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  1. I consider myself as much of a film pervert as anyone else here but don't know that one - what's it from?
  2. RTG, that well known bastion of tolerance, want to take rainbow flags in support of the LGBTQ community apparently.
  3. The worst on Colback he didn't even give a free kick for. Bobby fucking Madeley.
  4. NJS

    Yes Gemmill...

    Brigit Forsyth - Thelma out of the Likely Lads, 83. RIP.
  5. A lot of businesses like ours did "lockdown" earlier by introducing working from home a couple of weeks before the cunts got their act together. (Again grateful it was possible to WFH).
  6. NJS

    What's next?

    I think revelation has a limit mentioned for armageddon too.
  7. NJS

    What's next?

    Pascal's wager relies on you choosing the right god out of thousands as a bet rather than betting on believing in your choice. One of the tenets of most religions which shows them up is that say for example an amazonian Indian who's never encountered an outsider who never sins can't get into whatever afterlife is promised for lack of just hearing the message/being invited into the cult. I sometimes like to imagine a big picture universe where it all makes some kind of sense. Sadly I just think we're flukes of chemistry who should just make the best of it and enjoy life within the context of being a social animal before returning to the stardust we all come from.
  8. This all reminds me of what happened with Bellamy, Dyer and Shearer regarding that surgeon Dr Steadman where for all three we fannied around waiting for injuries to heal before sending them to get fixed properly and everyone wondering why the fuck we didn't just send them on day one. I hope I'm wrong but we'll see.
  9. NJS

    Yes Gemmill...

    Death day wars - should we pitch it to C4?
  10. NJS

    Yes Gemmill...

    I've never read his books but CS Lewis was a Christian propagandist so I wouldn't value him too highly.
  11. I think it's the failure to recognise the levels of playing and losing to Plymouth versus playing fucking PSG away that astounds me. It shouldn't really but fucking hell.
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