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  1. These were de rigeur for my very first “lads” holiday that summer… following the Radio 1 roadshow round Devon & Cornwall
  2. Look at the individuals in this team…am not sure any of the current players are better than any of these, maybe Kane? People bang on about how lucky Southgate has been…has he really when you compare player for player? Obviously tactics and bizarre loyalty to players are and have been huge issues. But at the end of the day his squads are nowhere near the likes of these…
  3. I’ve thought since Johnson came in these people are fully worse than Thatcher in virtually every aspect…. I fuckin hated her, as did my parents, but this cabal of fuckin swivel eyed avaricious cunts are democratically introducing Facism into the UK. Thatcher did some fuckin terrible things, but she wasn’t a fascist. This lot are dismantling checks and balances that have been in place for over 200 years, they’re without a single fuckin principle between them bar making themselves and their city mates richer. The same thing is happening in the US. This week has took us further down this “democratic coup” road than even they are post Trump. I wish I had your belief that they’ll be gone even in 18 months time but I think Brexit showed how easily persuaded average Joe is if you tug at his heart strings the right way….
  4. Has anyone ever seen such an effective and deeply plausible liar? …
  5. As I was whingeing last week about our mortgage now being £160 a month more after 4 interest rate rises since Easter meant we couldn’t sell ours, am consoling myself with the thought we’ve now fixed for 5 years…
  6. You can get a smaller home charger than 10kw, but anything smaller is unlikely to charge your batteries from <30% to full overnight. That’s the size of a family shower, so with the price of energy rocketing I’d think twice tbh, maybe get a hybrid where the engine charges the batteries? @Renton
  7. Italy jailed Berlusconi at one point didn’t they? But now they’ve apparently voted for Marine Le Pen’s long lost Roman sister so it appears there is not let up once you’ve statutes down the lane towards banana republic/kleptocracy/laundered Russian money…. this is it folks..
  8. Not sure if you’ve heard, we’ve cut ourselves off from our nearest market, the largest single trading bloc on the planet 👍
  9. Ian Brown kicking off his new tour in Leeds last night with no band and no Roses numbers (he usuallly plays 2/3) for the bargain price of 40-50 quid means I can cancel the Twickets alert I’ve set up for his gig in Bournemouth a week tomorrow
  10. Just read this…..it’s like she & Kwarteng are just carrying out what they outlined in their book. “That’s the plan, let’s get it done” consequences don’t seem to come into their thinking. It’s bizarre to say the least.
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