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  1. Only in America

    Who needs The Onion?
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    Coventry had to delay their kick-off for 15 minutes due to congestion, I think that figures into things too.
  3. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

  4. Rafa Benitez

  5. Alexandar Mitrovic

    He's still got petulance in him, I mean Fulham were winning at Millwall and he couldn't help himself but have an off the ball dig at Cahill.
  6. Politics

    I hope he does it in full Emperor Palpatine character.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

    Did they ever sort out that winger that was on loan and injured but they still were required to pay the £10 million for?
  8. mackem messageboard gold

  9. Other Games 17/18

    I know Souness is a cunt, but was he being even more cunty over the pen/dive?
  10. World Cup 2018

  11. Politics

    Seems like this is finally getting since traction, the home secretary has said the government is going to look into it https://www.buzzfeed.com/heidiblake/from-russia-with-blood-14-suspected-hits-on-british-soil?utm_term=.reMDGd0qK#.lsGZRb9QP
  12. Other Games 17/18

  13. LBW

    Sorry to hear this, HF. Condolences.
  14. The Secret Diary of Lee Ryder (aged 44 and a half)

    The Knight Ryder and his flashing blade! Fucking hell
  15. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Mitro's loan has broken down, apparently. Bet he wandered into their training ground windmilling.

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