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  1. The Cricket Thread

    Nice distraction from the shambles at st James today. Massive game with Sri Lanka threatening to creep in through the back door if we slip up again. Got to bowl first if we win the toss. Been raining overnight, moisture in the air and a lords pitch with a green top. Probably drop Moeen and go with a 5-strong Sean attack of Archer/Wood/Woakes/Plunkett/Stokes
  2. Rafa Gone

    Nice one
  3. Rafa Gone

    Mackem sense is tingling
  4. Rafa Gone

    Could the day get any worse? yes it can: CT just bought his seat next to you for the new season.
  5. Rafa Gone

    This is Newcastle United, son. It won’t happen
  6. Rafa Gone

    i'd take Terry Fuckwit at this stage
  7. Rafa Gone

    Avram Grant apparently also in the running
  8. Rafa Gone

    i knew they'd be scraping the barrel but his CV is, well 2008–2010 Real Maryland Monarchs 2011 Newport County 2011–2014 Bahrain U23 2013–2014 Bahrain 2014–2017 New Zealand U23 2014–2017 New Zealand 2017–2019 Colorado Rapids
  9. Rafa Gone

    The King is second favourite for the job
  10. Rafa Gone

    we must be one of the favourites for relegation now.
  11. Rafa Gone

  12. Politics

    It’s all bluster, in other words. Just as it was with May
  13. Politics

    No deal isn’t getting past parliament. There are the numbers for a no confidence vote in Johnson or Hunt if either of them try to sleepwalk the country towards the default without securing a deal or an extension.
  14. Politics

    They’re coming for you, Renton
  15. The Cricket Thread

    It would be the most englandy World Cup ever if we can’t make the knock out stage at home as tournament favourites.

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