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  1. Milner completes Aston Villa move

    lol trying to get Villa fans all riled up are you? In fairness I've never really had a problem with Newcastle and I hope they do well this season. I much prefer them to Sunderland, and despite Sunderland making massive strides for a club so recently down in the championship I still think it will be a few seasons before they are close to their biggest rivals. It's a bit shit Milner has left it so late to hand in a request, but you never know what's been going on behind the scenes or if it's even Villa that he is interested in. I rate Milner quite highly as does my Newcastle housemate, and if he does decide to come to Villa then i'll be a very happy man, especially as we are looking for someone young and versatile down that right flank. It's what we are missing greatly, as soon as teams close down young on the left sometimes we seem stuck for options. Anyway as I say, all the best for the season ahead, and well I have to take the bait, with Villa the 3rd highest premiership scorers last season and with there not being a single 0-0 scoreline in over 38 games, I think we are far from boring! For either set of fans! UTV

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