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  1. It's just a fun prediction but I have done some research into previous seasons.
  2. Can I add that the kids are likely to move in with their mum too and have little to do with their dad?
  3. Both tbh. 3 of the bottom 4 currently will be relegated. 25 points will avoid the drop.
  4. I am totally not worried about relegation
  5. Can we believe vaccines aren't harmful too?
  6. This season is going to be record breaking for having the lowest points tally and survive in the premiership. I apologise if that sentence makes no sense.
  7. I assume Luke Edwards wasn’t watching.
  8. I am caught between thinking it can't be and desperately hoping it is.
  9. Every country in the EU has a form of PR.
  10. That Brighton cup game in 1982. From dodging hitch hikers on the A1 at 4 in the morning. To gobbing mouthfuls of beer at Chelsea fans giving us Vs on the way. Being in Brighton stupidly early and getting drunk and singing. A lot of it was to do with the whole day at the age of 14 with My big brother and cousin.
  11. Ollie McBurnie is shitter than Joelinton.
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