
  11. Wonder how long it's going to take before we get to the next stage of this takeover?
  12. He'll slot right into a roister doister team like Stoke, or any Allardyce/Pulis/Pardew side.
  13. Two mutch pashun