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  1. I'm looking forward to this.... I've been drinking since 2pm
  2. Ashley hasn’t shown a fuckin scintilla of respect to the club in 13 bastard years, but Bruce demands it from all quarters because...well, he’s big on respect isn’t he? Ask Sheffield Wednesday, Palace etc etc..
  3. IM TELLING EVERYONE BUT CHIEFLY MYSELF HES GOING TO CHELSEA....ITS THE HOPE THAT KILLS YOU Lampard has lost it like...the knuckle draggers didn’t bother Rafa last time, you might imagine RA would be well disposed to him... Brewcy’s not the only cunt to have flip out at the media this week
  4. No...the Saudis are huffed, they’re not coming back to the table, Rafa is replacing Frank @ Chelsea, the various court ceases and arbitration,litigation, mitigation etc are a bullshitting waste of time....
  5. He was yeah, he was replaced by Jones. Jones was there before Jones was too. I’m a quarter Jones on my paternal grandmothers side, so it’s nice for the family
  6. Hes not getting sacked...he's bringing in a coach who's a GEORDIE Greame Jones, Martinez's assistant at various places including Belgium... Hes well thought of....its doesn't on the face of it appear to be a bad move which means it'll never work and we'll be relegated with 25 points
  7. What started all this for me was the "birther" movement. It had actually died a death when Trump revived it on 2011 by saying his birth certificate was fake. Even with nonsense like this Trump lost the popular vote twice. That tells me its a exceedingly vocal minority, but that's still probably 1-2 million....
  8. You’d imagine so My moneys on a naval punch up in the South China Sea..
  9. I like his steady grandad tone. No one will ever be the orator that Obama is but Biden would appear to be pitching his public utterances just right...won’t make a blind bit of difference to the MAGAs but if he doesn’t start a war, reforms health care and creates a few jobs he’ll be ok..having majority in the house will help
  10. They let Ivanka in then...
  11. So that's why Trump hasn't pardoned himself or any of his offspring...its an admission of guilt. Not sure of Bannon will accept his tbh
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