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  1. User names, past & present

    56177[/snapback] 56179[/snapback] 56181[/snapback]
  2. Re: Owen. I would just like to say

    MINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 22491[/snapback] WHOPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Let me ask you a simple question!

    Hadawy and shite man. They're the only people on here with any decent craic like. Most people here a bunch of crying bairns!
  4. Let me ask you a simple question!

    I say Stuart Pearce in the summer.
  5. If we end up with Owen and Luque, will you......

    I was thinking the same thing. You look at that bench and you can't take them seriously. I honestly think that Souness needs to re-think who he brings with him to a job.. 19148[/snapback] With far too many managers it's 'Job's for the boys'. Unfortunately Souness seems to be typical in this respect. I heard from a a pretty good source that te training isn't too clever at the Toon. 19152[/snapback] Shit!! What did I miss! THIS IS A GLORIOUS ONE POST BUTTERFLY OF A MONIKER ANY RESEMBLANCE TO OTHER MEMBERS IS PURELY COINCIDENTAL, LIVING OR DEAD. HOWAY THE LADS. *scuffles off into the neet singing something in Georgian*

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