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  1. I'm looking to book a cottage in Northumberland for a week in October - does anyone have any recommendations? After somewhere as a base to explore the whole county with day trips etc but a nice place in its own right. Happy for individual suggestions or good sites people use in this area or others.
  2. We're having a Q&A about returning to the office (phased, no pressure) and some stupid twat has asked how soon can we have a huge piss-up to celebrate the return. Far too polite a reply from the head cheese.
  3. Only good thing is the cases haven't gone exponential for a few days.
  4. Also her falling victim of a strict/unforgiving border regime is quite amusing.
  5. I watched the Bill and Ted sequel last night - it was predictably disappointing but I realised I now "see" Keanu Reeves as John Wick (I really like those films).
  6. I've switched the Bluetooth off now - it wouldn't make any difference to me if I was asked to self isolate but I'm spending next weekend with my lass and I'm not risking that.
  7. I know it's a generalisation but I've always thought England fans who go to the matches (especially abroad) are the creme de la creme of every club's scum. I'm sure plenty families go to Wembley as well but the standard "blokes" are over represented by knuckle draggers.
  8. It was simpler for me - couple of verifications but no passport or photo stuff. It might be because I have a different app linked to my GP for prescription ordering which it might have used the data from.
  9. Willock might turn out to be another Kenedy - excellent half year loan then shite for a full year.
  10. Grimsby, 93, promotion, same place, exactly the same reason given.
  11. Commute is 10 minutes car + 35 minutes by train + 15 minute walk - it's the train that's making me nervous - they're cess pits of infection in normal times and I think even with a mask the overcrowding will be bad - I might be wrong of course. They've reduced the office space to a 50% occupation rate to cater for the brave new world of hybrid working - in all honesty I'd be happy with one day a week in the office and I reckon two will be acceptable - of course other people will see things differently depending on kids, house arrangements etc.
  12. That moment when we came out of Wembley after that match and the heavens opened is one of the darkest moments of my life - I even entertained for a moment the idea that there was a god and he was a cunt who hated us.
  13. Usual lucky WFH fucker caveat but I'm nervous about going back to the office - my boss said this morning he thinks there's going to be almost no pressure from on high at the moment so I'm hoping the general consensus that's its poor timing is pretty common.
  14. I'm not as bad watching Newcastle as I used to be - I've been going out with my lass for five years and I've told her that even the dark side she sees now when I watch a game when she's there is nothing compared to the old me which I think in a way is healthier mentally but I still yearn like fuck for the days when it was a matter of life and death and I was frankly mental about it
  15. I still don't really support England though I can get invested emotionally occasionally like in Italia 90 or this time around. I suppose I've always associated it with the negatives like Newcastle players being ignored in favour of the Geoff Thomas's of this world and others just there because they play for London clubs as well as players I actively disliked like Rooney. That's before the No Surrender brigade are considered. I still think it doesn't compare with following NUFC (although I couldn't help thinking about this season and last under Bruce on Sunday night)
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