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  1. Luuk De Jong

    Seemed ok, looked short on match fitness
  2. Norwich City 0 v FC Newcastle United 0 FT

    Saturday even, ah bollocks fuck
  3. Norwich City 0 v FC Newcastle United 0 FT

    Does Remy miss Sunday??
  4. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

    get in
  5. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

    While it's half time, 8/1 for Carlise to beat Sunderland tomorrow is quite tempting
  6. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

  7. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

  8. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

    weird selection by the foreign channels of live games today Macclesfield vs Sheff Wed Grimsby vs Huddersfield Rochdale vs Leeds
  9. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

    hard times, but better than nothing
  10. Newcastle Vs Cardiff

    Any radio streams? No chance of tv for this one
  11. mackems vs Newcastle United

    Feeling fresh and confident. Think we'll do them today
  12. Summer Transfers 2013

    Read the other day we watched Agim Ibraimi, great player, not sure how he'd fit in to our hoof ball game. Also the game they watched him in, was probably his worst of the season
  13. This boards fan make-up.

    Born in Co.Durham, now living in eastern Europe (ooh get me). Been away from is fucking awful when we're doing well, watching us beat Sunderland 1 nil, Taylor over the wall, alone pissed on a laptop was just strange. Although when we're doing shit, it helps, you can switch off from it all and take in some perspective Meeting endless amounts of man utd, chelsea 'fans' grinds you down as well
  14. @yourservice , themags, RobH

    Cheers everyone, I don't post much these days enjoy reading the forums everyday
  15. Newcastle v Sunderland

    Pleased I never watched MOTD

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