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  1. Other Games 17/18

    more like the top 6-8, i'd imagine.
  2. She’ll be back, once we secure survival. Whether Ashley is serious about selling remains to be seen.
  3. Only in America

    Arm the teachers, that’ll sort it out.
  4. Politics

    love how brillo tells the labour guy to pipe down when he's in full flow
  5. Relegation Again ?

    Aye, he’s turned out to be an eye catching addition. Looks a best option of all our wide men at the moment. He didn’t come with much of a reputation other than a kid who couldn’t get a game for Chelsea.
  6. Rafa Benitez

    Not a modern overlapping fullback but probably the best natural defender at the club along with lascelles. Local kid too, which is nice
  7. Only in America

    Not even a surprise anymore, is it
  8. Europe --- In or Out

    Least competent fosec of our lifetimes
  9. Is viana a defensive midfielder?
  10. Relegation Again ?

    It’s still way to tight to be overly confident. I think we’ll finish on less than 40 points but that we’ll still get enough to finish around 16-17th.
  11. Europe --- In or Out

    pompous popinjay
  12. New Strips?

    Nice. I’ve got both the shirt and the trackie top so you’ve obviously got good taste

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