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  1. The Christmas Truce

    Your Welcome
  2. Gejon

    Me Tarzan you Monkey .
  3. The Christmas Truce

    Nowt wrong in saying "suss the numpties out " is their !!!! . I take it your the Leader of this pack then Mr Camera Man ??
  4. The Christmas Truce

    Wish i could of been there , i'd suss all the numpties out in a instant.
  5. Gejon

    Can a monkey not do your job .
  6. Gejon

    Is it a minimum wage job you do ??? . The Fish desperate as in they must employ anyone if GMAN gets on their payroll .
  7. Gejon

    Gemmill do you mean to say you work?-desperate or whatski eh .
  8. Gejon

    I,d rather be skinny than fat .

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