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  1. Only in America

  2. Only in America

    As I’ve seen others point out, they won’t buy schools pens, pencils and books and they don’t train teachers to upskill. But they will buy them a glock each and pay for close pretection training.
  3. mackem messageboard gold

    If Sunderland improved their ppg by half they would still only get 41 points. That’s the same points tally Hull would get by simply sticking to their current ppg ratio. I think to survive they would need to improve more than that and double this tally. However there is no way they can do that.
  4. Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

    Why the fuck does the fat cunt think he deserves to make a profit after the shambles his ownership has been?
  5. Winter Olympics 2018

    Isn’t she like number 1 in the world at this as well?
  6. Other Games 17/18

    Tries very hard not to think sexy thoughts.
  7. mackem messageboard gold

  8. Rafa's resurgent willy wavers vs moaning Mourinho's mancs

    Where were they when they sacked Pulis?
  9. Recommend me something to watch!

    I went for a glass of water.
  10. Newcastle United: Mike Ashley puts Premier League club up for sale

    If anyone believes it my company has won the contract to dismantle the Blackpool tower and we are looking for investors with a guaranteed 100% return.
  11. Recommend me something to watch!

    Actually started to watch “The Krays Geordie connection” it took me two minutes to realise Steve Wraith is a cunt and it is uber shit.
  12. Politics

    Also even they were making fun of them not trying to look good. Even Lemmy didn’t go full SS.
  13. Politics

    We used to have the black and white minstrel show too, happy days.
  14. Europe --- In or Out

    This has nothing to do with politics but isn’t it time you fucked off you oxygen stealing cunt?
  15. mackem messageboard gold

    If you have a quick browse of rtg there are definitely voices blaming Coleman for not turning it around immediately.

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