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  1. 🙋🏻‍♂️ I got that without asking from an astonishing goregeous blonde junior doctor when I had my gall bladder out His name was Simon, enjoyed paddle boarding in his spare time
  2. I’ve been on the 10/12 year deal….. I think this summer is likely to be “challenging”…. 😒
  3. He’s only going to be back up to the back up who’s now back up to the former back up so it’s hardly a proper risk
  4. @The Fish What are the chances of our press stopping the free flowing attacking play of Spurs next Sunday? Feel free to use graphs and diagrams in your working Got to say, am impressed with Spurs commitment and spirit. They’ve got a cunt of an injury list too, which is ironic as their new-ish coach is apparently called flange? 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Gemmill asking us to in some way admire this individual. It’s quite concerning re his judgement in that regard. The Everton debacle as well. He’s having a poor time at the moment
  6. We’re unlikeky to do to spurs next week what we did to Man Utd last night
  7. Brit Eckland’s body double shaking her thang to the devil’s drum beat from The Wicker Man
  8. That was fuckin beautiful I found out the draw via 4 txt messages in 3 seconds in Tesco’s just now
  9. Newcastle away days rule 234.7, subsection IV, clause 8: ”never travel east coast mainline on a Sunday” Pleased you saw a win mate
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