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  1. mackem messageboard gold

    He just happens to be going to Monaco to tap a mate for money on Grand Prix weekend - not a chancer/bullshitter then, no, not at all.
  2. Politics

    Would Smith have put forward a moderately socialist manifesto as Corbyn did which increased the youth vote or would his manifesto been Milliband 2? I keep reading Yvette Cooper would have trounced May - if that the case I'm sure someone would have polled on it. The lib dem support ebbs and flows - I thought 2015 was their low point as punishment for coalition but you have to look at 2017 in terms of a further rejection of their brexit position. As I keep saying we all know it's a cluster fuck but softening it to the point of satisfying sensible people unfortunately means pissing off what according to polls is still the majority. I can't see any position Corbyn could take which will satisfy everyone.
  3. Politics

    What did momentum have to do with the Blairite defeats in 2010 and 2015? Do you honestly think Owen Smith or any of the others would have got 40% or more since even Blair barely managed it? Is there any evidence another leader would poll higher? How do you combine your view that voters want a way out of brexit with the wipeout the libs suffered based on just another vote never mind soft terms?
  4. Only in America

    Another fuckwit reckons too many doors to let nut jobs in. Cue a fire where they all burn under that plan.
  5. mackem messageboard gold

    It was all down to Jimmy Hill marra.
  6. World Cup 2018

    I'm going to fucking love it when that cunt Alli gets sent off.
  7. Precedent Trump

    There's a bit of chat that this Broidy bloke took the fall for an affair with a playboy model which was actually Trump. Payments via Cohen and business favours from Trump since suggest it. If true it'll be huge as she had an abortion.
  8. Other Games 17/18

    Oh the irony of Mark Hughes whinging about a team scoring in extended added time.
  9. Other Games 17/18

    Loving the way they're blaming the West brom players on sky without any mention of the fraud.
  10. Watford

    Am I the only one thinking that okay he didn't play the ball but there's a small matter of him NOT ACTUALLY BRINGING THE MAN DOWN?
  11. Politics

    Looks like the Windrush thing was perfect timing for the tories - it ensured the racists could desert ukip for their true home.
  12. Politics

    A pup because 40 years of Thatcherism has made the UK a paradise? Moderately left wing governments have made lots of countries better than the UK. Fuck GDP and how many billionaires live here - I'm talking about other, better measures of society like not having fucking food banks.
  13. Politics

    A generation condemned to low wages with no prospect of home ownership who believe there must be a better way and they're "lunatic". What a bunch of generational vampire parasites you all are.
  14. Politics

    Yet he got 40%. I generally think that was mostly down to the manifesto which wouldn't have been anywhere near as appealing under Smith or Cooper. I'd like a better leader with the same (or even more radical) policies fwiw.
  15. Politics

    Completely at odds with New Labour.

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