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  1. You've got my sympathy Renton, took them the last couple of years of my teens and best part of my twenties to get my UC under control. Steroids, imuno-suppressants, ant-inflamitories and a some random other stuff too. Edit: Obviously Gemmill does too, a sore knacker is no fun. Tom too.
  2. I've been with three for about 18 months and they've been solid. 02 were woeful at work, couldn't even get mobile data indoors. Had a couple of very low speed days when the weather was particularly bad, but apart from that. Your best bet is to get a range of free pay as you go sims and test them out around the doors, see if there's any black spots.
  3. Rodney Bewes http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-42067506
  4. Luke Edwards added that there was some raised eyebrows that the info had leaked. It came from Sky and they're in bed with Ashley/Bishop to some degree.
  5. Luke Edwards, Damian Spellman and Craig Hope have just tweeted it in the last few minutes.
  6. Apparently the bid was for less than £300m
  7. Aye, Jakehead is nice. Only had it the once but it stood out.
  8. I'm sure the tab shop is still there and the pet food shop. They're moving mmm glug onto granger street now, I think they were stifled by the markets opening times and wanted to open on Sundays.
  9. Thats what caught my attention, clever name. I think they are up to SBGS 5, they're making one with MMM Glugg from the Granger market that has chipotle chilli's in there. Granger market is a canny place to just have a wander about now, so different from when I was a kid. Criminally under promoted.
  10. I've dabbled with craft stuff, enjoy an IPA but have found myself drifting towards stouts and porters. Flash House do a line called Shy Bairns Get Stout and I've really enjoyed the coffee one.
  11. Roy Dotrice http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0234541/ Also the did a pretty decent job with the Game of Thrones audiobooks, once the accents settled down.
  12. The bit about deferring payments is a big bit of news though.
  13. https://www.nufc.co.uk/news/latest-news/statement-from-st-james-holdings-limited Officially up for sale.
  14. Well, this is a savaging. https://twitter.com/daily_politics/status/918083291344973824