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  1. from what ive read and understand it seems like it will have a big effect on all finances especially transfer fees, i mean for example a lot of clubs will be taking a major hit this year and with the loss of gate receipts spilling into next season some clubs are likely to be forced to sell their assets (players) to prepare for the current and forecasted losses. if we are in position to spend then I think this could be as Solskjaer himself said “a great time to exploit the market” 😇😂
  2. I also think even if its done now there will still be the air of caution on when they announce the takeover as there will be a need to contain fans from flooding the streets. i live in Birmingham so ill likely be dancing in the street alone but they will actually need a good amount of Police in the city to try and keep some order which will also need planning once its confirmed, I dont think this is just deal done... Press Release 🤞🏾🤞🏾
  3. i think Poch’s next move is important, going to a club like Madrid, Man Utd or Barca he will be expected to win trophies strait away with nothing suggesting he’s going to be given the support to do so (as Mourinho complained about in his time at ManU) Those clubs are likely going to provide him with a team and say “go coach them” The chances are at Newcastle he will firstly have a fanbase that would give him time, a board/director of football that will work with him and aim to provide him with what he needs to build and push on and he will be idolised by fans every step of the way
  4. oh ill accept it then didnt realise it was a forum newbie initiation 😂 thanks @Dougle i really feel part of the chat now, just to avoid any confusion, im also a male so no private messages asking for nudes lads 😑😂
  5. im going to forgive you for that totally wrong assumption! 😑😑🤔 Im a Newcastle fan! I was just interested to see what the people thought about that as it was mentioned in a youtube video i was watching...
  6. Slightly off current topic but how would you guys feel about a change to the badge? This seems to be a thing with teams who have had new money i.e. City, Juve, PSG etc
  7. i agree with this, also part of me thinks even once the green light is given they may want to come out with a bang... announce the takeover is complete, staff are off furlough and training ground new plans doing something like that really sends out a message and makes sense 🤞🏾🤞🏾
  8. Its so crazy the contrast in articles about NUFC to the articles about others who are also “embracing the Saudis” I think basically like @Howay said... its the first bit of interest they have had on their posts in years so theyre using it as a way of gaining attention, at this point every man and his dog are using the Newcastle name in their posts to get attention. Over the last 2 weeks ive watched between 10-20 videos on youtube from People who have never had an interest in our club (including other premier league teams channels! 😧) titled ‘Newcastle takeover” we are the talk of the
  9. 👏🏾👏🏾⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️ Exactly what i was hoping to hear #Cans
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