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  1. Thank christ for that, he was an awful shower of shite if ever I have seen one.



    Carr motoring towards exit


    Jun 28 2007


    By Paul Gilder, The Journal



    Stephen Carr


    Stephen Carr's position at St James's Park last night appeared increasingly precarious as Sam Allardyce pursued two players whose arrivals would leave the Irishman facing a bleak first-team future.


    A manager whose interest in Olympique Marseille's Habib Beye is established is understood to have opened talks with Geremi, the Cameroon international who, following the expiration of his contract at Chelsea, has been offered to several Premier League clubs this summer.


    The Newcastle boss is keen on a player who, although comfortable in various roles, has been deployed almost exclusively at right-back during his career at Stamford Bridge. It is a position in which Beye is also accomplished and one in which Carr (pictured right) specialises.


    The 30-year-old faced an uncertain future even before Allardyce's targets became clear - with Nolberto Solano having proved a more than capable full-back last season and the Magpies manager keen to test Kieron Dyer in the role as he experiments with alternative formations.



    Story continues Continue story



    Should he succeed in his bid to add Beye and Geremi to Newcastle's first-team squad, it would be almost certain to spell the end for Carr's first-team career in the North-East.


    The Journal understands that, having decided that the former Tottenham defender will not be a first choice next season, Allardyce is willing to listen to offers for Carr. A player facing a future in the reserves is not expected to resist, and Celtic are understood to be interested.


    The United boss is still attempting to find a club willing to end Celestine Babayaro's time on Tyneside. Portuguese sources insist Sporting Lisbon have had a request to sign the African on loan rejected and are considering returning with a bid to sign the former Anderlecht player on a permanent basis. Allardyce will hope it succeeds.


    With Carr set to join the Nigerian in departing Tyneside, it seems as though Newcastle could embark on their next Premier League season with new full-backs on both flanks.


    Carr did spend time deputising for Babayaro last season, although Allardyce is determined to recruit a specialist left-footer to fill a position that has long been problematic.

  2. Shepherd just has more money to make his trophy signings tbh.


    These were the only terms Shepherd would sell on and Ashley agreed. So weak.



    Cobblers man. Shrewd business. Once Ashley fully owns the club he can get shot of Freddie if required, so what if he has to buy out a contract? The man's a billionairre.


    Do you think weakness get's you £2 billion?


    Brilliant news I reckon. The end of the beginning.



  3. I suppose that the board, rather than just Shepherd is the problem. He's just the figurehead although he is a major shareholder. Either way, I don't think the average fan can do anything.


    I disagree with this. If 30 or 40 thousand average fans announce there fervent displeasure by not showing up/paying for say the first month of next season, then surely the PLC will have to move to mollify the malcontent masses?


    If they KNOW we are witholding our support deliberately then surely they must act? Consumer blackmail, innit?

  4. I'm gonna twist this thread a little because I've been in Melbourne the last two weeks after having been gone for 18 months. I didn't even realise I missed the place until I got here and was able to hang out with friends whenever I wanted to, and was able to stay home with the family. I've really started to enjoy life in England, I've got some fantastic friends, a great job that I just found out that I still have and the nicest flat I've ever lived in with a flatmate that I am actually mates with. I fly back to England on Friday but I know leaving Melbourne is going to be hard because this is and will forever be home. I have been able to slot back into life here so easily and with so little effort, and I think any exile no matter where they've come from would say the same thing about going back to their home.


    I've really enjoyed the time I've spent in Newcastle when I've travelled up. I love coming up for matches and going to the piss ups and all of that but Melbourne shits all over it. Not because Newcastle is a shit place, and I'm not saying any of you are wrong for loving the place. I look at Melbourne in the same way you look at Newcastle, I have those same feelings for this place as you do yours. Because it's home.


    I'd be interested if any exiles regardless of where they are from or where they are now agree with what I'm saying.


    I've lived in both cities, both are great for different reasons. Melbourne deffo better in many ways (weather for a kick off), but Newcastle has a unique feeling if you're native, whether any other city has the same feeling for natives I'll never know. Whenever I'm back in Melbourne it feels like home, but not in the way the toon does.


    Anyway, I live in London now so I'm clearly a twat. :D

  5. I don't think so. I think they'd see the UEFA Cup as nothing more than their equivalent of the Carling Cup and would keep key players out for their European games in order to keep them fresh for what is looking a very tight La Liga. Werder Bremen on the other hand would look to win it, and for me, probably would.


    Can you please get the toon to win the world cup for you as well?



  6. The root of all problems in a lot of fans' eyes.


    He's only been a major factor in my opinion in our fall from grace over the two years or so, hopefully he'll have already reached the pinnacle of fuck ups by appointing Souness and from now on in we'll see Freddy become the most insightful and highly acclaimed chairman in the country, I somehow doubt it though.


    What however he is most definitely not responsible for is the woeful, spineless capitulations by the team on the pitch during the many opportunities to lift a trophy we've had during his time at the helm of the club. How anybody can lay the blame for this on him is beyond my comprehension.


    Perhaps the fans who call for him out should elaborate as to why Shepherd as the devil personified in this respect? Having said that, he should be well and truly now in last chance saloon if there's any justice in the world. Indications appear to be he'll blow it. I hope there's enough of our support with the commonsense to recognise this and that if roeder fails he wont be the man who is turned upon.



    confidence, needs a run in the side. ;)

  7. Luque is looking lively. Putting some decent balls in, if we had 2 strikers in the box I'm sure the crosses would be used to more worthwhile effect.


    cobblers mate.


    two decent crosses, everything else he has TOTALLY fucked up. Looks like the team are trying to give him the ball as much as possible which is great to see but he keeps giving it away or trying the absurd.

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