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  1. ...the fact that West Ham have not scored in nine successive away games in the Premiership - 888 minutes tbp. Exactly, Newcastle are always the fall guy in these situations! WHU will score tomorrow, i'm certain of it. Hope you're wrong. Btw, looks like they'll play with Harewood and Sheringham in attack. Zamora and Tevez isn't in the squad. Zamora is suspended and Tevez injured. West Ham view of things, see you tomorrow:- http://www.kumb.com/article.php?id=2295
  2. My second game

    Row AA is row 27. It goes A to Z then AA, AB etc. If your bruv is well little, you might need to take him a box as it will be standing room only. Enjoy your trip down.
  3. Help a Hammer

    So he's Ameobi but with goals! Want to trade? Let me just think about that one. To be honest, you forget how many bad strikers there are in this league (not just Ameobi, most teams outside the top 3 have strikers who get less than ten goals a season). Makes me appreciate Marlon and Zamora really. I should imagine you'll be starting with Owen and Shearer on Saturday, not too bad a line up is it? 66965[/snapback]
  4. Help a Hammer

  5. Help a Hammer

    Alright all? I am a West Ham fan looking forward to the visit of your good selves next Saturday. I also write a pre match preview for one of the West Ham sites and wanted to ask a few questions to make sure I am properly informed by the people in the know. 1. If the game against West Ham was a five a side, who would be in the Newcastle line up? 2. What has been the best/funniest chant at a Newcastle game this season? 3. Injuries have been a big factor in your season so far, who have you missed the most? 4. Who has been your worst player this season? 5. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of Shay Given. Please feel free to answer as few (or as many) as you like. If there is anything about West Ham that you need to know, please feel free to ask. Best of luck against L'Arsenal.

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