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  1. Deschamps

    Deschamps is best buddies with Wise from the Chelsea days Bring back Keegan
  2. Hull City match

    Ill have to remember not to wear my city shirt then!! read earlier Keegan is 10/1 to come back as Manager, whats the talk at your end?
  3. Hull City match

    hi everyone, im a hull city fan travelling up for the game. like everyone in hull we were wondering what type of protest you will be carrying out. I like many was looking forward to seeing a Kevin Keegan style attacking Newcastle team play us. This is something we have been looking forward to for a while. Your NOT alone, Mike Ashley has just lost a Manager that NOT only Newcastle fans love, but anybody who knows anything abput football, Keegan is a footballing LEGEND! So let us know if your going to have a picket of some sort, im sure you will see many Tigers fans there. Good luck in the season, Bring back Keegan!!!

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