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  1. He couldn't say owt else today. It's only a couple of weeks since the criticism was supposedly mass hysteria.
  2. He also said our performances against Liverpool, Leicester and Arsenal showed he hasn't lost the dressing room. P3 W0 D1 L2
  3. Got the jab at 3pm on Wednesday, felt rough at 12pm on Thursday (whole arm aching, flu symptoms), felt worse by tea time and then woke up fine today
  4. Felt a bit rough today like!
  5. Got my vaccine today btw. I'll be licking door handles in no time
  6. It's always been that way. I don't disagree tbh. Where do you draw the line? What if the kids parents have been at work all week? Do you quarantine 2 offices worth of people and their families as well?
  7. We wouldn't be in this mess if journalists took this approach in all of their interviews
  8. 5 at the back and 3 holding midfielders. Against a team that's P17 W0 Its like he's trying to get sacked
  9. Worth noting Censorship has been around since WW2 and has been universally accepted. You can't walk around with a swastika on your shirt. You can't join the National Front. You can't call your son Adolf. More recently we've had Muslim extremists inciting violence over social media that have been censored and prosecuted. 99.99% of the population never had an issue with it Not sure why this is any different. The shit on Parler and from Trump's account about overthrowing the election etc is no different IMO. Encouraging the police to be violent against black offenders. "Whe
  10. I haven't seen any evidence of that. Biggest issue with single shot vaccines is there's no evidence on how long immunity lasts. I know a lad who had covid about 4 months back and is already testing negative for antibodies
  11. Didn't see this before I posted, but exactly. You need to draw the fucking line somewhere or else we end up with Hitler mk2 doing whatever the fuck he wants unopposed in the name of free speech and political "balance". Fuck that. Some things just come down to right and wrong
  12. Tbh, free speech and political partisanship goes out of the window when you start being a racist, gay bashing, trans hating, all lives matter bigot who threatens to murder anyone who disagree with them. And if they disagree then they are clearly just woke lefty liberal snowflakes
  13. League 2 Crawley are murdering Leeds here. 3-0 up and they've just missed a 1 on 1 after rounding the keeper
  14. Shearer, Linekar and Wright just openly having a laugh at how crap our team is 😂
  15. Totally normally, maskless party celebrating the President about to go on stage and incite a riot
  16. That was happening in the first wave to some degree. Our intensive care department accepted relatively few patients. A lot of people had a ward based ceiling of care who ordinary would have been given an ICU bed
  17. If you get 2 full doses then it's the same as the flu jab. About 66%. Getting a half dose in your first jab bumps the efficacy up to 90% though. Still not clear what dosing regime they are going to use in the UK. BMJ paper: The trials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine did include different spacing between doses, finding that a longer gap (two to three months) led to a greater immune response, but the overall participant numbers were small. In the UK study 59% (1407 of 2377) of the participants who had two standard doses received the second dose between nine and 12 weeks after th
  18. I'm not convinced that this strain is particularly worse for younger people. I just think shit loads more of them have caught it. The first spike was heavily weighted towards care home residents, NHS staff, bus drivers etc. It's everywhere this time round
  19. I don't know what's worse. The fact he's about the shoot his own cock off, or that Christmas tree
  20. He's about as funny as COVID
  21. Cumbria rates through the roof this week too. Im booked in for the Oxford vaccine next Wednesday. 2nd dose 12 weeks after
  22. No way Biden is having an open inauguration in 2 weeks like
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