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  1. That really would have been baffling, Boumsong played for Rangers 😉
  2. Going all the way back to CM 01/02 I've always been surprised how many times I've seen us mentioned as someone people have managed. No where near as popular as the clubs that always win something or the likes of Barca but more than I'd have thought, I just assume it's an extension of that with a dose of meme culture thrown in.
  3. The phrase "If you're going to wind someone up make sure you've got a longer fuse than them" seems apt for him when he's on Twitter.
  4. Aye, completely ignoring the fact he'd been looking like a ghoul from Fallout for the past couple of years, he'd definitely have been following that situation and crying his heart out.
  5. People struggling with puns and rhymes for Marvin Hagler?
  6. One of those weird coincidences but that tool bought something from where I work a little while ago, naturally curiosity got the better of me and had a snoop at the rental costs of where he lived. Varied from £2.5k-£3k a month, presumably he thought the grift was never going to end.
  7. Bournemouth trying to sign Ritchie back, apparently. Must be on a decent wedge after signing his new contract last year,
  8. Brucey going postal will get most of the headlines but this little beauty snuck out today:
  9. While there's plenty of shite to fling at Ashley, Charnley needs to get some sent his way as well. He's the useless cunt that chased McClaren twice and was willing to pay compensation for him before he decided to stay at Derby. He's also be absent while we have a Covid outbreak at the club.
  10. When I started reading that I felt sure it was going to finish with a misunderstanding involving an Irish goalkeeper from years gone by.
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