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  1. He'd be absolutely fucking crucified if fans were allowed in. To the point he'd probably quit in tears
  2. He's seen enough to be encouraged apparently He's never been able to play Fraser and ASM together. He's scraping the fucking barrel now
  3. Definitely. If you pulled a lass on a night out you had to ring her landline and actually have a bit of craic before arranging a date. Then you had to hope to god you could remember what she looked like!
  4. It makes no difference to the score but that incident, and the offside goal, would have been shown 15 times on repeat if this was a top 6 team
  5. Grealish elbows Shelvey in the head and sky cut away before it happens on both replays
  6. This offside rule? Watkins was offside when the pass was played to him, but because it hit the defender on the way through he's no longer offside? Surely that's made up?
  7. Im genuinely going to be gutted if he ends up at a premier league club and we still have Bruce as manager
  8. We can't all be fortunate enough to run a podcast nee one listens to Dave. Be kind
  9. Typical NUFC to drop £15mil on a LB and replace him 6months later with a LB we could have had for peanuts in the first place.. Ordinarily I would hope Lewis was bought with one eye on the future, but it's not like he's going to improve under Bruce's watch
  10. Sacchi won 2 European cups with Milan and took Italy to a World Cup final and never kicked a ball in his life. I'd say he was more qualified than Robbie Savage to talk about football
  11. AP Bio Basically Dennis from Its always sunny becomes a substitute teacher after being kicked of his Harvard job
  12. They genuinely want their new manager sacked already 😂 He's had what, 5 games?
  13. Class! They've already had to fork out £9mil in transfer fees for the bloke even though he didn't actually sign for them 😂
  14. I had a cracking day. Was at Silverstone with my Dad for the MotoGP. Got back to the village we were staying in and watched the last 90mins of the Stokes innings, followed by us beating Spurs. Was red hot all day too 😊
  15. Lockdown 2021. No better time to beat the game and exercise your demons!
  16. Almiron was our best player today. If he could concentrate on being an attacker rather than an auxiliary RB, and actually had some support up front I think he would do canny for us. He looked lethal under Rafa
  17. Neville and Carragher still asking NUFC fans "what they expect". We all knew we would be 15th apparently. You never hear them telling West Ham, Everton, Leicester, Leeds, Wolves fans that. We are literally on a fucking par with Burnley, Brighton and West Brom in the eyes of most now. Cannon fodder for other teams and should be happy to finish 17th
  18. Aye, but you can pick up 60-1 game boards for £30 these days that have all these games on
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