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  1. Cant believe theres hardly a mention for barton? and what all this about 433?? Come on guys it isnt great and it dont suit us... Id go with 442, enrique and beye as fullbacks, tayls and cacapa in middle, milner and zoggy on the flanks and smith and barton in the middle (when fit) until then geremi and smith, with shola/viduka and oba/owen...thats the way foward me thinks
  2. Toontastic Birthdays....

    Wel its my 21st on thurdsay the 30th!!!
  3. Still looking up!

    I agree with you, it was frustrating at times, but hey we were the away team and boro can actually play football. I still maintain that we are still getting used to this 433 system. I think once we've adapted to it, players will hold there positions and this leading to us being able to stifle the opposing team. I do admit though and maybe because we're all used to thinkin it, but when we scored i also feared we would concede, and we did... Within time to build an understanding together and our new systems we will be a solid team, and hard to beat! Rome wasnt built in a day...
  4. Still looking up!

    I tend to agree with your idea for 433, id play that team and formation away from home...But as far as your 442 suggestion butt and barton is far to defensive, yes its solid but so is smith and barton, except smith can play and has good vision not to mention he will wade in with goals! Cant for the like of me think why you dont like alan smith, the guy is a great player!
  5. Still looking up!

    Yeah it was dissapointing we conceded 2 but the defence are still settling and unbeatin in our first 3 games is not to be grumbled at dont ya think?
  6. Still looking up!

    Although todays result was dissapointing but we still should be looking at the bigger picture here. The team and formation/tactics we've used in our opening 3 games is not going to be our regular look, we all now that. But this team and tactics have earnt us 5 out of 9 points and an unbeaten start to the season which is great! We have foundations to build upon... Yes we threw 2 points away today and yes thier first goal could and should of been prevented, but we got a solid and commited performance from the lads, they wore there heart on thier sleeve and we should remember this team is still bonding and gelling. Im pleased to see that big sam's installed a bite and a bit of dogged tenacity into us and he is going to bring commited displays from out starting 11...This guy as nicky butt said earlier has so many qualitys resembling a certain sir alex!! I think by christmas big sam will have assembled a fit and commited squad with a solid yet talented starting line up but most of all he will have created an atmostphere within the st james set that no other manager has done to this day! His ability and stregnth of mind the sift out the dead wood (Bernard, Bramble, Srnicek, Sibierski) and also the bad apple's (Dyer, Luque). I thought at the time of getting rid of parker was going to be risky but again big sam has shown his srewdness and ambition by selling a player who's heart wasnt in it and buying to players who oooz commitment and class in barton and smith. I think all in all we have a quality and talented squad and given time to gel, things would come together nicely! We are onto something very special here! Once fit... ---------------Given---------------- Geremi--Taylor--Rozehnal--Enrique Milner--Smith--Barton--N'zogbia --------Owen-------Martins----------- That to me looks are far better line up than we've seen for many years, and remember we have emre who can be rotated with smith, duff with n'zogbia and of course viduka and shola.......Good times!! Come on big sams black and white army!!!

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