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  1. I hate to point out the obvious cliché but.... Fascist kills MP - mental health issues. Islamist kills MP - terrorism.
  2. Just makes me think of Sansa Stark's dismissal of Ramsay Bolton - "You will be forgotten, your name will be forgotten, your life will be forgotten" or words to that effect.
  3. 4 for me. I don't read as much as I used to but fuck there's some pretentious shit in that list.
  4. Duncan Smith reckons this working from home lark didn't happen during the blitz. What a fucking imbecile.
  5. Not asking for a manifesto - just answers to questions that show good intent. UC cut is shit - what would you do - I'd scrap it and replace it with something fairer. Good. NIC rise is shit - what would you do - I'd raise money by increasing tax on unearned and investment income. Good. Just an end to being scared of upsetting his focus groups of floating tory voters and actually standing for something - anything.
  6. Fair enough. Same decisiveness on other stuff would be welcome.
  7. I particularly love the stuff about how as we'll now be hated by everyone, that somehow means that they will become everyone's favourite NE team. No fucker knows who they are and doesn't give a shit about them but obviously that will now all change.
  8. Bryan Robson showing the Bruce mentality - "We won the fairs Cup" followed by "I hope they're successful - as long as its behind man utd" - Bruce to a fucking tee.
  9. Shares transferred and money deposited according to Keith....
  10. I've just told someone wanting a teams chat to keep it fucking brief...
  11. It's frustrating watching SSN, even in the background, when they're recycling the same shite waiting for something to happen.
  12. https://twitter.com/AllyFogg/status/1446034898897281024?t=SloRKafh_ezVNDRH-fupEA&s=19
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