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  1. The clause the stupid cunts are using only applies to 25 named barons. That document has fuck all to do with "the people".
  2. The 70% is the average - they've devised a dosing regime that's 90% effective. Also nobody who got the vaccine and did still get it was seriously ill which is great.
  3. NJS


    I think the war/conflict blame game is the "minor" downside of religion for me as I accept the human nature angle - it's the insidious anti-reason and nonsensical bollocks that pollutes people's brains that bothers me. And thats before the fuckers pass laws to enshrine said bollocks and affect rational people with their nonsense.
  4. NJS


    Regarding the middle East, it's worth pointing out there is a large and powerful Christian lobby who see conflict there as a fundamental part of their end times fantasy and are willing to do anything to achieve it.
  5. NJS


    I don't accept the West is post religious. The US certainly isn't and many countries are still intrinsically bound to religion and their evil twin monarchies all over Europe. There may be a reduced Sunday congregations in the UK but the link with religion through weddings, funerals and of course education is still central to the British way of life. And thats before you consider the adherence to non-Christian religions.
  6. An unintentional cunt though.....
  7. I think toning it down from "I'm suing you bastards for being corrupt" to "let's go to arbitration" is a bit of a change. They'll still block it anyway of course.
  8. To be honest, you know I support a very left wing agenda and hope Starmer at least embraces it to a reasonable degree but I'd be more than happy to see these one-man cultists fuck off permanently. I'm sure there'll be enough decent left wingers who stay.
  9. Thing is the methodology where 100 people get it and 95 had the placebo and 5 the vaccine then assumes all 100 had the same exposure. I suppose people who know statistics better than me can account for the 30k trial participants in this but it would be "good" though a tad unethical if they carried out those challenge tests where they give people the virus. Obviously they would be skewed by insistence on young/healthy people but I think it would reassure some doubters.
  10. The price is just an American firm adding cunt to the mix which shouldn't affect the UK but it is a pisser for the rest of the world. Maybe the Oxford one will be the same as its monkey trials where it was more of a severity reducer than a preventer and that could be used for the population at large while leaving the better ones for the vulnerable.
  11. I'm a little concerned that too much weight has been given to the Oxford one - just reading we have 350m across six vaccines which is good but I would hope we don't have to settle for a slightly inferior one just because it's easy or convenient or even worse because it British.
  12. Moderna vaccine 94.5% effective. Isn't on the list of UK pre-bought list but they're trying now. All according to Peston.
  13. I've read a couple of things saying that when he was mayor Johnson gave the impression of competence due to a team of semi-competent people around him who ran things. Maybe he tried the same setup again but this set of cunts didn't get on. Will be interesting to see if he tries again.
  14. Feyernord was good - hairy moment as we were staying with a mate in Utrecht so ended up on the other train platform to all the NUFC fans going back to Amsterdam standing with locals. Not usually for the actual games, I preferred the trips to more exotic place like Belgrade and Sofia.
  15. We shouldn't let North West Durham off the hook - Thatcher might as well have nuked Consett in 1980 and 40 years later they voted Tory - I'm torn between sympathy/pity and thinking a nuke now wouldn't be a bad idea..
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