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  1. Is this from a different source which said it was definitely just a ploy by Staveley to buy Liverpool? or the one at the top of the page where you said it was really close and money would be released for the transfer window.
  2. I met a “porn star” yesterday.
  3. Can I just confirm we are hoping to get killer trade deals with a bunch of countries actively trying to stop us get a trade deal with the EU?
  4. Pardon
  5. fyp
  6. Middle lane hoggers can get a £100 fine and points now http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22784983
  7. He'd just seen his sister
  8. Most new cars have sat navs in them anyway.
  9. We're getting a fucking dog.
  10. I also think it's more to do with the fact he is being investigated for inappropriate behaviour.
  11. Every where I have ever worked it is clear policy watching porn on your works PC or laptop or using the company wifi is a sackable offence.
  12. He should be sacked though.
  13. To be fair a few of them call him on the utter unbelievable story.
  14. It doesn't take a lot of paper to say "After Brexit we're fucked"
  15. My view