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  1. Canadian Soldiers

    That's whit the scum did - mocked the death of these great Protestants. Mockin death of yer fellow people is utter scumish behaviour.
  2. Canadian Soldiers

    Am pure ragin at you byraway. God Save Ra Queen and ra Canadian Soldiers. All good Proddy toon-bears shud post oan this thread to honour ra Canadian Soldiers. Mocking their death is no funny. You shud be ashamned.
  3. Canadian Soldiers

    "Made me proud... Frank Sinatra sang there, Jim Watt fought there and Eric Liddell, the "Chariots of Fire" Olympian, trained there. Sadly, no one knows the name of the two servicemen who knocked on the Ibrox door one wartime evening and asked if they could see inside. Bill Struth obliged and as they walked the edge of the pitch, the visitors asked if they take a pinch of grass as a souvenir. "We won't see much of this where we going," they added. Even the strict disciplinarian Struth was moved. "Take some, but make sure you bring it back one day". The two never returned. And after the war, Struth made his own enquiries about the young servicemen. He found out they were Canadians who were in the first wave of Allies to land on D-Day in the face of fierce German fire. As they tucked the sprig of green in their uniform breast pockets, they probably already knew they'd never see Ibrox again." God Bless those brave Soldiers man. That story pure brought a tear tae ma eye man.
  4. Cheers Boysis

    Am off oot the noo Prods. Al be back oan later fur a wee chat aboot fitbaw and how good bein a Prod is an that sorta stuff man. FTP WATP E4
  5. Big Souness

    Not guilty m'lord. 39020[/snapback] Ur you a bear too big man aye? Am pure chuffed...we've goat another bear oan here man. Superb.
  6. Big BoumBoum

    Whits that? He's no a durty taig junkie is he man? No drugs at ra Brox. Unless we buy them aff ra UVF. WATP UDA FTP LIDL
  7. Big BoumBoum

    Awrite boysis. Am no very happy wae yeez for stealin big BoumBoum but when a herd oot he wiz a taig then a got a bit happer. We dont like taigs at ra Brox. Gutted when Big Souness signed wan a them. A burnt ma Giro in protest ye know. So how is ra French Proddy dain at use then? Can we huv him back in? He'll no get a game a big Fandan though ye know. He's goat a King Billy tattoo oan his arse...FACT. His Da wiz leader of ra French lodge...FACT. Lucozade Kills...FACT.
  8. FF Doon Guter man

    Awrite fellow Proddy Toon boysis. FF is doon at the moment - a hink a durty taig hacked it. A pure hate them byraway. So is it awrite if a come oan here fur a bit. A hope its a troo loyalist board like FF - no taigs allowed oan their ye know. A pure love ra Toon byraway so a hink a shoud fit in well because aw a use love ra Gers dont yeez? God Save Ra Queen. No Surrendur.
  9. Big Souness

    The best thing aboot Souness wiz that he pure hates ra taigs byraway. Fur that alone he's a troo Rangers bear legend. A pure like ra toon as well noo because a Souness. Aw a us Bears like ra Toon. Rangers - Newcastle - Proddys brothers. FACT. WATP FTP GSTQ NTL
  10. Bellamy's Reaction

    OK, I have to ask, what does B&Q mean? Are you demonstrating your support of the large, national "do it yourself" retailer? 38984[/snapback] Aye, only good Proddy boys are allowed tae work in B&Q ye know. It's a true Gers shoap. Nae Kafflicks allowed. God Save Ra Queen. We Arra Peepil.
  11. Big Souness

    Whit a legend he is man. He wiz pure good fur ra Gers and a bet he's gonnae be pure good fur ra Toon as well noo. He wun us ra league and noo yeez have signed Owen hell prob win use ra league too. Just asloang as the durty kafflicks dont win it am happy. We Arra Peepil. Newcaslte an Rangers - Proddy Brothers Together 4eva. WATP GSTQ FTP ITV GAYPRIDE
  12. Bellamy's Reaction

    Durty taig. He didnae win ra league though did he? Didnae think so. I'm a believer. First tae 50. Ethel Cardew...FF Legend...FACT. Lucozade Kills...FACT. WATP GSTQ FTP STV B&Q

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