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  1. 3 golds before 9am? Pah! My morning so far... 1. Been to hospital for CT scam 2. Unloaded 14 boxes of wall tiles for the new bathroom 3. 3 shits 💩💩💩
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/theobserver/commentisfree/2021/jun/27/why-most-people-who-now-die-with-covid-have-been-vaccinated
  3. You’d like to think that Johnson’s 80 seat majority would crumble when they try to get this through Parliament....you’d like to think that this would really fuck with their conscience... I wouldn’t bank on it though... we’re definitely not in fuckin Kansas any more... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jul/24/wholl-defend-our-right-to-a-free-press-not-the-ex-hack-in-no-10
  4. Booster vaccines are scheduled for vulnerable groups in September. This is a process, not a fait accompli Oh and hats off to the NHS testing team for their quick work, roughly 18.5 hrs to get test results through
  5. Medical science can now transplant all organs, hands, even faces...but if it suggests a mask would be good in Sainsburys or a vaccine would free all of us its on trial for its life
  6. Jock Braveheart to you, Englander
  7. Symptons came on last night, <24hrs after the doors to the O2 Academy opened, thus making contracting the virus there very unlikely indeed. However, if my results come back positive I may have infected 2k others 😪
  8. Morning! We've just started the weekend with a visit to our local covid 19 testing centre! 😀 How's your day going? 🦠🦠🦠🦠
  9. Ellie from Wolf Alice is amazing....she has the most delicate but hugely powerfully live vocal. Felt a tiny bit emotional last night, hadnt realised I'd missed live music so much...
  10. Yes, rules say the PM is allowed to lie with impunity but MPs aren't allowed to either make the accusation or suggest that it's not a particularly good thing to do in regards to democracy itself....
  11. The NZ basketball team are called the Tall Blacks....this is next level though..
  12. Just googled her...she's no Peta Cavendish tbh
  13. Got a text telling me to look at my emails last night about this from the musical masters of the universe Tickmaster: I'm ok,double jabbed, but there are amongst our company this evening some in their mere early/mid 30s scuttling around looking for NHS lateral flow tests....talk about short fuckin notice 😒
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