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  1. Went down like Bobby Davro in a set of BBC stocks
  2. Aye, I'm sure he had re-occurring health issues back in the Metro coverage days.
  3. You'd have thought having an actual Sky Sports presenter as a non-executive director would make them think twice about these weird magedia theories. But here we are.
  4. Has your name always rhymed wi' Yoker or did it used tae be like Smith or somethin'
  5. He is 67, so it might just be a coincidence it's happened when we have new owners.
  6. It feels like saying "zero self awareness" just isn't enough anymore. The clip of their social media content creators alone exposes all that.
  7. Pretty much this. In an ideal world you'd have youngsters having cameo's at the end of matches/early cup rounds, let the media talking head wanks talk about their potential then flog them on. In the 90's MOTD was pretty much a Liverpool promoting venture with Hanson and Lawro bigging up every up and comer, ditto with Sky and Man Utd. They could flog on most fringe and youth players no bother. Granted that's a huge over simplification and can't come into fruition over a year but with FFP reigning us in every part of the set-up has to earn money.
  8. Fucking hell, I'm sat here on day three of brutal food poisoning and I'm still less likely to be shitting my pants than CT is over relegation mathematics!
  9. A group of us watched it in a bar in Portugal, what an ending to the match. Top tier shithouse win.
  10. That BBC Newcastle one was something. Had a look and it's almost like the actual topic of discussion just delays them getting to the actual point of the messageboard, calling each other mags or general in-fighting.
  11. Yep, it's in his Wikipedia entry. Thought people might put it together.
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