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  1. Miguel Almiron

    Anyone who thinks he’s been a failure hasn’t watched us since January or seen how his arrival has impacted our points tally this year. That isn’t a coincidence.
  2. Game of Thrones - *SPOILER ALERT*

    I’m starting to suspect that dragon tits might end up turning to the dark side. She might be the breaker of chains but she didn’t sound overly chuffed when John Snow revealed his true identity. Now is that because she has moral concerns about her nephew slipping her a length or because she’s threatened by his claim to the iron throne? It’ll Interesting to see if they end up fighting or fucking once they’ve dispatched the undead.
  3. Miguel Almiron

    He’s transformed our play, despite his lack of goals and assists, with Perez being the main beneficiary of the extra space his pace and movement has created. Shame he was injured before he was able to register a goal. It’ll be interesting to see if we revert to a more pedestrian style in his absence.
  4. United v Soton

    Completely agreee. When he first broke through he looked like a centre half playing as a full back. Limited technically, not the best at overlapping and putting a good ball into the box but sound defensively. He’s been consistently one of our best defenders for a few years now. Credit where it’s due.
  5. Other Games 18/19

    Love a bit of schadenfreude
  6. Terrorism

    Sickening. Humanity is fucked
  7. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Talk about managing expectations
  8. Rafa Benitez

    Bye Rafa
  9. The Boxing thread

    Don’t know. Didn’t see it. Commentators say he was well behind and looking for an easy escape. Seems weird he didn’t give himself the five minutes to see if he could continue before throwing in the towel
  10. The Boxing thread

    Bizarre sounding end to Kahn fight and probably marks the end of his career. Even if he took a fight with brook now, would anyone be arsed? It’d be about 4-5 years too late
  11. United v Soton

    Dutton motm
  12. United v Soton

    What’s he saying?
  13. United v Soton

    3-1 doesn’t tell the whole story. We could have scored five but they have had the better of it this half and probably should have had three themselves. Deserved win though. Perez is buzzing and so will a sun drenched toon be the neet
  14. United v Soton

    Surprised he’s taking Hayden off for Diame. He’s been solid once again.
  15. United v Soton

    Tekkers from Hayden. Should have gone out for a goal kick though

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