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  1. Pep protege is the new Fergie Protege. Means about as much ie fuck all as far as I can make out
  2. We were on our way to the MIL’s yesterday and two Labour canvassers crossed the road in front of us in well known sexual deviant Conor Burns constituency. I think they smell blood… 10.5k majority..
  3. I’ve read it, whilst I don’t doubt what she presents and that the “popular” left wing eg Owen Jones et al are fuckin twats it is very difficult at this point to see any hope for real change with a Starmer government. Am actually keenly anticipating the details of the Labour manifesto to see if they’re going to come up with anything innovative or original with mass appeal. I won’t be holding my breath mind… Starmer will be a huge upgrade decency wise on anything Tory but he’s got to try to properly change things….
  4. One mate with a 6th former doing A levels & one doing GCSEs Another mate with twin boys in 6th form at the local grammar school both fuckin TERRORISING their children this morning, I suggested sending them this
  5. Trying to nick votes from Reform
  6. They’re dropping like flies….ANNOUNCE MALDINI ffs
  7. I read that earlier and I didn’t believe it. What the cunting fuck is that all about? 🤨
  8. Cup final question of sport then helicopter following the buses, Tony Gubba on one of the buses asking daft questions etc etc…
  9. https://twitter.com/publicpriestley/status/1793934833871127009?s=12&t=Ob2-o4XW2OqBfdaNO_UQnQ Ok put twitter.com in and it doesn’t work 😞
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