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  1. We’ve cancelled the trip to Dundee, so it’s not all bad news.
  2. You mean she robustly protected Boris from his accusations?
  3. I think it means the alzheimers is kicking in.
  4. I see Carroll has been allowed to leave https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57884925
  5. Yeah I really don't trust my memory of the 90s.
  6. I am sure they supported PWEI at some point although I could be wrong.
  7. It isn’t like but never mind.
  8. Should we tell them 666 is also not the actual number of the beast?
  9. It kind of veered off into my son being signed for Tampa Bay Lightning while we were at the new disneyland in the rockies.
  10. Last night I dreamt the takepver went through. So that means it is absolutely dead in the water.
  11. Phylicia Rashad doesn't think he's guilty.
  12. Great manager with money to spend, it should be a match made in heaven unless the fans fuck it up completely.
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