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  1. Flounce. Can't resist attempting to take the "superior" stance. And I'm not a racist in any form whatsoever. I've got views on immigratiion but that doesn't make anyone a racist, just because they are different to yours. Meanwhile, only NO has banned me - that's 2 inaccuracies you have posted about me in the same post - along with numerous other people too on here who are banned from there too - simply because I disagreed with the majority of posters about the football club and to date nothing has shown me to be wrong. It's a shame you take it so seriously Renton, Gemmill stalks me and I just give it back sometimes but I'm happy to ignore him for the sake of the board although nobody rounds on him for stalking me, nor do I call for him to be banned for this "stalking" or attempt to force the hand of others...... which is pathetic to be honest. I don't understand your comment about wolfy being unemployable though, if you had said that in the first place I would have apologised for taking the wrong end of the stick, however there must be hundreds/thousands of fuckers out there who are employed that have no regard for authority. Literally. This is an odd statement. Care to elaborate ?
  2. see my posts to MF, my post to Renton asking a perfectly ligit question, and learn to read dickhead. Back onto ignore you go [for the good of the forum, like you said you would also do when you wanted rid of me yet can't ignore me].
  3. at the end of the day, they are fighting their club's corner. Most NUFC supporters would do exactly the same, and any other club. Despite the howls of indignant protests ie "its not fair", "in an idea world they would be blah blah blah".....the fact is that they were NEVER going to disappear into thin air. This has been obvious to a blind man. In a few years they will be back alongside Celtic and the events of today and the next few years it takes to do that, will be nothing but a distant memory.
  4. stop ruining another thread. Some people frown on this sort of thing.
  5. where ? Why not leave Renton answer his own question man. This is where threads get derailed..........someone would have blamed me or answered for him if not you .......but does he think he is intellectually superior to someone who is unemployed ? If so, has he ever been unemployed and what does he think of ex students who are unemployed ? It's views such as this, that show up those with their heads up their arse, and I'm afraid does little to prove that ex students actually know anything at all about the real world they say they live in. Despite their self proclaimed intelligence. The facts are that thousands, at least, of very intelligent people are out there that are unemployed. Sadly, his views would appear to be shared by other people, not all of who have posted in this thread yet.
  6. why not let Renton answer his own question ? Which he still hasn't done in actual fact ...........
  7. you saying students aren't workshy layabouts and settling for living on benefits rather than grow up and get into the real world, is only your opinion too I'm afraid, which fits into your framework [surprise surprise]. As you have already made up a few things in this thread, that you call facts, I think you should quit before you look even dafter. Most people who aren't students know that most students are workshy bellends. By the way, if you want an example of someone with what you may call a well balanced political view, see my sig
  8. but you are predictably blaming me for "ruining" the thread when it was someone else who made the initial daft comments ? Why not leave Renton to reply himself rather than jump in like a self centred cock ?
  9. the reality seems lost on you, sadly. What does being a student have to do with "challenging authority" ? I'm saying that a hell of a lot of them are workshy layabouts, with no idea what they want to do in life, happy to claim benefits while doing nothing for it, and that;s a fact. What is this "gap" year by the way that has suddenly invented itself in the past few decades ? Is this not an excuse to loaf around while someone else pays for it or not ?
  10. in actual fact, Renton made a rather stupid uncalled for comment aimed at wolfy [typical Renton mind] and so I asked him to explain what he meant ? You ought to have picked that up, rather than choose to reply for him then blame me later for "hijacking" the thread. Check it out and see. By the way, I knew that you or someone else would do exactly that.
  11. bitter ? Haha, don't make me laugh. Most people on here would kill to be able to retire early like me, stop being so daft. I knew you would completely disregard where I said I wasn't tainting them all with the same brush though, but it's the intellectually challenged ones, such as who has surfaced in this thread making comments that look down on people, who make me laugh. FWIW, I think wolfy has made some very interesting points, and only someone with a severe intellectual complex could say otherwise and question his way of thinking in such a way. What does being being unemployed have to do with it ? Does being unemployed mean you are some sort of intellectual simpleton ? Do all students have such an opinion of themselves they spout such utter nonsense ? My point is quite straightforward, if someone thinks in such a way, what did they think of themselves when they were unemployed ? Who is to say they will never be unemployed ? What sort of "intelligent" viewpoint is that ? Maybe the way a lot of people view them ie students, is part of their own doing sometimes.
  12. vast majority of students, like immigrants, are workshy wankers only after the benefits. Fact. If you are happy with subsidising them, more fool you. Notice I'm not saying all of them in both cases.
  13. what ? Who said you posted as a student ? Are you deranged Anyway - full time students are workshy layabouts or not ? You made the daft jibe towards wolfie not me lad.
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