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  1. Ah well, the answers were all a bit predictable. Some poor taste about pushing walls over and wreaths but hey ho. And the riot at the FA Cup quarter final against Forest that caused the match to be abandoned-where was that again? Don't think we were involved in that one, though it pre-dates Sky so you probably never heard of it. The Soccer AM chants were there about our support being shite and all the other stuff. Get over it, you're not funny. Nobody cares. Living in such a bubble you really don't get it. There's a whole world out there. Hope you go down lads.
  2. What is it with you lot? You come to Liverpool and abuse the hospitality. Get in the pubs, have a laugh and behave like civilised people for God's sake. Why do you feel the need to be so mouthy? Why are you so abusive to your hosts? And have you got anything original to sing? It's all tired old seventies/eighties "Sign On"/"In your Liverpool slums" and the latest SoccerAM whopper stuff. Or is it irony? Nobody's unemployed in Newcastle are they? And all the streets and gardens are paved with gold. You used to be a decent lot. I've had great times at SJP, Anfield and even as far back
  3. Do you ever watch football? If you don't recognise the natural talent Fowler has (sadly cut short by his first serious injury) you really need to have a word with yourself.
  4. Merseyside Police today confirmed that they had arrested a man in connection with the burglary at the home of Pepe Reina. Frank Lampard of London was being held at Walton Lane Police Station. Police said he was unable to get any witnesses to confirm where he had said he had been between 7.45 and 10pm last night.
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