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  1. Coronavirus

    Should have learned from Prince Andrew
  2. Coronavirus

    Nee fucker needed to look after his kid. His wife was fine by all accounts
  3. Coronavirus

    He’s clearly on a mission to not accept he did a single thing wrong or say sorry about anything. Even though a bit of contrition would probably go a long way. If he’d pitched up and said “I did what I did in good conscience, in hindsight I may have made different decisions, sorry” he could probably move on
  4. Coronavirus

    No one has nailed him on this barnard castle trip. Totally against the rules
  5. Coronavirus

    I mean none of this remotely explains him breaking lockdown rules. A 90min round trip to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight ffs
  6. Coronavirus

    It’s mental that he thinks this is just going to put it all to bed
  7. Coronavirus

    And if he felt his family were a target, that’s a police matter. Surely the government have personal protection officers to deal with this shit
  8. Coronavirus

    So he broke lockdown 3 times and was spotted at Barney and in the woods twice?
  9. Coronavirus

    Deleted what did it say
  10. Coronavirus

    She did. But the killer follow up would have been "why is that?", or "were you advised not to answer these questions by the Prime Minister?"
  11. Coronavirus

    I thought she could have done better this morning. She needed to say something along the lines of "We provided you with these questions a day in advance so that you could confirm the answers needed before the show. Are you saying you just sat on the questions and did nothing with them? Or were you advised not to answer specifics?"
  12. 2 wins from 9 should see us safe
  13. Coronavirus

    He will probably claim he had to drive back to collect his kid having returned to London for work. Glorious journalism though. Especially after the numerous senior Tory tweets defending him
  14. Coronavirus

  15. Coronavirus

    The governments response is annoying me as much as the original incident. All pretence of us being in this together has gone out of the window. It’s 100% one rule for the proles, another for the rich
  16. Coronavirus

    All the top Tory’s tweeting support in unison, the absolute pack of cunts. This nails it The slimy cunt locked his 4 year old in a metal box with a COVID patient for 6 hours and then handed him off into another household
  17. Coronavirus

    Turns out Dominic Cummings travelled from London to fucking Durham to self isolate when he had COVID symptoms! https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/22/dominic-cummings-durham-trip-coronavirus-lockdown
  18. Kevin Keegan

    https://www.itv.com/hub/brian-moore-meets-kevin-keegan/1a8474a0001 Cracking interview. Weird hearing a footballer being so candid about wages and paying taxes
  19. Pet Hates & Peeves

    Pretty sure it wouldn't. Half the knackers are walking round with chopped up boxer shorts on their faces, wearing the same rubber gloves they've had on for a week spreading god knows what to everything they touch
  20. Only in America

    I'm fully in support of the police officer here
  21. Pet Hates & Peeves

  22. Pet Hates & Peeves

    People refusing to walk past me in the supermarket until I'm finished picking something off the shelf. You're not going to catch fucking COVID being within 2m of me for 3 seconds as you walk past! Same goes for people that literally jump into oncoming traffic to avoid walking past someone on the path
  23. Neil Custis claiming it’s done now. Someone, somewhere is obviously releasing info. I can’t quite believe we are about to become the richest club in world football. Overnight we go from fighting relegation with Steve Bruce and Joelinton, to being richer than Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Man City and Man United put together. And to top it off the Mackems are going to miss out on promotion and likely end up in administration. I’m just waiting for the whole deal to blow up somehow

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