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  1. pressing has to be structured and well drilled. it doesn’t look like they’ve bothered with it in training at all
  2. and the accountants. mainly gemmill and dazzler tbh
  3. i miss the days when we could discuss transfers without considering amortisation
  4. I get why he wants to play him as he’s probably the best passer of the ball in the squad but he’s obviously not a DM. He gave it away too cheaply against Serbia and we’ll be punished playing him there against better opposition He has tucked into midfield to good effect for Liverpool this season but that’s been from a starting position of full back when Liverpool are in possession. And there’s no way he starts at RB ahead of Walker. The obvious solution is to drop Bellingham back into CM and put Gordon or Eze out wide on the left and Foden in the number 10 role. We’ve already got trippier playing out of position at LB but Southgate would rather have three square pegs in round holes
  5. of course we should keep him, but we might not be able to because of this ffp bollocks, if selling means we can finances deals for ollise and the other players we have targeted. the sooner these rules are scrapped, the better. it's ridiculous our owners are being told they can't afford to buy and sell who they want
  6. didn’t get the memo about the skinny jeans and no socks look though
  7. he's another one who has stolen a living. underachieved with that golden generation belgium squad. what did he do at club level to get all these top International jobs? portugal have one of the best squads in the tournament
  8. we never win at bournemouth
  9. he probably would be if he hadn’t lost his spot to doku. He’s been Pep’s second choice for most the season at LW, hasn’t he? Gordon and Eze both play that role week in week out
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