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  1. I'm not sure there's many managers still going that I'd want here less than him now. I mean I know it's certainly not impossible that he would bring some clown back from years out of the game given he did that with Kinnear but I can't actually see him doing it again. So the only person I can think of that would annoy me close to the level of Bruce would probably be Tim Sherwood. The problem is all he actually wants is to get shot of us now and as long as we're in the premier league Bruce will suit his purposes. Especially as it's very unlikely we're going to get any meaningful crowds i
  2. I've known the man was a cunt since we beat Man Utd 5-0 and he claimed Peacock's goal shouldn't have been allowed despite the camera angle clearly showing it go over the line. I've known he's a shite manager ever since he started managing. Why the fuck would I give him a chance? His constant bleating on about work in progress and keyboard warriors as well as what the stats tell me and my eyes can see make me feel very comfortable that I never gave him a chance in the first place. I'm just annoyed that there were suckers out there who did, particularly Ashley.
  3. If you watched the Liverpool match yesterday you will have seen just how important a good (exceptional in their case) manager is. They were without Van Dyke, Alexander Arnold, Gomez, Thiago, Henderson and Salah all of whom would probably be first choice for them as well as Oxlade Chamberlin who's there or there abouts and they absolutely wiped the floor with Leicester. That's Leicester who are in the top four, had won their last 6 in all competitions and have been talked about as champions league place contenders. Klopp has Liverpool drilled perfectly. Of course Bruce doesn't have an
  4. I would love to know what we do practice in training as it's blatantly obvious it's not anything to do with attacking or pressing. I can only assume it's on how to camp out in front of/just inside our 18 yard box and allow shots at the keeper.
  5. I think it's fucking terrible when you're at the match. You don't know whether to celebrate or not and that takes the spontaneous joy of a goal away. And half the time you've no idea of what's going on. It's particularly bad at home games as there's so much of the ground that can't see the 'big' screen. With only games to watch on telly at the moment I think people are forgetting how bad it is for fans in the ground. The other side of it is still the amount of stupid decisions that are being made on the back of it like our pen against Spurs or Bamford's disallowed goal at the weekend.
  6. Nice to see Longstaff back in putting something of a performance in. It's probably as well as he's played in the premier league since Rafa left. If he can get back to the performances of his first season then it could make a massive difference to our otherwise pedestrian midfield. Hendrick has been pretty much as completely average as I expected (and my Burnley supporting brother in law told me he would be). Longstaff on his game and Hayden would probably be the best pairing we could put out. I did think we looked like we had some idea of what we were trying to do with our
  7. I don't think intelligence had any part in this at all 🤣
  8. Totally agree with all of this. It's one thing to play so deep that the opposition can't get past you and are limited to shots from outside the box, but if you can't retain or do anything progressive with the ball when you do get it, you are eventually going to get caught out like we were yesterday and last week. Then you are just hoping for fluky goals. That isn't a way to set your team out, it isn't sustainable and it's awful to watch. Comparing it to the worst of it under Rafa doesn't wash either. When Rafa was finally allowed to sign the attacking players he wanted, he had us attackin
  9. The Sean Longstaff who played under Rafa offered a lot more creativity than Shelvey does actually. Rather than just looking for hollywood passes, Longstaff moved the ball forward with both feet playing it in for attacking players (Rondon, Miggy and Perez at the time) in some space in positions where they can cause the opposition problems. Unfortunately since Bruce came in Longstaff has looked slow and very low in confidence and hasn't managed to play in anything like the way he did that first season. He was either just having a purple patch when he came into the team, the injury has ruined
  10. Went and seen Tenent again (I had a free Imax ticket and there was fuck all else on) and it made no more sense than the first time. Still enjoyed it enough but it's not one of Nolan's best. Seen Akria on Imax last week and that was quality. Only thing is, I don't get why all foreign language animations aren't just dubbed into English. I mean it's just a dubbing into their native language anyway. Surely it's better to be able to watch the full screen all the time and take in all of the animation than having to focus on the subtitles? And I went to see Saint Maude last night. I ca
  11. West Brom v Burnley on Monday. They really should be paying people to watch that.
  12. As If we have any style at all. Craig Hope’s nailed it perfectly. We have no clear identity or pattern to our play and haven’t since cabbage head arrived. The continued lack of quality in midfield doesn’t help either.
  13. Any spinner would be very happy with that ball.
  14. Like the commentators said, Buttler would have been proud of it.
  15. Unreal some of the shots woakes and Rashid played at the end.
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