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  1. NJS

    Holidays 2022

    About 20 years ago I went through a spell of going to the matches with a lad who was/is a BA engineer including a trip to the US for an NUFC pre-season tour (DC United /Columbus Crew 2000) and he had a lot of very scary stories about plane failures etc as they got the reports from all incidents worldwide. He reckoned nearly all were poor maintenance which is why he never flew anything but BA.
  2. It is surprising (not) how quiet the media have been about the radicalisation of the tory Party.
  3. I know the party etc are generally cunts but a lot of "decent" people do vote tory (as well as cunts obviously) so I don't think it's as black and white as we sometimes portray on here. I like the idea of PR in theory but worry it will prevent the kind of radical change I'd like to see but I guess I won't see that anyway now.
  4. Labour Conference has backed PR for the manifesto and first term. Non-binding of course.
  5. NJS

    Holidays 2022

    Probably very naive but will they give you an extra day tagged on to the end?
  6. Thing is the republicans and to a lesser extent the Democrats as well get away with a lot of shit as they sell this American dream where if you work hard enough, you too can be rich. I think the tories have and are trying to sell this same shit over here - a lot of people who have no business even thinking of voting for them believe this "aspirational" shit where the 150k job is just around the corner. You know they'll argue that if Labour promise to raise any taxes at all that this means they're against hard work and sadly this will probably be enough to stop Starmer from making any such promises as there are idiots out there who'll accept the tory argument.
  7. They need to wake up to fact that losing Scotland has made majorities very hard to get.
  8. NJS

    Yes Gemmill...

    Like you'd be able to tell with that much inbreeding.
  9. Their voter base is retirees who enjoy inflicting pain on workers out of bitterness based on their shit lives - that's how it'll work.
  10. NJS

    Yes Gemmill...

    Maybe someone should explain to the people whinging about queue jumping that they are queuing to see the biggest queue jumper in life imaginable. Might be too deep for them on second thoughts.
  11. Still think it's Almiron/Fraser that's mainly the issue - front 3 of Isak, Wilson and ASM would work - if we can get them out there.
  12. Forest did the same tbf - as said just need patience.
  13. I know I'm a sexist pig but I hate women commentators.
  14. Plus It invokes a fictional entity and binds that whole nonsense with the "know your place" tone that Rayvin mentions. It's repulsive.
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