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  1. Who exactly wanted him to fail? Just because we knew he would and didn't want him here, doesn't mean we wanted things to go badly. It was hell watching the football under him.
  2. Last bit of ITK I ever post but over the moon that it was right, if a little later than I expected.
  3. Sorry lads he said a few hours when he told me, I took that to mean later yesterday. I did give him a kicking last night and he promised he was definitely gone yesterday but could only guess what the delay was in announcing.
  4. I'm really interested to see how this plays out now considering this. If it is true and the press don't have a sniff of it, then it's interesting that we can keep something quiet.
  5. As if there'll be a kebab left in town when Bruce has £8m in his pocket!
  6. You don't have to. I believe it or I wouldn't have said it. I'll be giving someone a punch if they've steered me wrong but I doubt they have.
  7. Our midfield is absolutely horrendous, you couldn't make a good player out of all of them. The midfield is the reason the defence is under so much pressure, the opposition just walks through them at will. We've seen that with good coaching our limited defenders can actually defend, even under Rafa our midfield was wank. New midfielders is absolutely as much a priority as some help for Wilson.
  8. Bruce is definitely telling those close to him that they have tried to get him to leave on 70% of what he's contractually entitled to. Whilst he deserves fuck all for his gross incompetence, I can't blame him for holding out for what he's due. This certainly doesn't show the new owners ini a good light as it appears that it's fuck all to do with having their ducks in a row that he's still there, they're just trying to save a couple of million.
  9. He was at half time too. Whinging on that Peacock's goal shouldn't have been allowed despite the fact that they had a camera angle showing it crossed the line. He nearly burst out crying with Dagleish pointed out that it wasn't worth complaining about since Ginola had raked the second past Schmeichel into the top corner. I've hated him since I sobered up from being at that match and watched recording.
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