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  1. Haven’t seen the replay but if he’s blown for something he hasn’t seen, I imagine it’ll be a retrospective red. You can’t see that and not send him off, surely?
  2. He fouled the bloke before he petulantly kicked his standing leg
  3. He’s definitely getting a ban. The ref must have missed it because it’s a red card if he sees it
  4. We tend to do better in games where we’re not favourites
  5. Now that sums up kenedys performance. Fucking hell. Where was shelvey?
  6. Sums up Kenedy’s performance too. Absolutely dire
  7. We’ve looked to play more positively since the red card, weirdly
  8. Absolutely terrible game mind
  9. What a terrible lunge from Hayden to give away a free kick in a dangerous area
  10. Get Rondon on too rafa
  11. Manquillo slung for Hayden
  12. Terrorism

    I’d say he’s a lot mental looking at what he did
  13. Possession has been 50/50, we’ve had more shots and more shots on target and more completed passes. The only thing they are ahead on is fouls won, and we have conceded two yellow cards.

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