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  1. I've seen a few people make the point that the idea everybody who votes Labour in London is metropolitan elite is bullshit - all of the places in East and south London are just as deprived as Hartlepool and the rest. I think the split of young/renters versus older/homeowners in left behind towns is a more accurate division to add to the ones you mention. It sounds obvious but they should look at why there were relatively successful results in Preston and the North West rather than obsessing about Hartlepool. They should also look at the swing to green as
  2. They had experienced professional experts who do test and trace (environmental health) but that didn't stop them giving billions to amateurs.
  3. I'll take stick for this but Blair gave Scotland power and did sweet fuck all for the North East in comparison.
  4. So Dalian Atkinson has gone from "died of a heart attack" to "kicked to death by a copper after being tasered to fuck" - some change.
  5. Anyone with a job dealing with the public should be forced to have it to keep their job as well. My brother in law was a marine engineer and when he first went to sea he had to have typhoid, cholera and yellow fever shots - no vaccinations - no job - simple. Once the J&J one shot one is available I'd have random checks to catch the unvaccinated everywhere and do them on the spot. Yes I'm a fascist when it comes to this.
  6. Thing is even that's wrong - the vaccine rollout is pure NHS with very little to do with them as opposed to government facets of the response. I could understand it if people quoted the vaccine purchasing as a success which it is from a very selfish pov.
  7. Get it all cat 6 and fibred up if you can - maybe hdmi as well.
  8. The door to get in and out is quite clever though.
  9. One lazy Saturday a couple of weeks ago I caught a repeat of Auf Weidersehen pet on one of the sky channels and there was a warning before it that it included "language and attitudes that may not be appropriate in the current world" (my response was fuck right off) but I did actually think of Raw as something that would cause whoever wrote that warning apoplexy.
  10. I'm struggling to think of a decent film he's made since the first one - though I thought the first Dr Dolittle one was okay.
  11. Of course because he called it too late and confused it with the Xmas advice the bodies did pile high in their thousands anyway.
  12. Dyson benefitted by them changing the rules so he could move back to the UK and work without losing his non-dom status As other have said, "real" ventilator manufacturers who offered to ramp up production with help were ignored for the cheap headline of Johnson "fixing it" by involving brexiteer, donor cunts.
  13. One question about his corrupt mistress and Johnson has abandoned his west wing style Q&A press conferences.
  14. Has anyone mentioned that if it goes ahead it won't be long before they invite American or Chinese teams with megabucks to join? Maybe that's why "our" Saudis are supposed to be ambivalent about it as they think they'll get an invite in a couple of years and they can create a team from scratch.
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