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  1. Nice opinion piece there from Nicholas Wade who once wrote a book on race genetics which was widely derided for being complete crap.
  2. The argument is that Brexit is such a game changer it triggers the need for a referendum
  3. Was it a youth hostel called Haut de la Garenne
  4. As if the Ormeau road residents didn't have enough sadness already. Man this is awful for the family, the parents must be climbing the walls with grief.
  5. At least you won’t have to eat any of that shite Italian food.
  6. My in laws went before lockdown and thought it was boring as fuck, and they’re in their 70s
  7. I’ll take a picture when it’s down, the stuff we ordered looks very real tbh.
  8. We have a dog and her pee burns the grass and the turf hasn’t taken in 3 years. We know a few people who have done it and they swear by it.
  9. If you ever move out of your parents house you might get to spend money on a house.
  10. We are spending £2k getting our lawn astro turfed.
  11. You released on the instrumental, that's some grade A premature shit just there.
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