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  1. Brucey going postal will get most of the headlines but this little beauty snuck out today:
  2. While there's plenty of shite to fling at Ashley, Charnley needs to get some sent his way as well. He's the useless cunt that chased McClaren twice and was willing to pay compensation for him before he decided to stay at Derby. He's also be absent while we have a Covid outbreak at the club.
  3. When I started reading that I felt sure it was going to finish with a misunderstanding involving an Irish goalkeeper from years gone by.
  4. That's a good thing for a drink though, surely?
  5. Mark Douglas writing articles on the new PL plans while the Knight Ryder is giving his loyal punters what they really want, interviews with John Carver on his new job as a Scotland coach.
  6. American Murder: The Family Next Door Not exactly the feel good story of the year, but because of social media and stuff like Whatsapp they essentially were able to tell the victims story without any kind of reconstructions and interviews. The video's were up on her Facebook. That's before you get into the nitty gritty of the husband being a galloping thunder cunt.
  7. One of those rare occasions that you're actually glad the video quality is so bad.
  8. Rob Elliot was released at the end of the season so we signed Mark Gillespie on a free. Was on the books as a young un but ended up in Scotland
  9. Aye, there's no winners in that one. With a bit of luck both accounts would disappear into a Twitter black hole of arseholery.
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