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    It's foolish not to give Keane credit where it's due though. He came in with an effective 12 point handicap and might win automatic promotion. Rumours are they'll have a lot to spend if they are promoted, and Keane will be able to attract players, unlike Roeder. I think he's doing an excellent job, but I'm not too concerned about them immediately bursting onto the Premiership scene. Not at the minute anyway. We'll see. I'm exactly the same mate, I think he has done remarkable considering the amount of deadwood there at the start of the season, let us not forget he's already had a decent amount to spend for that level (obviously not on Steve Bruce terms like) but when I hear people make comparisons with the job KK done getting us up there really isn't one due to the fact we absolutely battered anyone in front of us that season and took that same level of no fear attitude let's not lie down, if they want to beat us then they're going to have to outscore us attitude up with us. Keegan wasn't an immediate success it has to be said. oh dear. I think if you asked a Leeds supporter now - as they are where we were when Keegan came in - if they would consider staying up success, they would say yes. Likewise if you said would they take winning the league and getting back to the premiership too, they would say it is beyond their wildest dreams. I didn't picture you as someone who doesn't know the Keegan era, Renton. Others maybe, and before, especially, but not you. tend to agree. We will see how he reacts when things go against him, having said that they said that about Keegan for 5 years..... Keane has been an instant success so far though Leazes, I was making a comparison. Iirc, Keegan had a fantastic start but results dropped off and we came very close to relegation, obviously. Things were very nearly different, but yes, I suppose avoiding the drop constituted a different kind of success. ah, yes, OK. I take your point. You mean he gave the team a lift, got out of the bottom positions, then lost 6 games in a row and had to go into the last 2 games on the knife edge. I don't think any other person could have saved Newcastle under those circumstances, but of course thats only opinion. How well Keane does, depends on 1. how much backing he gets from the board, and 2. How well he spends the money and handles the bigger players if they get them, which like any promoted team, they will need. I think they will come up though. Now. He seems to have more about him than monkey heed did, and its also highly likely that the board will take a different approach too.

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