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  1. Jesus that’s awful. Hopefully they got to him quick enough.
  2. Yeah they seem to be going though everyones social media content now retrospectively but if they are going to police what people say on social media they really need to be a lot more proactive about it.
  3. I think what they've anounced in terms of his suspension is probably a bit over the top. A better wording may have just been that he's been took out of the spotlight until it's thoroughly investigated. They only needed to do it for the next match and then Stokes, Woakes & Curran should all be available for the India series so they can easily excuse him not playing on the basis that while he did very well in the match he played, those players are currently ahead of him in the queue anyway. That gives them plenty of time to investigate and impose a reasonable sanction/punishment. I d
  4. I also think he should be used to go around teaching children and other young players what he's learned.
  5. Yeah but that needs to be investigated and confirmed. Him just saying it because he's been caught out isn't really going to carry much weight.
  6. There's a massive difference between making a shit joke or just saying something offensive that you didn't mean to and being an EDL member looking for a fight with minorities. People can certainly be educated out of the former but it's a lot more difficult to expect pricks like Tommy Robison to change.
  7. I know, it's not something to revel in though.
  8. It's interesting that the only two people I've actually heard say that he should be banned or that Boris and Dowden should pipe down are Carberry and Ramprakash. Carberry saying that he shouldn't play cricket again seems absolutely ridiculous but he's obviously felt the effects of racism like most of us never have or will. Ramprakash said if Moeen or Rashid had been part of the team last week this would have been a massive issue in the dressing room. I think we have to consider there is quite a problem within sport in this country and if they want to attract minorities into the game the
  9. Suprised that these cricketers aren't clever enough to delete their old dodgy tweets. It's the type of behaviour I'd expect from Premiership footballers.
  10. Whilst far from being in a rage about this, I really don't think it's something to be laughing at. It just screams shit club.
  11. You're pushing it with midtable aren't you? I used to play Champ Man as Huddersfield because I knew they'd been a successful team years ago (won the league 3 years in a row I think the song goes) but were absolutely nothing as a club at the time. I didn't mean it as an insult to Hudderfield but any supporters who could remember their success (given it was in the 1920's it was unlikely there was many even back in the 90's) might see it as a pisstake that they have fallen to that point. I think this is where Howaymanheyman was coming from. It's Ashley that's insulting us by draggi
  12. I enjoyed that but it was pretty relentlessly grim.
  13. Much better session this one like. Looked like the match was drifiting away.
  14. I was bored at work last week so had a scan through RTG and they had a thread about this very thing. While there was certainly some on there talking down this shit, there was a ridiculous amount seriously blaming this for their failure to get out of that league again. Their level of self delusion is staggering. I'm sure we might have mentioned at the start of our last season in the championship that there might be a few teams who will see playing us as a massive thing but it's not something that was used as an excuse for every time we dropped points. And had we failed to go up we wou
  15. The defence and goal keeping situation is definitely the most like reason for our failure this summer. Apart from rightback we look appalling.
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