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  1. Wouldn't replace the champions league. This is a privately funded league and nowt to do with UEFA. The champions league would just have to go ahead without the best 12 teams in Europe. Top 6 UK clubs are probably seeing it as a clever blackmail plot to get UEFA and the FA to pay them a bigger share of the pot in the CL and PL
  2. CL would be places 5-8 presumably, with Europa places 9-11 Everton and West Ham in the Champions League and Villa and Leeds in the Europa. Kiss goodbye to the TV money for that too. The whole thing is a disaster and benefits 6 clubs in the PL, and 6 clubs only
  3. Wheres the fun in seeing the same 12 teams play each other every season? The PL will go acka over this. If finishing in the top 4 doesn't get you champions league football then the Premier League becomes very boring all of a sudden. Especially when the last few title wins have been decided weeks before the end of the season. BeinSport aren't paying a kings ransom to watch the relegation run in each season
  4. I think Hayden is overrated personally. Would rather see Willock or Matty given a game
  5. Richie, Longstaff and Murphy replacing Hayden, Lewis and Krafth has been a massive upgrade
  6. Needed a new piece of glass for the space invaders. Ordered it on my break at work so googled the dimensions. 2 week wait and £50 later and it turns out google tells fibs FFS
  7. Your other half might as well give up work for 3 years
  8. Pie in the sky or worthwhile cause? https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/freethenorth/pages/36/attachments/original/1618449036/NIP-Manifesto-2021-v1.0.pdf?1618449036
  9. It gets better once they are at school cos it's free!
  10. Isn't the risk like 1 in a million? Which is better odds than getting fucked by covid
  11. Get the fuck in. The media wax lyrical about Traore. He's scored 1 goal in 44 league games. Drop ASM into Man City's lineup and he would be worth £100mil
  12. With any luck we will be safe by the Sheff Utd game so that the fans in the ground can fully concentrate on making it the most vitriolic atmosphere in footballing history
  13. Given we probably won't pick up a point from the 4 games after Burnley, tomorrow's game is massive!
  14. If we are going full mumsnet on here then here's my cat. Black and white obvs
  15. No cunt can take the piss out of my pinball machines when dafties on here are paying £3k for a dog when you can get freebies from the dog shelter
  16. Agreed. Having a small part of your club owned by the fans seems like a reasonable and achievable goal. It might not be for everyone but at least they are doing something over and above having a twist on the internet
  17. Are you conflating pinball machines with werewolves?
  18. The bloke is incapable of hitting a shot with his laces. He had a shot early on that he scuffed at the keeper from 20yds, and then missed a sitter from 5yds for trying to hit it with his instep Genuinely can't remember ever seeing him smash a ball at the keeper
  19. Jim Davidson angling for a job with GBNews
  20. I've had both doses now #invincible
  21. They needed this bloke around to chin him
  22. Coming up 32 years of age. Scored 5 goals in 2 seasons. Perfect encapsulation of where we are as a club. It will be Andy Carroll's turn next
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