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  1. Yes Gemmill...

    Neither Charlton played for NUFC, despite their mothers cousin, the club's greatest ever player, being sent to personally recruit them. A few years before, and a bit further south, Bobby Robson chose to join Fulham rather than the club he idolised, far more than either Charlton brother did. They were as likely to go to Roker as SJP. I think there's a pattern there in the 50s tbh
  2. Yes Gemmill...

    RIP Jack, every team needs a Jack There is a perception in the North East that Bobby C is indeed a cunt. I'd like the see the Geordie charge sheet against him? 🤔
  3. Man City...again? Is this a fucking joke!?

    We didn’t have a team sheet today it was a fuckin suicide note. Away to Man City, let’s play one of only two fit centre backs in midfield and play a shite full back at centre half. A fuckin half wit could’ve fuckin predicted this, which is ironic because a fuckin half wit also picked the side
  4. Man City...again? Is this a fucking joke!?

    Who are our two centre backs? 🤔
  5. Saw that earlier, has he deleated it now? He’s an amoral Tory cunt. He called it “only a trade deal” when someone very gently advised him that his choice of words was on the poor side. It’s better when there’s no news to be honest, when I think about it I just get fuckin angry
  6. https://www.ft.com/content/cdf08481-7387-46f4-b69f-078b7f2f3df1
  7. Coronavirus

    Lots saying they were Unionist saboteurs...seems like a lot of effort to go to.... Fair to say the Scotland of 2020 is a very,very different place to the one I left 30 years ago....full of English cunts like KCG pretending to be porridge wogs for a start..
  8. Coronavirus

    Anyone thinking of Scotland for a staycation?
  9. We watched it a couple of weeks back.....to put it mildly, it’s uncanny...
  10. Keeping fit

    Gents Theres 100s of odometers* for spinning bikes on amazon cheers * technical term used by us pros/just discovered by asthmatic Alan here 😆
  11. Keeping fit

    Can anyone recommend a simple app that will tell me how far I’ve cycled on my spinner? I don’t want 30 thousand different routines/gimmicks/fuckin hoopla, I just want to know how far I’ve gone in 30 mins or and hour... am thinking @wykikitoon will know of something? 🤔

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