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  1. At least get it right, N-O was a breakaway site from here Not exactly, N-O was a creation of two forums after both sites were closed down due to one having the fixtures on display and the host shitting itself when the Premiership threatened them so they close all football sites down.
  2. Nah it's dead easy to do now just have to remember to update the scores and it does it all itself.
  3. Yep still hosted in Hungary they seem to be much better now though since the upgraded the servers not had any down time in a while (well other than due to problems we created ) Phil, what do you get up to with yourself? Are you like the Mother Teresa of the internet?! Seriously, you must dabble your fingers in several pies (i.e. forums). LOL hows that like ? Don't do that much on the internet anymore, I help out with any technical issues if N-O has any but other than that don't do much Ah and I run the prediction league but that's it lol
  4. Yep still hosted in Hungary they seem to be much better now though since the upgraded the servers not had any down time in a while (well other than due to problems we created )
  5. Yep still alive and kicking just I'm on the other board more but don't really post on either I just got told about this post.
  6. Never ran this board, but hello
  7. Yeah it's back up now hopefully just a temp blip.
  8. Same
  9. It really wasn't me that broke it honest guv. However I must thank you for my new sig "You are truly the Homer Simpson of forum menders"
  10. I wouldn't worry the problems aren't fixed yet just it is possible to login, just takes a bit of time and work. If I were you i'd just wait till it works again.
  11. Nah ignore the ban thing it's probably just cause you;ve got a throw away email account and so it says your banned but your not. Or course you might be banned but I don't know I'm not admin any more.
  12. It's not meant to work for you
  13. Was that not when I was messing about with the cookies, Ive changed them back now so you could have another go if your fancy.
  14. don't be nasty now Gemmill. When you try to login and you get the blank screen just put the address back in the address bar and it should load up without any bother. I'm running out of ideas on how to fix it though at the minute.
  15. I have to be honest and say that part of the problem is that Phil likes to "have a play" with these forums. There's no way the forum should have been upgraded like that without being testing on a dummy site (no comments ) first. I realise he's supposedly nothing to do with N-O now, but there must be someone on there with more knowledge and experience than him, when it comes to helping out? You need Craig or I tbh* *or actually Peasepud Hey don't blame me the only thing that wasn't working when I left it was the theme which was known about before the upgrade. When I logged off last night it was all working. Someone went a fiddling