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  1. 600 is also a good guess of how many were dying daily around then - if not then certainly over a couple of days.
  2. It's the idea of agreeing a deal (I realise it can't be completed) before the end of May that I find mind blowing.
  3. Good day out Dillon wasn't that bad in the context of the times but not scoring became an unfunny joke.
  4. I loved the pictures of crying scouse bairns. (Yes I'm a bitter 4-3 cunt).
  5. They aren't worried about Alex Neil leaving for Burnley as apparently Burnley are fucked financially and will struggle next year....
  6. This is where Have I got news for you have a fucking lot to answer for. You'd think the fucker would be grateful to the BBC but his ego probably doesn't acknowledge it.
  7. Several decades of which were a fascist state at that.
  8. NJS

    Eddie Howe

    I see Delaney and Glendenning are dismissing Howe's achievements by saying we finished mid table last year with Bruce. Shouldnt bite but they really are scum.
  9. I think it's about to what extent you embrace, accept or reject the tenets that have become at odds with the societal zeitgeist. I find it interesting how many followers of Abrahamic religions are happy to renounce all sorts of things including creationism and rejection of wealth but cling on to simple bigotries like racism and homophobia - I guess that says a lot about human nature.
  10. "Freedom of expression" = religious get out card for being a bigot.
  11. Headed up to Shepherd's Bush on the central line to spend the weekend with my lass and spotted a four strong flange of filth getting off at Tottenham Court Rd looking confused all double denimed up.
  12. Only played so well last night as he's holding a grudge for them not signing him in January according to some fucker in that match thread Rayvin posted.
  13. He had some good games before getting injured where he looked like he was benefitting from Howe's influence. Not really fussed but you neber know.
  14. Wore reading glasses off the pitch and read books as well as the guardian - burn him Once saw him wandering around Covent Garden arm and arm with two model level lasses - camouflage obviously.
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