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  1. Afterlife has some funny moments. Dave is the funniest thing I've watched this year.
  2. I liked Sex Education too, though it didn't feel very British
  3. i'd love for the takeover to go through now, if only to see how edwards reacts. i reckon it'll send him over the edge
  4. After a week in which England's so-called big six were exposed for their all-round greed and crass behaviour, it should be a huge wake-up call to Premier League chiefs when it comes to Newcastle United's takeover situation. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-takeover-super-league-20440495 What an intro par in Ryder's latest. MUST. MAKE. THE. STORY. ABOUT. NEWCASTLE
  5. yeah, please. this isn't a queue for a taxi
  6. i'm not a betting man but i would be amazed if they don't escape punishment
  7. It’s been a delicious spectacle though. Thoroughly enjoyable and has provided lots of ammunition for future piss-taking when supporters are allowed back in the grounds. “super”
  8. Who will be the last cunts standing then?
  9. European Super deed, more like
  10. finally, a club with principles
  11. so the plan is to cap wages and transfer fees. to level the playing field, for the elite clubs in a closed competition
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