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  1. Precedent Trump

    you talk about your cock, but mine is so massive and powerful i pray to god i never have to use it
  2. Precedent Trump

    of course he tweeted it, twice. the first time he spelled his name wrong
  3. Europe --- In or Out

    Explains a lot.
  4. Precedent Trump

    Did anyone see Trump’s love letter to Kim? Sounds like he dictated the whole thing. This is an official communication that went nowhere near a ghostwriter and clearly could have come straight from the president’s mouth. Either that or he got the White House intern to draft it. He has the best words and the best nuclear arsenal.
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    The £350m a week has got it covered
  6. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t put a full Chelsea kit on for the occasion.
  7. Europe --- In or Out

    Well some of us spend half our day chatting shit on toontastic
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    The public aren't well informed about brexit, but i don't blame the bbc for that - i blame the daily mail, the sun and others. And as for the BBC's failure to grill brexiteers - just watch the Leadsom interview I just posted - and the many like it on the newsnight archive.
  9. Europe --- In or Out

    what's this, it took me 10 seconds to google - oh look, it's james o'brien grilling brexiteer andrea leadsom on brexit bullshit WHO'D A THOUGHT IT?
  10. Europe --- In or Out

    utter bollocks, sorry i presumed you watched newsnight because what you accuse the bbc of failing to do is exactly what that show does every night of the week.
  11. Europe --- In or Out

    i'm defending the bbc against renton's accusation of government bias. you stuck your oar in so i presumed you agreed, hence the request for clarification. no fake news here move along
  12. Europe --- In or Out

    so the beeb is biased in favour of this government - do you really believe that?
  13. Europe --- In or Out

    unbiased news gathering means reporting the news without editorial comment. unbiased analysis means grilling both sides of the debate equally. the bbc are the uk's standard bearer for impartial news reporting. it's a fucking brilliant institution - imagine if RT was your main source of broadcast news ffs. i seem to remember the daily mail being up in arm when the bbc called out johnson's lies about the 350m a week.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    this, to me, is the most offensive thing it has served up recently. i made the mistake of putting the bbc news on before the cup final on saturday and was served up a 15 minute bulletin devoted entirely to the royal wedding - the news in the rest of the world was put on hold for a day. pathetic.

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