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  1. If Roeder left tomorrow..

    Sooner or later he will go an sooner or later Shearer will get the job...
  2. Martins

    Well I still think we should of bought Dean Ashton and Sol Campbell but he's to old...not as old as sibierski but still to old to play for newcastle... Roeder out!!!
  3. Martins

    I don't think we expected Martins to be a top scorer like Shearer he will need some more time and maybe it would help him if we had a sensible formation with two real wingers like N'Zogbia and Milner. I know this gets asked very often but what's up with Luque???
  4. Fifa 07 or PES 6

    I enjoy playing both games but I've allways prefered Fifa because it's much more playing with players like Oliver Kahn instead of Oliver KALM.

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