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  1. I’ve been on the 10/12 year deal….. I think this summer is likely to be “challenging”…. 😒
  2. He’s only going to be back up to the back up who’s now back up to the former back up so it’s hardly a proper risk
  3. @The Fish What are the chances of our press stopping the free flowing attacking play of Spurs next Sunday? Feel free to use graphs and diagrams in your working Got to say, am impressed with Spurs commitment and spirit. They’ve got a cunt of an injury list too, which is ironic as their new-ish coach is apparently called flange? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. Gemmill asking us to in some way admire this individual. It’s quite concerning re his judgement in that regard. The Everton debacle as well. He’s having a poor time at the moment
  5. We’re unlikeky to do to spurs next week what we did to Man Utd last night
  6. Brit Eckland’s body double shaking her thang to the devil’s drum beat from The Wicker Man
  7. That was fuckin beautiful I found out the draw via 4 txt messages in 3 seconds in Tesco’s just now
  8. Newcastle away days rule 234.7, subsection IV, clause 8: ”never travel east coast mainline on a Sunday” Pleased you saw a win mate
  9. Opening the tournament June 14th in Munich ☺️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  10. Yeah you’ve basically nailed it mate At the time I was 46, TNSP Mrs PL was 43 and we were the youngest on there by at least a decade We left Southampton on 2nd January. Nearly 4 weeks at sea. Too long really but still enjoyed it, went through the Panama Canal
  11. Aah.. dear old Dekka…me and the now semi-permanent Mrs PL were charmed by his sparkling company on our Caribbean cruise in 2016
  12. He used to shout at her if he’d been to the pub when the water ran through the old water pipes at night when me and my siblings were all in bed and it was just him and mum sat there watching tv. She appeared about 15 years ago at 2340 on 31st December. The old braced panel door to the lounge was latched closed but it suddenly flew open when me and mum were just sat there. We looked at each other and decided to pour her a dram . Dad came up from the pub to see the new year in 10 mins later and asked who the extra glass was for
  13. I was brought up in a haunted house. My old man knew the ghost; her name was Kathy, she was jilted at the altar sometime around the early 1900s and by the time my old man was a boy in the 40s she was an eccentric old lady in a crimson shawl who lived alone in the house he bought as our family home in 1980. The most terrifying occurrence of the haunting was when a picture flew off the wall and smashed over the head of my sister one afternoon in the early 80s. Kathy was blatantly jealous of pretty young girls as things started up again in the 2000s when my sister’s daughters were there. Not as bad this time though, Kathy had obviously mellowed with age.. When Dad was an apprentice he worked for Kathy’s nephew and his widow was still alive throughout my teens and she’d regale us with tales of what a strange old bird Kathy was… she knew it was haunted before we moved in. Sometime after he retired dad once saw Kathy in the dressing table mirror of the bedroom when he was sat on the edge of the bed putting his shoes on.. he sensed something and looked up and saw her in the mirror just passing through the room in her red shawl…
  14. The best outfield player for me was Kang-In (he was bang-in 😆) who I’d never heard of before. I don’t think you can compare accurately the two midfields because for an hour they were set up to perform in very different ways. The amount of chances PSG created suggests they played far better than ours did 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. Pope was by miles the best player on the pitch. The amount of chances PSG created suggests our play in general wasn’t great, but that doesn’t take the state of squad into consideration. How did PSG dominate the second half? We couldn’t make any changes and defended deeper and deeper. That’s the context the stats don’t show. Stats are simultaneously great and shit
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