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  1. we can hardly mock him tbh, had his best individual season since coming to england last year, france callup (i know there are odd circumstances) and he stayed in the PL while we didnt 2 words on that one Joe Kinnear
  2. We've had so much success with French whingers I'm mean wingers in the past I'm sure this one will be just as successful. How is old Charlie boy doing these day didn't he leave to join a big club like Arsenal
  3. Does this count in the first premiership manager to be sacked race? If it because they sold Milner then man the boy brings bad luck to a manger once he's been sold
  4. Which game would they give the trophy out on, providing we keep winning the Ipswich one?
  5. yeah bit like the old Spiderman signing
  6. I think it might be a loss tonight our midweek fixture form has been shocking especially away from home
  7. Chris Hughton has to go now Was the last thing the press officer said at the end of the press conference last week
  8. website and cv to be uploaded shortly - just contacting all the press agencies, emailing sky and phoning talk sport and metro
  9. as far as the takeover is going we shall know more by then end of the week
  10. plus they are on a one way track to relegation
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