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  1. Politics

    Thatcherism to me is defined by low taxes targetted at the rich, deregulation, Union suppression, no investment in business, infrastructure and industry, property based wealth, privatisation and very low public spending. Apart from the last one we have had 40 years of it.
  2. Politics

    I don't think anyone's claiming otherwise tbh. I think blaming him for brexit is a bit strong though.
  3. Politics

    I agree and admitted earlier in the thread that I underestimated the national anthem/nuclear button/IRA sympathiser bullshit. I just thought people wouldn't let that get in the way of improving their lives. Sadly they do.
  4. Politics

    I've seen similar ones with a reverse order of the top 2.
  5. Politics

    No, polling shows that in the leave areas it was very much a confirmatory brexit vote. Corbyn was also a large factor but the leavers fundamentally wanted to leave and didn't give a shit about much else.
  6. Politics

    Also on Nandy, she did well against Neill but her remarks on Scotland and Catalonia were just wrong.
  7. Politics

    If the clear arguments didn't change leave minds in the 3 years after the vote, why would they have changed them before? We have to just face up to the fact that millions wanted it and didn't give a fuck about the how, who, why and whats in the debate.
  8. Politics

    Speaking of which I was reading the twitter thread where Long-Bailey announced her website and there were loads who weren't even going to vote for her as she accepted that BOD document - now that's a spectacular level of purity.
  9. Physio room injuries

    Dummet injuring his other leg screams a typical Souness/Pardew brought back before the original injury fully healed job.
  10. Big Bad Wolves V Brucie's Little Lambs

    Six points above third bottom and getting worse.
  11. Politics

    No adult conversations allowed.
  12. General Random Conversation..

    They should have just used some old footage they had that didn't look bad. (For Epstein)
  13. Iran

    Hannity broadcast on Fox that b-52s were on the way along with a load of other shit just before it happened supposedly - would have made any nervous trigger fingers itchy if true.
  14. General Random Conversation..

    Ironically topical but there are sites which have been campaigning for years for DNA tests for Andrew as its alleged Liz was "seeking solace" for Phil bring a hound by shagging someone in the Royal Court.
  15. Politics

    I agree but Lewis is talking a lot of sense as well.

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