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  1. Coronavirus

    I said as much to my other half who's best friend is in charge of admissions at Bournemouth Uni....towns and cities all over the country have handed over huge swathes of their central business districts to multi million pound student accomodation investments and the kids banged up in them this month will sharp learn about the effects of that as they will literally have to fight the investors mate's in government to get out for Christmas....
  2. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    According to this, English refs aren't interpreting the new law correctly..... https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/handball-law-new-rule-premier-league-2020-21-ifab-b625917.html
  3. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    On the face of it, that’s correct....eg pass back to goalkeeper rule & offside rule have both changed in the last 30 years but you have to look at the context why the changes were made. These two rules were changed in an attempt to make the game a better spectacle. Pass back undoubtedly did, the offside changes caused a lot of confusion. The handball in the penalty area rule has changed twice in a year because of VAR. I’m not a fan either of the context or how it plays out on the pitch.
  4. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    The rules have been changed to fit in with VAR, which is a tiny bit bizarre as VAR was supposedly a cure all for all refereeing mistakes...but now we’re changing the 150 year old rules of the game to keep twats watching tv & commenting on the internet happy....it’s fuckin nonsense...
  5. Precedent Trump

  6. Newport fan in peace

    it’s funnier than telling a stranger his home towns a shithole..
  7. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    Think I know ugly mackem’s alter ego....it’s been there for years, hiding in plain sight....
  8. Newport fan in peace

    Bit harsh there, he’s from a good family, which, let’s face it, is the important thing....
  9. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    Howe is likely to turn us down as he's unlikely to take a job north of Watford
  10. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    Spurs tracksuit this season is the nuts.... https://shop.tottenhamhotspur.com/product/spurs-nike-adult-home-anthem-jacket-2020-21/nkme0120
  11. The Special One vs The Special Needs One

    Fuck off Carragher Ritchie should fuck off too, this level looking too much for him now
  12. Europe --- In or Out

  13. Europe --- In or Out

    You cleared that coal from your bath Andy Capp? Concentrate on that and not on the bucolic idyll that is Dorset... ps I'll be here tomorrow morning...

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