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  1. Funnily enough I found out a couple of years ago I have what's called a horseshoe kidney as in one extended one rather than two. It's never bothered me apart from being aware if it goes wrong I'm fucked. Looks like we have a common board feeb factor.
  2. I was okay on Saturday after mine but halfway through the night I woke up a bit feverish and felt shitty all day yesterday. A bit better today but still a bit fuzzy and weak - I've been staring at a blank screen for a couple of hours trying to write some SQL and failing miserably.
  3. NJS

    Yes Gemmill...

    RIP Excellent player for us - also did a great job with Gazza. A shame it didn't work out for him as a manager - did "too well" as a caretaker when it would have been better for him and the club if Shepherd had had the balls to go for someone else instead of taking the easy option of giving him the job.
  4. Biden's dropped the minimum wage increase and launched his first middle East bombing run. Good start over.
  5. Just got home from being Pfizered - I think Gemmill was generally right about cripples and feebs
  6. It's all relatively sensible but aiming for June the 21st as "normality" day is a long way from the second dose endpoint for a hell of a lot of people. I'm still expecting some kind of screwing over generally regarding second doses though.
  7. Out of the blue phone call from my GP's surgery just now - would I like a covid vaccine? - just resisted the "fuck yes" and settled for yes, please. Booked in for next Friday afternoon.
  8. Shielding letter makes you group 4 so same here.
  9. I don't think it's very accurate after the first 9 groups as there's no set order: https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/vaccine-queue-england
  10. I've read there's been some clarification of the qualification criteria for asthma sufferers being included in group 6 and I think there'll be a lot of people "disappointed" . Couple of hospitalisations or frequent steroid tablet courses seems to be the bar which certainly excludes me. I might qualify as a fat bastard but to be honest if I put group 6 into a calculator it returns some time in March but group 8 for my age returns April. I feel quite safe so I'm happy with that.
  11. Harding should have been sacked (and probably shot) on the spot for her statement that nobody foresaw a virus mutating.
  12. My instant reaction to Wilson's news was one word - "relegation".
  13. Have I missed something - how the fuck did the fishing industry expect to gain from brexit when they sell most of their fish to the fucking EU?
  14. The young(er) lad is Spoilt Bastard out of Viz.
  15. Wife's sister or brother's wife?
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