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  1. Mbappe announces he's re-signing for PSG. La Liga (not even Real Madrid) throw a total strop
  2. I see NUFC Trust are kicking up a stink with the club over the possibility of season tickets going on general sale I assume their alternative proposal is that they all go to NUFC Trust members...
  3. If he gets done for this then it's open season for cunts in the crowd to have a dig at managers and players
  4. Paqueta has just flown into Newcastle. His Mrs has just posted an Instagram video with Bruno's girlfriend.
  5. Wife's just tested positive today too. She had it at Christmas and was more poorly than she is this time
  6. If Palace beat Everton on Tuesday it's going down to the last game Burnley vs NUFC Arsenal vs Everton Brentford vs Leeds
  7. Only a 6 goal swing now. Southampton is their game in hand...
  8. Add her to Billie's ex, Matt Le Tissier, Right Said Fred and the poo lady on the list of no marks who have a new career spouting shite about COVID
  9. I see the US has hit 1million deaths this week. 1 out of every 332 people in the country dead
  10. How often have we worn this seasons 3rd kit out of interest? I just see it as a nod to our new owners and an attempt to drum up some new fans and shirt sales in the Middle East. We will probably wear it 3 times and never see it again. Sports hacks just look for any old shit to fill the back pages. It will be forgotten about in a week
  11. Yeah but they tend to be embroidered onto a badge and then stitched onto the shirt these days, rather than stitched directly onto the shirt material. It's a shame. Cost cutting shit like this was Ashley's MO
  12. Tolerant = Send the darkies to Rwanda
  13. I honestly think DCL is a busted flush. Much rather we chucked millions at Tammy Abraham!
  14. Anyone want to buy an NFT replica of Madonna's fanny? https://motherofcreation.xyz
  15. The number of accidents with Rebekah Vardy's evidence is class - R. Vardy's agent is too unwell to appear in court - R. Vardy's agent accidentally dropped her phone in the North Sea - R.Vardy's IT expert lost the password to the backup he had of her whatsapp messages - When shown a workaround the WhatsApp backup was corrupted - R.Vardy's agent deleted her Twitter account - R.Vardy threw away her laptop with messages saved on it - Jamie Vardy's WhatsApp was hacked and all his messages deleted
  16. Aye, the media is now positively Orwellian in 2022 The Mail is not even hiding the fact it's a propaganda machine. Devastating local election results and I can barely find mention of it. Durham police forced into reinvestigating a closed case. The same force that refused to fine Dominic Cummings as it doesn't do retrospective punishments ...
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