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  1. The now semi-permanent Mrs PL likes SS. Cheaper than Alnmouth. Stranger things have happened
  2. It’s a different medium but I think that Musk at this point is a sort of Eliot Carver figure
  3. We didn’t lose anyone…it’s a strange old game sometimes…
  4. Yeah he picked the most litigious individual in the whole sport who also has a law degree Shes not very good but she’s no worse than a dozen other pundits. Hes another fuckin idiot…
  5. Because if two clubs agree a fee it does tend to send a certain message to the player… that’s how it used to work but things are different nowadays…
  6. I think pre Mitchell that Howe and Nickson had a list for this summer and now they don’t. Howe was publicly very pissed off when Ashworth left. He never uttered a word of dissent about anyone in the club till last week. Go figure
  7. If you think I’m obsessed with Sarah Kendzior…
  8. This summer as per the “e-Mags” as I have just coined the uber entitled click-whore cohort of our online support. They’re fucking insufferable and they’re not just confined to their mams’ basements in their three weeks in without a break y fronts… there’s loads just fucking miserable as fuck among our support
  9. Buttgieg. He’s a Rhodes scholar so that’s important obvs 🙄😏
  10. A woman will have difficulty beating Trump as my homeboy Chuck nicely sums up here
  11. Another day, another 🤝 for the mackems…this time one of the Glaswegian knuckledragging outfits who used to stand for a particular brand of Christianity but now just settles for influencing the politics of half a nation ☺️ Rangers v Man Utd at FUCKING MURRAYFIELD, EDINBURGH 🤣
  12. Precisely. Thats the chief role of a DoF, continuity in football policy & culture across the whole club
  13. “ffs Dougle I know it’s Saturday but I’ve told you before, no Whyte & McKay before 10am”
  14. If Eales lets Howe speak to the FA if there is an approach then it’s 50/50… there’s two ifs there and a 50/50 there so I think he’s staying but he is,as others have said, less than happy and getting things off his chest in public. Which may make Eales think “well go and speak to England then ya cunt”
  15. Oh if it’s that sort of weekend in Wales then @thebrokendoll will be there too ☺️
  16. Trump has lost the popular vote twice. So it’s yet again now down to our dear old friend the electoral college system. I still don’t understand it properly. Or I understand it but I don’t understand why in 2024 they’re still fucking using it
  17. Eddie allegedly wants to keep Miggy too. I think both reports are a pile of shit pedalled by journos who aren’t getting a thing from NUFC any more but are under pressure from sports edotors. We may keep one or both. But Scott Wilson from the Northern fuckin Echo certainly doesn’t know but he does know a story saying that Eddie wants Wilson to stay has little or no consequences
  18. Naglesmann has signed on with Germany till the 2026 World Cup
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