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  1. Carabao Cup - Nottingham Forest / Away / 2nd Round

    Would Colback be eligible to play given that he's on loan from us? You can't in Premier league games but I don't know if that rule extends to the cups. Not that I care if he plays or not mind.
  2. Generic small time football blather thread 2017/18

    The biggest shock about the thing is that he's only 32!
  3. The Cricket Thread

    Not a massive surprise that Stokes is back into the team at Curran's expense. It's a bit of a shame because the option of a left armer was pretty good imo. But in terms of ability you can't really argue with Stokes and Woakes getting the nod. I see Durham have signed Bancroft for next season with Latham expected to be playing for NZ in the world cup.
  4. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Sounds like he was fairly calm in the press conference. Saying he wants to stay still which even if we all assume there's no chance he'll do that while Ashley is in charge, it's better for us for the season.
  5. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    Can't say I'm remotely arsed about this Marlon Santos, never heard of him before yesterday and what I've heard isn't very impressive. Fernandez would be an ok addition to the squad so I'd be fairly happy with him. You'd hope with Rondon and Muto we've improved our striking options over last season but it's definitely disappointing that we've not improved the team anywhere else. I still think we're lacking creativity but I suppose we created quite a bit last season but just missed a lot of chances. If those two new strikers can put more of them away we should be ok for another assault on mid table.
  6. The Cricket Thread

    Aye I don't think I've ever seen anything like that before. He's barely bowled for Durham before that either. Another win last night and they're top of the North group and looking very good for qualification. Wouldn't have expected this after the dreadful one day competition.
  7. The OFFICIAL Transfer Rumours Thread 2018 -2019

    We probably were offering him a zero hour contract.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Superb win for Durham against Lancs last night in the T20. Probably need just one more win out of the last four to get a quarter final place.
  9. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    Newcastle United director of football, Joe Kinnear, said: "This is a hugely exciting development for Newcastle United. We have one of football's great stadiums and we are delighted to now be announcing plans for a training complex which will rival any in Europe. "Top players and top teams need top training and medical facilities. Our current training ground has served the Club very well but the new complex will give us all of the ingredients that we need to continue maintaining and enhancing the performance of elite footballers. "It will also be an added attraction when we are looking to recruit players." Given that we basically aren't bothered about recruitment or having top players, then Ashley is quite right that it's fit for his purposes. G
  10. The Cricket Thread

    Given that I'm fairly late to the cricket party, I think that's probably the best test match I've seen. While I don't think it would have effected the overall result, Stokes has shown just how much we missed him in the Ashes.
  11. The Cricket Thread

    Curran's certainly got us a lot more into the game than I thought we were going to be. But yes I think we're going to regret a few things come the end of it.
  12. Does Mike Ashley deserve to die...

    Of course he doesn't deserve to die. He's a bad boss and terrible football club owner but that doesn't make some one deserve to die. That being said I'd personally be more than happy to see him buggered death with a nuclear powered dildo.
  13. The Cricket Thread

    Hopefully you keep your prediction run going. But I don't see it this time. I'll be amazed if we manage a lead of 150 and Kohli could well get that on his own.
  14. The Cricket Thread

    Not the way Curran is blitzing through their top order.
  15. Pre Season 2018

    Rafas comments after the game aren’t good at all. He sounds completely at the end of his tether now.

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