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  1. is this his first clean sheet in the league since he came back in? Feels like it. Shame we can’t morph his shot stopping and ability on the ball with Pope’s command of his area and sweeping. They’ve both got useful attributes
  2. Bruno’s corners look much better then Trippier’s. We also look much more at it since the subs came on.
  3. Wolves aren’t giving up. They’re pressing much more than they did in the first half, trying to get back into it. Dangerous on the counter too. Next goal will be big
  4. great players when they’re not injured. Going into a whole season with just the two of them up front was always a gamble.
  5. I’d be annoyed if it was a tight 0-0. The game situation and conditions are right for the odd pot shot from distance
  6. Aye, exactly. I get the whole philosophy of trying to work the good shooting opportunities. But we’re two up and the pitch is slick as fuck - see goal, hit goal would be my approach
  7. No one busting a gut to get in the box there after good work from Isak and Murphy
  8. I don’t mind him having a crack or two like that per game if it opens up. We’re two up - why not?
  9. 100% He’s been Mr consistent. Always fit, always running, always prepare to chase and press, always makes himself available for the ball. And he’s backing it up with goals and assists. Great to see after a poor first few months
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