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  1. Coronavirus

    Holy shit!
  2. Coronavirus

    that's just what he calls himself when it's sexy time with mrs renton
  3. Coronavirus

    pray for sid
  4. Coronavirus

    i tried to post that on here last night but the tweet wouldn't embed for some reason. what that chart shows, worryingly, is we are still at the exponential growth stage in new daily deaths. italy's curve is starting to flatten and they're still on about 800 deaths per day.
  5. Precedent Trump

  6. Coronavirus

    Tweet isn’t embedding for some reason. Anyway, this latest chart from the FT is troubling. US and UK look set to become new epicentre. So much for flattening the curve
  7. Coronavirus

  8. Coronavirus

    Idiots https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/01/absolutely-wrong-how-uk-coronavirus-test-strategy-unravelled
  9. Coronavirus

    cheltenham, man - what a piss take that was. 70k people a day when most of europe was locked down already. that was back when herd immunity was still their strategy
  10. Coronavirus

    spain have been locked down for several weeks and they just recorded their highest daily death toll of 864
  11. Coronavirus

    yes - talk about mixed messages from the government there. the pubs are shutting - but we're leaving them open for one last night, so get out on the hoy and infect as many people as you can while you're still allowed to, everyone
  12. Coronavirus

    i feel really sorry for people who live alone like. my family are driving me crazy, but i don't know if being stuck with just my own company would be worse.
  13. Coronavirus

    is optimistic monday renton going back in his box for a bit?
  14. Coronavirus

    563 deaths and 4,324 cases in last 24 hours.
  15. General Random Conversation..

    Barley mow was always the boozer of choice before a gig at the riverside. That also explains why the tyne is such a good boozer

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