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  1. Mick on Newcastle Online

    This is what makes me laugh, nothing against you NE5, I've always held you in high regard, and if I could choose 10 people off these boards I've never met to meet for a pint and a crack aboot the toon you'd be one of them. However, the reason I find that funny is it reminds me of what I used to do. Someone would annoy me on Newcastle Online, I'd get banned, and come on spitting mad on here, and was a) shocked that no one cared I was here expected people to welcome me with open arms c) expected people to be bothered about the reasons I was here. No one gives a fuck mate, people post on here because it's a good board, and most of the regs avoid NO. I've never hid the fact that I'm here because of their Stalinist expulsion policy towards me, but genuinely mate no one cares. hahahahah UR A STUPID CUNT GAN HANG YA SEL U STUPID TARD

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