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  1. New Year’s Eve 2014….Pardew had just walked and Carver had been appointed as caretaker…think we were being linked with two hotshot championship coaches… Eddie Howe & Uwe Rosler
  2. ewerk is rumored to be getting a mention In the Queen’s Jubilee honours list for “services to shithousery” ….
  3. Aah I see… it was bait set to wind up other posters who may be looking forward to getting the odd ticket here and there during the forthcoming seasons… thankfully the chances of the East Stand getting an extra storey are about the same as the mackems signing Messi for next season
  4. Spreadsheets is it?...... I'll give him fuckin spreadsheets
  5. Who may I ask is “needing to be relocated” in the event of the capacity of SJP being increased?… not sure what you’re getting at… in the highly unlikely event of the East Stand being developed do you mean you’d rather sit there than where you sit now? And thus your seat would become vacant, giving someone the chance to sit where you’ve just vacated? How very benevolent of you
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