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  1. Shock D of Digital Underground, 57 ... Any excuse to play this...
  2. Just to say this is my sisters copy, found when we cleared our folks house last year. You can tell she was somewhat confused about the actual personel back then...
  3. I missed the meeting when Toonpack took over from KCG as official TT Scotland correspondent. Must sort my email settings
  4. I was brought up in the Borders by a local born Scottish father and a Mancunian mother, I am by birth English though, so I'm frankly the best person to comment on these issues on the planet 😆 I get the desire to get rid of Westminster. I'd probably vote indy if I still lived up there. However it doesn't blind me to the things that nats won't talk about, their apparent absence of plan at all to counter the points that lost them the referendum in 2014, a mere 7 years on...and the literal appearance of 98% of the current ruling party in Scotland as being at least as useless and utterl
  5. Here, just before we all start cracking the cans out, these are UEFA’s plans for their completions which the PL appear to be very likely to be signing up to... https://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/news/0268-12157d69ce2d-9f011c70f6fa-1000--new-champions-league-format-explained/
  6. “Spielberg” as she’s known to the family
  7. Chelsea fans spend a decade and a half not giving a second thought to where Abramovich’s money came from making a stand now ? There’s a price for everything lads, this is where your titles and champions league has taken you...
  8. Selfish wanker. You’ll fit in in Scotland perfectly
  9. I always ask that question to Indy types and they always without fail dodge it. Its Northern Ireland & Brexit without the convenience of a "Scottish Sea" Border. Your vote will do this. I think the Borders will become a haven for smugglers and people traffickers. Make a hard border anywhere where there hasn't been one in practice and you'll always get problems.
  10. Policy & intent are irrelevant, you lot SOUND like a gang of whiny entitled pricks. At least the Brexiteers won their referendum. Yes, I know, Brexit changed all that. Get on with it ffs. Whilst you're here, what will be the border arrangements either end of Coldstream Bridge for when I visit? Given that Scotland will very likely stay in the EU? thanks 👍
  11. Yes, I've been at games at SJP involving both those cheeks of the same arse and its been fuckin hell on. Irrelevant in the long run though. ..Indy types would be fuming, worth doing just to piss them off the self righteous wankers....they remind me of Brexiteers every single fuckin day...
  12. Suggesting first that Western Scottish sectarianism is the biggest issue here conpared with good old Scotland v England rivalry turning into violence is a bizarre position to take. There will be millions of reasons on offer to your village elders that will override any residual SNP inspired protectionism....
  13. Good point. Its rejection probably saw them out the door.
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