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  1. This is the first time they’ve written about NUFC, but they have a direct line to stavley
  2. The source who told me it was close is the one who is now saying otherwise. The Liverpool line was from someone else.
  3. did anyone see question time filmed in barnsley last night? fucking hell, you have to weep for the country
  4. never thought i'd say it, but looking forward to havign dummet back as he's defensively sound at least, which is what we need right now
  5. ken is the banter bus conductor
  6. the deal is now unlikely to go through before feb (when the new TV deal is announced), they're still haggling over price and stavely is fucked off that ashley's people leaked the news of a bid being close - they see it as a desperate move to try to get more money out of her. the relegation clause is also causing consternation. stavely wants the money knocked off the asking price, which she would then repay to ashley if we stop up. ashley obviously wants it the other way around. he's also insisting on keeping the sports direct advertising all over the stadium after he sells up, for a period, where stavely quite rightly wants to attract new sponsors which will inject money into the club.
  7. time to get back to your shiraz, ken.
  8. aaam not aaappeeeeee change dee seeestem!
  9. unfortunately, i am going to have to retract my bullish comments.
  10. we don't have the pace to take 20 wickets as quickly as your lot in aussie conditions when there's no swing or seam movement. no newsflash required there. you'll win this series, as i predicted. my 4-1 prediction could still come in, if the weather man is to be believed. though i do find it hard to believe ... this is perth we're talking about. our lower order has been our strength for the past few years, constantly digging us out of holes after top order collapses, but they have been poor in this series, it's true. i'm still not convinced you're better than us away from home. beat us at our place in a couple of years and i'll say i'm wrong. until then i'll go along with the rankings, which suggest we're both fairly average teams, with us marginally ahead. i treated every point you made with the respect it deserved, but banter? aussie aussie aussie, oi, oi , oi #shanter
  11. get smith out and your lot still have a collapse in them, i reckon. though if he carries his bat i think you're probably right.
  12. The cause hasn’t been helped by overton picking up what looks like a side strain
  13. fine margins though. get smith out before the close and we've got our noses in front, i reckon
  14. yup. it's looking that way as things stand with smith closing in on another ton. so many oz batsmen look uncomfortable when they first come in. we just can't get rid of them!
  15. i'm in two minds whether to even go. i've already paid for my ticket but i'm going to have a stinking hangover, it's going to be bloody freezing and we're going to have our arses handed back to us on a plate. sounds tempting doesn't it