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  1. We need to drop Joelinton from the squad, he shouldn’t even make the bench.
  2. I’d have taken a pair of scissors to them after 3 hours and throwing a radge.
  3. I'd also like to add that if we do get relegated (I don't think we will) the new owners aren't just going to give us back. It would then be up to a multi billion pound fund to get us out of the championship.
  4. Whoever gets the job now will be unlikely to still be our manager in 3 years time.
  5. Is it a short long list or a long shortlist
  6. I actually think Manure are fucked for spending, they just sold millions in shares and the Glazers pocketed it. No attempt made to pay off their £443 million debt.
  7. I’m assuming Saudi Aramco will sign a £500million sponsorship deal with us.
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