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  1. bizarre

    Oi Trouser Snake Lovers- Yous Taking The Piss !!
  2. bizarre

    PP i dont love N-O ,and i dont have a grudge against you or anyone else whome is connected with the hitzfield carry on .
  3. bizarre

    And no PP i will not be showing you mine .ive heard boot ye like "trouser snake watcher".allways thought bizzies were bent like.
  4. bizarre

    Frig off ive gone know where. i,m waiting for the rubbish .its nearly full i have just looked keep up the good work saddos
  5. bizarre

    Made a slight error in my last post it has been rectified .PP when are you moving up to the CID :
  6. bizarre

    Usually Tits come in pairs , on here their are more pairs than a playboy mag.
  7. bizarre

    omgwtf i am not laughing infact i am miserable ,but hoping you will cheer me up by filling up that bin above . i will be back after to empty it for you FOC :
  8. bizarre

    Put the utter rubbish your spouting in the bin provided: EDIT: Peasepud - for anyone just getting here and wanting to keep up with the thread I'd recommend jumping straight to the bottom of page 62 and reading from there. However, if you're an OFSTED inspector you may wish to stick around and see the kind of shite that the education system is currently churning out as typified by our old friend MagsFan here.
  9. bizarre

    Love it when yous get all defensive.yous are fools for going along with it,saddo's
  10. bizarre

    IMO tbh yous are really streching this out , its played out .get over it and assign this to the rubbish bin .
  11. bizarre

    This thread has been Sussed end of .
  12. bizarre

    I know a lot of yous think yous are writers , but yous are not Mamood from the NOTW .I thought yous were supposed to be street wise ? There are plenty of people not gullable enough to be taken in with a week sussed out lie .
  13. bizarre

    Omgwtflol How come theres no mention of speaking on the phone ,after all if yous can text him surely speaking to him is easy as well !. theres more holes in this than a string vest .
  14. bizarre

    omg wtf lol the gang celebrating after there escapade:
  15. bizarre

    FYI i have no intention of joining in said posts as it's all lies , just like the Hitzfield one was ,if he was a good pretend bizzie he wouldnt of got sussed by the lad and also would of got a front facing picture. yous are easly ammussed i grant you that stick it on ebay and sell the thing for 50 pence.

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