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  1. Politics

    Well it also goes back to him being sacked by Michael Howard for blatantly lying about his affairs and children thereof.
  2. Politics

    Alternatively I'm surprised we haven seen "Corbyn shoots blanks" headlines.
  3. Politics

    I've read this morning that countries with state providers have coverage in the 90%s (top countries probably) while the UK is 10% - that's Thatchers legacy. Supposedly competition should have worked its magic and provided it but surprisingly it didn't. I think the benefits would be huge - more home working with saved commuting costs being a major one.
  4. Politics

    Most things poll well for nationalisation - I think this would as well - those with a negative view of it tend to be people who have a bug bear about the 70s and perceived issues - probably pensioners who'll vote tory anyway. I think an argument about who owns services which benefit everyone is a good one to have - we shouldn't be frightened by dogma from 35/40 years ago when people can see utter failures like the probation service as examples of going too far. Maybe making it free is a stretch as then you could argue the same for other utilities but I think aiming for a reasonable cost would be fine.
  5. Politics

    The past three years have been defined by the tory red lines though - a more compromising set would invite a more reasonable deal.
  6. Politics

    One of thatchers greatest crimes was preventing BT from getting into cable to sweeten the pot for the city. Set the country back years at the altar of privatisation and capitalism. They could just nationalise openreach.
  7. Politics

    I've said before - and I think its true even if its true that Corbyn personally is a staunch leaver - that there's nothing wrong with trying to appeal to both sides - there should be plenty of middle ground between "they're traitors" and "they're thick racists". However I'm not sure there's any evidence that that appeal is working so as Ewerk said maybe it is time for a "we respect your view but you're wrong". Swinson was asked the other day how she could encompass leavers if she could actually revoke and she gave no answer whatsoever - just like May and the rest of the tories maintaining that actually getting out would "heal the rift" and other such bollocks. .
  8. Politics

    To be fair he said "early years" - he seemed to want to take scotland along with the union rather than jettison them - I think that's a fair position.
  9. Politics

    Thing is there was an old attitude which probably persists which say's if you're doing "okay" you should vote tory - that's how the bitch worked the council house sale, assuming that once people owned their own home they'd be more inclined to vote for them. Sadly it worked to a large degree. I think that's especially true with pensioners.
  10. Politics

    To be fair it's been Labour policy since they started not to do deals with other parties - no matter how much people say times are unique they aren't really. I know politics is full of shit but when the lib dem statement regarding Canterbury says " we want to give the people a chance to vote for a remain candidate" the whole world should just shout "fuck off".
  11. Politics

    Just reading the deadline for new candidates is Thursday so he should have waited till then - that gets my cynicism radar going.
  12. Politics

    Swinson had previously directly appealed to the sitting Labour MP to join them as she seriously thinks all remainers are really lib dems.
  13. Politics

    Don't see how that matters - matching the status of Germany, Italy, Spain etc isn't the end of the world (no pun intended).
  14. Politics

    Polaris was never independent. I'm sure documents in the future will similarly reveal trident isn't. It's cock waving for little englanders. 3 countries in nato have nukes give or take. All of the others are perfectly happy not to bother so maybe they don't have collective penis issues.
  15. Politics

    I saw a comment from Paul Mason that the future for Labour should be to concentrate on more modern "working class" groups like the low paid workers in the cities as well as nurses, health workers etc and they should leave the hardline europhobe racists behind. I reckon a venn diagram of old, leave/racist, northern labour voters which included the "God bless the queen/nuke em all" camp would be pretty overlapping. I reckon he has a point. BTW did anyone notice how the BBC edited out Johnson looking like a tramp and laying the wreath upside down and substituted old footage? Maybe the cunts should photoshop Michael Foots "donkey" jacket out of history just for balance.

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