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  1. I'd like to see the Labour "rebels" and full party machinery actually give 100% at a general election as well.
  2. Trains fucked, working from home, cozy as fuck.
  3. In general when the libs are down as they are now, the UK reverts to an almost US situation where blocks vote labour or tory and its decided by those who don't have that loyalty and imo tend to vote selfishly. That suited Blair as a lot of those people wanted to be seen as being part of the zeitgest at the time. The outlier now is the youth vote - I don't think they've got the same loyalty instinct so they're up for grabs and as the tories have ignored and shat on them for years, they were easy pickings for the non-traditional appeal of Corbyn. If they stay engaged its going to be hard for the tories to make inroads into that group as it stands. I'd love to see a Spanish flu type culling of the old to at least reset the ground rules from the incredibly selfish hands of the baby boomers.
  4. Things haven't changed for those who vote tory - pensioners and those in work who are doing okay. It's not as if they're going to start giving a fuck about anyone else.
  5. I can't believe I'm defending the cunt but they actually passed a resolution to recognise it in 95 - since then they've all signed an order to suspend that resolution so everything was already in place ready and waiting. Serves them right for listening to the lobby /Parky
  6. When they emphasise their six titles, its usually combined with ignorance of our four.
  7. The night shift unloads the vans and sets up the next day after the depot closes to the public?
  8. Royal Mail and Parcel force used to be collectable in four hours but it's now next day. I've found since amazon started doing their own, they're pretty good - though I just ask them to leave things in my garage which they do without problem. DPD used to be the worst of the lot but they've improved - you can download their app and reschedule or state a delivery preference even before first delivery.
  9. I was told it was genetic disposition. Other people talk of having trigger foods but I couldn't figure out mine but then again as I said I've only really had 3 or 4 attacks.
  10. I was never tempted by colchicine as I knew it was guaranteed to make you shit horribly. I think I said earlier in the thread you really should wait till the attack's over before starting allopurinol then it's fine.
  11. Fair.
  12. Not ashamed to admit when I had my worst attack 5 years ago I was crying with the pain. Only thing that eventually stopped it was the steroids I was prescribed for asthma but you can't take those fuckers for any length of time.
  13. All clear.
  14. Bomb scare in the building opposite ours. Blinds closed and people on that side moved to ours. Fun times (probably nowt).
  15. Not trying to trivialise it but it would be amusing if 400 years of shit in Ireland and fuck knows how many deaths ended with some form of a United Ireland due to a vote by mainly English idiots.