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  1. Precedent Trump

    I didn't see it but I read that he started off "seriously" as if someone had got through to him on the deaths but as time went on he reverted to his usual scatter gun bullshit.
  2. Politics

    Probably, but I think he had some good ideas and has continued to do so in this crisis - though I'd also say a lot of the vehement "not voting for Corbyn" crowd were those whose political knowledge didn't extend to any other "names".
  3. General Random Conversation..

    Used to go to the doll as part of match day drinking occasionally in the 80s as well as some others mentioned. Also the doll on some works nights out in the late 80s as well as one of the lads was a bit of a biker.
  4. Politics

    It'll be instant as Corbyn is out - I think it was Easter recess that was the timing it was set around. On the purge, it sort of makes sense getting new faces in but I'd keep any old guarders if they merit it. I don't see much wrong with Long Bailey as long as she isn't leader and I'd certainly use Nandy. I think it's a shame McDonnel isn't interested.
  5. Coronavirus

    I read a suggestion of a passport type document. Edit : for those immune.
  6. Coronavirus

    Thing is if the deaths are mainly in urban areas as opposed to rural that will skew the effects along party lines.
  7. Coronavirus

    I was looking through my works team WhatsApp thread and someone posted an article about a firm in Canary Wharf sending everyone home due to a case on Feb 26th - that's 24/27 days before Johnson shut the pubs then implemented full on lockdown 3 days later. I think if we'd been locked down on the first of March we'd be doing quite well now.
  8. Coronavirus

    There's an app called Signal which is a bit like WhatsApp and is more encrypted than the rest if you're paranoid.
  9. Precedent Trump

    In the replies his fans are lapping it up - as he knows they will.
  10. Coronavirus

    See the supermarkets have started doing their "we are heroes" adverts.
  11. Coronavirus

    Spoke to my sister today who's a retired radiographer and she got a letter asking her to come back. I think she would have been willing but she has MS so its a non-starter. She's okay but not to stand all day. I think we're both pretty happy in reality.
  12. Coronavirus

    Jug ears is in his 70s and must have had symptoms - I think it's a stretch but even as a very strong republican it doesn't bother me much. I would say I actually find it sad that his wife hadn't interacted close enough with him to catch it - I wouldn't expect them to be shagging but surely some form of intimacy persists to that age? Johnson deserves flak for not practising what he preaches but the test is fair enough.
  13. Coronavirus

    I found out the other day a mate of mine and his wife have both had it. He's fine but she's still a bit rough as he put it. Both healthy people but still a small comfort in a way that it can be the "mild" thing we all hope.
  14. Coronavirus

    I thought that turned out to be another lie.

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