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  1. Off to see it tonight. Can't wait.
  2. Good to see some batsmen (Stoneman and Malan) gut it out under pressure. I think them two look like they could be decent test players. Vince not so much. Stoneman needs to learn how to get out the way of bouncers (not the dog from neighbours) though or he'll never get a century against the Aussies.
  3. All the best you old cunt.
  4. I'd snap your hand of for top 17 for this season.
  5. I suspect they'd charge you for doing something like that up here.
  6. Personally I'd be trying that in the games coming up that we have next to no chance of winning. Arguably Lester was our best chance of points for the rest of the year.
  7. Has there been some fall out between Shelvey and Rafa? I can't understand him not playing. Hayden has been looking more and more like he's about as good as Colback. Shelvey and Merino are just about our two best players and both need to play for me. I agree with Parky that we should be knocking the 4-4-2 on the head, our defence just isn't good enough to manage with it. Especially without Lascelles.
  8. So it is about his fitness. He didn't bowl at all in the tour game the other day which makes me wonder what the point of him playing was. I saw a bit of Wood's bowling at the end of the first day and he looked like he was going at a good pace and getting a bit of swing. He went for 11 off his first over but got two wickets and only went for 2.5 in the first innings.
  9. Boycott is a lot more honest about the state of the performances than a lot of the other commentators are but he really does repeat himself far too much to enjoy his commentary. The others that BT, even the Aussies, are pretty good (it's always good to hear Swanny compare a good catch to one of Pav's saves) but I do feel it's much better on Sky.
  10. Aye I went to see that last week as there was nothing else of interest out. Not my type of thing but not bad.
  11. No I watched it ages ago. Come on.
  12. Has very much a TV movie feel about it but I really enjoyed this.
  13. I've not taken time off for the next one though so maybe that will improve our luck.
  14. Our batting has been pretty shocking other than when Stoneman and Vince were going well in the first test. Cook not firing at all is a problem and without Stokes the middle order doesn't look as strong as it has done. The fact Ali is playing in the tour game suggests he's been struggling for fitness and it seems to be effecting his form. It's a shame because with a fit Ali and Wood and an available Stokes I think it could have been a tight series. Now it's looking like we're on course for another whitewash.
  15. I know what you meant but I'm still yet to see him do it.