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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    And they call us deluded.
  2. mackem messageboard gold

    I think the don just went off the song. The fans were pissed off about losing Maja and had for the first time started to question him and tory boy. He wanted something to get them onside and thought the unwashed singing along to that while shitting in the seats would do it. Mind our signing of Joelinton is just as staggering. God knows why we signed a player who has never played as a number 9 to replace Rondon is a mystery to me.
  3. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Uncut Gems. For a while it just seemed to be Adam Sandler shouting but it got better as it went on and the end was excellent I thought.
  4. Recommend me something to watch!

    Quite enjoyed the first episode of Perry Mason. I dread to think what my mother thought about the sex scenes and all the effing and jeffing mind.
  5. I can only imagine he's doing it on purpose now. He's managed to take an action that every other journalist seems to be either completely indifferent about, or see's it as a positive and turned it into a massive negative. It's absolutely impossible to take his opinion on anything seriously now.
  6. Allan Saint-Maximin

    I've been a bit worried from the start that he was just another Lualua but he seems to be having much more influence on games as the season has gone on. His decision making seems to have improved too (a surprising positive for our coaching staff there?). I thought he was by far the best player on the pitch on Sunday. I'm looking for him and Almiron to really use their pace and go at players for the rest of the season. I think defenders will really struggle against that after the long lay off.
  7. He'd have a hell of a lot more credibility if he just said, It's Newcastle United so some massive fuck up will probably happen to stop it going through. I mean I'm still at that stage despite all logic saying that there's surely no way the Premier League are going to want to face up to the legal batter with SA if they stop this. Trying to come up with a reason including massive leaps and non existent contract law knowledge make him look ridiculous.
  8. Aye maybe this yank has the don and Tony Coton negotiating for him.
  9. I assumed it was just Lee Ryder's lack of brain cells when I first read his £350m tweet. I was quite surprised to see Sky go with the same amount. You would have to be seriously backwards to pay more at this stage surely.
  10. It's actually ridiculous what the premier league bloke has been saying that there is no timescale on it. How can they justify that? This is clearly effecting the fans with the refunds issue, it's effecting players in that contracts are running out and it will be effecting the staff with them not knowing who they will be working for or if they will have a job. Not that I care but it's also effecting Ashley too as he no doubt has plans for the money for the sale. Surely they can't be allowed to just drag this on and on with the hope that it will just go away.
  11. This all shows the so called experts up for what they are. The Saudi's are posting press releases saying they've won, some are saying that it says they've the kingdom is responsible for the piracy and others saying it just says they didn't do enough to stop it. I've absolutely no doubt that the Qatari's via Bein will soon be releasing a statement saying the report proves everything they have been saying and there's no way the Saudi's can be allowed to buy us.
  12. mackem messageboard gold

    A Portsmouth vs Fleetwood playoff final would be just the job now. Their tiny brains would explode trying to work out who they want to go up least.
  13. This all seemed completely obvious from the very first time Beoutq was mentioned. It's surely such a no brainer that your average readytogo poster could work out that the premier league just need to tell the Saudi's they have to get it shut down. They then just have to tell the league with a wink that they have absolutely no part in it, but they will do everything they can to stop it. They can also sweeten it by telling them they'll be more than happy to compete (blow out of the water) with Bein's next bid for rights. What I don't see however, is how the premier league can hope to have any influence in the issues between Saudi Arabi and Qatar. It's an issue much bigger than football and if as part of it, the Saudi's don't allow a foreign television company to broadcast in their country, surely they are perfectly entitled to that. Although the Saudi's may see it in their best interests if it allows matches involving the team they are buying to be shown legally in the country.
  14. Yeah that's definitely an exciting prospect of the potential takeover. It seems obvious to me that the Reuben's are in on this in connection with their existing land owned in the city.

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