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  1. Game of Thrones - *SPOILER ALERT*

    I think they could have easily covered the first two episodes in one longer episode. I guess we'll have to see how the next four episodes pan out to discover how whether they have paced it correctly though. It seems they're setting it up a bit too obviously for some dead to rise from the crypts with the amount of times they've mentioned it's safe down there. I'm hoping this is a bit of a bluff or it's going to be something more surprising happening down there.
  2. The Cricket Thread

    You could argue that a few of the bowlers, Curran and Willey maybe, haven't done a great deal recently to cement their place. And in Curran's case in particular, he's never he's never really cemented a place, he's only played 13 times. I would think he'll be the most at risk. Willey offers the left arm option and I think Plunket deserves his place more than both of them. Woakes has to prove his fitness but I don't think there's any chance of him being left out other than that. Wood's overall record is probably the worst but again with his pace and the form he's showed recently, I think he'll be in baring injury. Which given he's missed Durham's first three matches, might not be out of the question. Of course Archer has to actually perform in these games, he's only played in 14 list A games so far.
  3. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Aye the Last Jedi had the shadow of the prequels all over it.
  4. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    I think I'm in a real minority who really liked Solo. I just thought it was a really fun film.
  5. Mike Ashley -- Football Cunt

    They never like to point out that when we sell a player, we then don't have to pay they wages that they like to tell us all goes into the purchase price of a player. It's all one way with them and the media seem to just lap it up without bothering to challenge them on their shite.
  6. mackem messageboard gold

    On fire!
  7. Newcastle United vs Crystal Palace

    Thought Almiron was better than he'd been in a few weeks on Saturday. At the end of the day, we did more than enough to win that game comfortably. But if you don't put your chances away you'll get punished more often than not at this level. Nothing to be concerned or particularly excited about though.
  8. Corbynites v Toon

    They'd all be sent off in the first five minutes these days unfortunately.
  9. mackem messageboard gold

    I've never met anyone from here who goes out on the drink in that shit hole. In fact when I used to work there, most of them much preferred going out in Newcastle.
  10. Corbynites v Toon

    It's difficult to pick out any one player for a poor performance because on the ball it was pretty much awful across the board. Lascelles obviously cost us with the second goal and the one worry I have about him is that when he starts doing poorly he really lets it effect him for the rest of the game and his performance gets worse and worse. I really hope well look to replace Yedlin in the summer as he really does have very little other than immense pace.
  11. mackem messageboard gold

    I'd be surprised if you didn't know it down to the last person mind.
  12. Salomon Rondon

    Mind, when you see what £50m gets you these days's, he's probably not that far wide of the mark.
  13. mackem messageboard gold

    That's ok, no cunt from outside this area has any clue who mackems are.
  14. Film/moving picture show you most recently watched

    Crazy Rich Asians. Allegedly a rom com but they seemed to completely forget the com part. Even Ken Jeong fails to provide any humour at all. Absolute dross.
  15. Recommend me something to watch!

    I've been listening to the original radio 4 Knowing Me Knowing You. It's some of the best Partridge stuff that's ever been done.

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