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  1. Others, meanwhile, grew frustrated with Bruce instructing them from the touchline to, ‘run, run, run’, and as one player said, ’Run where?’. Fucking hell
  2. I would have loved the fat waste of space to have proven he wasn’t a tactically inept cabbage head.
  3. Can we get a thread title change to fat waste of space/ tactically inept cabbage head please?
  4. Confess to knowing very little about Fonseca. Anyone know if he is the sort of coach who could work under the German sporting director everyone was taking about a few pages back?
  5. DK blatantly getting his inside info from my source
  6. Hope you’re right DK. No sniff of it anywhere on Twitter yet but fingers crossed
  7. Yeah, I’m not convinced there’s much to gain by keeping him on at this stage.
  8. Can we add a poll after a thread has been started? Willy-waver or bed-wetter?
  9. I’m sure they will take time to find the right long term appointment, and rightly so, but plenty of clubs sack a manager when they can’t buy a win, appoint an interim coach, sometimes getting a little bounce as a result, before the proper replacement comes in. It isn’t a leftfield strategy. And when you have someone like Bruce at the helm, whose mere presence and connection with the old regime is stinking the place out, it’s almost imperative. I can’t see us picking up another win with him as manager. As for chilling out, I’m firmly in team bed wetters at this stage. Being bought ou
  10. Another striker has to be high priority too because as soon as Wilson picks up another injury, which he will, we’re fucked for goals
  11. Bruce is still the bloke who picks the side, chooses subs etc presumably. I presume it was Bruce who thought it was a good idea to play Ritchie at left back in a back four, to keep Joelinton on all game and to play Ryan Fraser in centre mid when he finally brought him on. I dunno, perhaps Jones is to partially to blame for the disorganised defence as he was coaching them. He might not be up to much as an interim manager but fuck me, it can’t get any worse can it? May as well give the cabbage his marching orders on Sunday’s evidence.
  12. We don’t need both appointments straight away. They can take their time over that and get the right people in. May as well lance the boil in the interim and get rid of Bruce - even if it means a month or two of Jones taking training on his own.
  13. The longer Bruce remains in charge, the more frustrating it gets because we need to start accumulating points. Just sacking him while they pin down their sporting director and head coach might give us a lift: Give it Jonesy till the end of the season
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