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  1. Bruce just admitted he tried to change the style of play but wasn’t able to so he reverted to Rafa’s tactics.
  2. Tbf to Bruce, and I don’t rate the cunt either, they worked their bollocks off all game today and were just as organised in defence as we were under rafa last season. It’s hard work to watch but the positional discipline and workrate can’t be faulted so they’re obviously doing something on the training ground. It was a rafa-like performance and result.
  3. You’d have to be scratching your head as a Chelsea fan. That was our only real chance of the match other than Joelinton hitting the bar.
  4. Another game we deserved to lose and somehow managed to win.
  5. The technique was Sunday league
  6. Terrible hit from Joelinton
  7. Shelvey has too tbf so I’m not surprised he’s been hooked
  8. Yeah, he’s been off the pace and yet he’s still on the pitch with less than ten to go. Steve Bruce logic
  9. It wouldn’t be the worst point but i don’t think this Chelsea team are that good. We ought to take more of a risk going forwards - try to get Almiron and ASM on the ball more in the final third.
  10. Stupid foul to give away by Hayden near the edge of our box. Brainless challenge running from behind luckily Chelsea make an absolute dogs dinner of the resulting free kick .
  11. Shelvey wanted about half an hour to get the ball down there, while he was being pressed, the dozy twat
  12. My lad has already fucked off to his room to play video games. Like watching paint dry tbf

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