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  1. I have a good feeling about tonight's game. So expect another twatting!
  2. Dubravka is definitely a good keeper but is certainly not a world class one. He does make a few too many mistakes for his ability, that I'm sure he will be more disapointed about than anyone else. He also seems to have a rather odd problem with freekicks. But he's probably in the top ten in the country. He's a long way clear of Darlow though. Darlow is a canny back up and has had an excellent season by his standards but he's not a first choice premier league keeper.
  3. It would actually be more like not going out on a date with a gagging for it Salma Hayek for fear you might get into an accident on the way.
  4. Unless it was to win you actual cash then I don't think that covers him.
  5. Rio is doing his best these days to eclipse the rest with his alleged punditry but I'll go with Owen. Has no one mentioned Pardew or Bruce though?
  6. That wouldn't take much of an argument tbh. These last two seasons in particular have been purgatory. I can't see there being many supporters who wouldn't rather have the entertainment of a promotion ahead of this shit all the time. Even if it does by definition mean that we'd have to have some relegations to.
  7. Most unlike anyone that has anything to do with that club!
  8. The NFL, NBA & MLB models is exactly what the owners of these clubs want, but those competitions weren't created on the back of a professional structure that has 92 teams in this country alone (never mind clubs in Spain and Italy too). Those clubs that are going to be locked out of this and turned into minor league feeder clubs aren't going to accept this and I can't see many supporters in this country accepting it either. Appart from the fact that it just will get boring watching your team play the same few teams every week it also will become impossible for most supporters to continue
  9. I mean it's the same that they are threatening this in order to get more money and power. In terms of what this does to the game if it goes through, of course it's different and much more harmful. Mind I don't know the exact details of what the clubs were threatening at the time of the premier league creation. They may have been threatening to break away from the pyramid completely if they didn't get their way then too. But my point was about it being a power grab rather than about how far reaching the changes are..
  10. It’s exactly the same as the formation of the Premier League really isn’t it. The big clubs wanted more money and threatened to fuck off if they didn’t get it. In the end they came to a compromise. I’m certain this is what will happen but I’d much rather it just went ahead and the real supporters of these clubs fucked them all off and gave their support to FCUM or the like. I’d like to think that’s what we’d do if faced with the same choice. Let them keep the fans from America or China or wherever, that’s where they’ll end up playing half their games anyway.
  11. It’s blatantly obvious why Sky are giving so much negative coverage to this. It’s got nothing to do with sporting integrity or the fans, it’s completely down to their fear of losing revenue.
  12. They've probably just realised that Ashley isn't going to sack him regardless how much contempt they show for him so they've decided to play for themselves.
  13. Yeah I'd say it was an even bigger regression. If we do go down it's hard to believe we'll be in a position to come straight back up. The combination of the decision not back RB and then replace him and continue to back cabbage heed is even worse than the decision to sign Joelinton. Appointing Souness while staggeringly bad had some logic behind it. Robson was seemingly getting shit on by the young players who he'd brought in and it looked like apointing a firmer hand was what was needed, even if that person should never have been Souness. Replacing Rafa with this fucking idiot never look
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