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  1. anyone want owens second or shearers?
  2. i did tell you after the grimbsy game that the site i had with the downloads on would have all the goals from the season well i have i aint going to put all of them up but i think owens first one is the best, so will put that one up that ok?
  3. If you find that I'll register on your site. Spammer! 50352[/snapback] i aint spamming, I have provided you with great goals lol
  4. i'll have a dig around but i doubt very likley i'll get it.
  5. We have to register? 50348[/snapback] most of them our bandwidth if i open it up, the bandwidth has gone in seconds mate lol shearer elbow http://bouncy-beats.com/FootieLounge/index...t=ST&f=13&t=202
  6. ok http://bouncy-beats.com/FootieLounge/index...t=ST&f=13&t=201 also dont know wether its worth adding that site to favourites, as its new and it will have all downloads, well whatever is requested
  7. nearest i can find is this http://cache.gettyimages.com/comp/56020268...C9EDBE4E6F952F6
  8. i'll dig the goal out now for you's will be bout 10 minutes.
  9. kicked him, he got a shock and leon osman next to him nearly p!ssed hiself laughin
  10. i am an everton fan and was their last night, it was p!ss funny, nothing was happening and then the little kid ran on and booted him and ran back off, whole crowd cheered even the boro fans.
  11. ah did they knock spurs out? bein an everton fan we have boro, come on everton 49762[/snapback] Badge sorted 49813[/snapback] Ah cheers well done last night, i can get that goal if you's want it.
  12. ah did they knock spurs out? bein an everton fan we have boro, come on everton
  13. was a while back for a liverpool newspaper If you saw a gang of lads racially abusing someone in the street, would you turn a blind eye? Would you expect others to? Thought not, so what is so different about a football match? Racism is a big factor in football, but not many people realise it, they are ignorant and refuse to believe that it is a big deal. Racism in football is the main issue here. Did you know that Viv Anderson, John Barnes and Luther Blissett, were part of the handful of black players that played English football professionally, whilst suffering terrible racial d
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