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  1. I’ve got all the father in laws 60s vinyl now, Dylan, Stones, Beatles, Led Zep all in excellent condition, the best is a mono copy of the Spencer Davis Group group first album
  2. There's an anniversary edition out, >£200 though 😆 The new live edition is only £20 on Amazon though..tempted by that…
  3. If you’d have said Nicky Butt I’d have agreed. You’re thinking post injury mackem Brown. He was definitely better than what we had in that position when we were finishing in the top 5 iyam
  4. You’re not entirely wrong, but would he have been an upgrade on what we had? This is obviously pre injury which is why he was replaced with the world class Vidic You’ve picked the wrong player iyam he played 200 + times and won the champs lge
  5. Are you suggesting Wes Brown wouldn’t have got in our champions league side in front of Bramble and O’Brien? ….
  6. There’s another way of looking at it… the lad has got something to prove. I think when he chose to play for Scotland he got a load of stick but wherever he’s been picked to play by Steve Clark (he was sometimes on the right of a back 3) he got his head down, didn’t listen to the bullshit and was usually a 7/10 most games. Now he’s one of the first names on the team sheet and hugely popular among the fanbase which was inconceivable when he came into the squad. He might have to do it all again at SJP but he’s shown that sort of thing doesn’t phase him. Am sure he’d be a “right I’ll fuckin show Man Utd” sort of character 👍
  7. Yeah he’’d be job sharing with Longy & Willock. If we’re in Europe there’s potentially at least a dozen more games, I imagine that’s their thinking. But wtf do I know?… I really don’t think Man Utd would sell to us at that price tbh
  8. McTominay is just about price…if we’re battling on 2/3 fronts post Christmas next season he’s a good addition. No more than 25/30 mill though. If Man Utd want to sell to a rival that is 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. the first page of my Google was about the Jam song mate . I still think IMDb should list where you can watch current shows, am not wrong about that
  10. Yeah it sounds like the sort of wanky mockney gangster shite that’s right up my trash tv strasse cheers
  11. Point is I’d already googled it once, and used a website that lists current & historic tv shows/films. Seeing as this is in the current column, I’d have thought the info would’ve been there and it’s a bit poor that such an oversight occurs on a service dedicated to the medium . Not that I can’t use google. I hope this helps you to understand mild irony Dave, and we don’t have any further outbursts from you today or there may be a spell in detention for you . You’re disrupting the whole class and this can’t continue
  12. Didn’t know the former Northampton Saints and England fly half has passed RIP 😞
  13. I take it that this is who you may be referring to? If so, what side is it on because IMDB don’t list that seemingly unimportant information https://www.imdb.com/title/tt16946130/
  14. A significant minority of OF fans are fairly ambivalent about Scotland but less so about Ireland & England 🤷🏻‍♂️
  15. I've been asked to lay new turf on a field for a civil war re-enactment battle. Sod that for a game of soldiers…..
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