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  1. Perfect chance to fuck over the ref but I expected him to miss. Another relegation struggle beckons.
  2. Just checking the Mackem score and I see that that cunt Madeley who sent Collocini off has quit as a "ref". Good.
  3. Precedent Trump

    Look up "Bikers for Trump" and Harley Davison to see the level of stupidity you're dealing with.
  4. Europe --- In or Out

    We're fucked. He doesn't think there will be a no deal as the pressure is too much but even a quasi-eu membership combined with "great" deals with other countries will still mean reduced growth for a decade at least. He's extremely sceptical that good trade deals are possible.
  5. Europe --- In or Out

    The fluctuation in tory support after chequers suggests to me that the 35-39 percent are determinedly driven by a non-soft brexit.
  6. Europe --- In or Out

    I'm going to a Brexit briefing by our chief economist at 10 - I'll report back after but Renton should probably get his defibrillator ready.
  7. Precedent Trump

    There's some shit where Melania channelled 26m for the "inauguration" via a friend's company to this Burnett bloke who's the producer of the apprentice and supposedly has the tapes. The amount of effort and money that goes into covering up his shite is phenomenal.
  8. Politics

    Of course going around killing their enemies ex judice no matter how bad things they've done are is another thing they get away with far too easily.
  9. Politics

    I've only read him speaking about the 1985 bombing victims. If not then fair enough.
  10. Politics

    The most senior plo member in the cemetery and being honoured was supposedly the first one who talked about recognising Israel and moving away from all out violence. Him going there to honour the Munich killers is a downright lie. As I said at the start it's one of the naive/stupid things he did when he didn't matter.
  11. Politics

    Fair point on the idealism. Possibly but a new party will guarantee it and I'm not convinced any of the Blairites would stop it either.
  12. Politics

    I should add that plenty of so called respectable people have laid wreaths (which Corbyn didn't even do) on the graves of terrorists turned statesmen including Israeli PMs.
  13. Politics

    The thing is Blair didn't undo any of Thatcher's crimes. He may have funded things well (though too much pfi) but overall he continued where major left off. I worry that a new generation centrist will do the same. Nothing ambitious, just pissing around the edges with a more human face. I hope for better and there's enough untapped wealth and sense of community in this country to at least try. Possibly.
  14. Politics

    Well replying to Renton as well, Blair never went within a million miles of any of those and in fact continued privatising.
  15. Politics

    Nationalisation, social housing, investment in research and manufacturing. A proper clampdown on tax avoidance and evasion.

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