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  1. “As a well-known compatriot, she called me and tried to persuade me to come to Stade Rennes. That surprised and flattered me.” He was born in 1997, around the time she made “from dusk till dawn” ….. can’t work out if he honoured her offer…if he did, I imagine he was “onner and offer “ all night…
  2. Every native born inhabitant of Tyneside born between 1960 & 1985 has stayed at either Haggerston Castle or the Riverside camp site at Wooler. It’s the law, you don’t get your Geordie passport without getting a stamp from one of them
  3. Its not fuckin Australia mate 🙄
  4. There’s always been at least 2/3 million who refuse to work, whatever the circumstances…. https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/780/unemployment/unemployment-rates-history/ If you give a fuck about them, you’ll end up going mad. Most are unemployable anyway. They make fuckin damn sure they’re unemployable too. What employer wants an overgrown manchild giving bullshit excuses for not turning in that even a 14 year old school boy would be embarrassed to roll out? For anyone who wants to join the “GET THE DOLE WALLERS TO DRIVE THE HGVS” brigade that seem very vocal
  5. 9.5k UK deaths from Covid since July 17th ie “freedom day”… do 9.5k die from flu in 3 months from summer into autumn in a normal flu year?… Oh and this….it’s ok folks, you can’t catch Covid in the workplace from colleagues apparently 😒
  6. Spurs had a DoF called Baldini when they sold Bale to Real... as far as I can make out he wasted the fuckin lot, including a ludicrous amount of money for a player who might have been Eric Lamela(?) from his previous club Roma.... basically depends if the club & its recruitment team are operating in good faith and not stuffing cash into agents back pockets for players that aren't in any way good enough or appropriate for the clubs needs. See the Joelinton deal for instance...that sort of shit could happen with or without a DoF, and the club doesn't progress regardless of the set up...
  7. And when Hope pointed out to Jordan that what he was claiming was utter bollocks Jim White quickly moved the conversation on...
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