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  1. what inspired that dig back in time to 2014?
  2. my in laws no longer live there, unfortunately
  3. you must have been out in Darras Hall
  4. Possibly the worst attempt at a Geordie accent of all time but props for getting the word doylem in. At least he researched the vernacular
  5. We’re Geordies man. Most of us can barely speak English
  6. I’m all for signing as many Brazilians as possible but will feel a bit sorry for Matt Targett if he misses out
  7. Deadman - I forgot about him
  8. His YT reel was canny. How’s his xG @The Fish?
  9. The window hasn’t even opened and I already sound like a spoilt brat. Imagine being underwhelmed by potentially signing yet another £20m+ striker a couple of years back
  10. Get him in. Though it might feel underwhelming if he’s the only striker to join. I wouldn’t mind a young prospect coming in as a replacement for Wood if we’re able to sign a third striker with a track record of scoring goals in a top league.
  11. I think they acknowledged it was a hard call tbh. It’s tough on those who had a season ticket for years and then chucked it after Rafa was sacked - there was even a campaign encouraging fans to cancel their season tickets at that time - but there’s also a new generation of supporters coming through. Why should they be penalised? They have just as much right to tickets as anyone else. I think the Tory said there should be a good chunk kept aside for match days
  12. something like this would do In Paqueta Raphina Jesus Bottman Kalvin Phillips Targett Henderson out Woodman Ritchie Hayden Gayle Hendrick Shelvey Lascelles Lewis (loan) Longstaffs (loan)
  13. Dier isn’t wrong. It’s outrageous that half of the nominations got in there ahead of the bloke who won the golden boot
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