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  1. Villa 3-0 up after 14mins. Gerrard sacking has worked wonders
  2. Heading for the latter. If Boris is on the ballot then he will win. Giving the 144 MPs who voted no confidence in him a choice to make. We just end up back to 4 months ago when half his party publicly called him worse than shit and threatened to resign
  3. Aye, but that's cos we've grafted our whole lives and just want to experience not living wage slip to wage slip. This cunt has never had to worry about his mortgage, he's just playing dress up and wants to have a bash at being the big boss
  4. ASM and Isak into the team, some more minutes for Anderson, one or two signings in January. Don't rule out a push for top 6!
  5. If this was a storyline in the thick of it, it would seem far fetched
  6. Nah, she went to school with my Grandad and she give him the inside track when she bumped into him in Halfords just now
  7. Shit reason to resign tbh. She's looking for any excuse to abandon the sinking ship
  8. It makes it more difficult for you to catch it though. I'm not having an antivax debate anyway, it's fucking 2022. There's peer reviewed evidence available if people want to educate themselves. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/news/227713/coronavirus-infections-three-times-lower-double/amp/
  9. It was on ESPN in America so had to use a dodgy stream
  10. That's easy said when you've see his muscles
  11. So many things wrong in one post This is the most tested vaccine in history. And natural immunity doesn't last long at all. I appreciate kids don't really get poorly off COVID, but they can carry it to others.
  12. Every site needs a Leazes type crackpot
  13. 14 games, 0 goals for Gayle in the Championship. Was we past his sell by date in the Premier League
  14. Some quality cup runs in my lifetime. They beat Bournemouth to draw Allardyce's Blackburn in the 3rd round. Lost 1-0. Then drew Birmingham a few years back, again in the 3rd round. We were 2-0 up at half time and then imploded to lose 3-2
  15. He had a couple of lucky escapes today tbf. Got caught square/flat footed a couple of times. He's not a natural full back
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