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  1. We are just the least representative democracy in western europe
  2. Generally if I am in a tense situation and someone tells me they aren’t bluffing, then I know I’ve already won.
  3. You will be hard pushed to find any serious economist who backs trickle down
  4. He's desperate, the mobilisation is a last throw of the dice and if it fails he will be retired.
  5. No other team in the prem seems to give a flying fuck about ffp.
  6. Hope you’re all good after the flooding man.👍
  7. Really? Obviously I wouldn’t know anything about that.
  8. But there’s a difference between a young soldier very fit and healthy and a 60 year old.
  9. It's complete bollocks because that's not a serving soldier. He is wearing the uniform of the royal company of archers and looks at least 60.
  10. If we bombed that Queue the Tories would be fucked
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