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  1. Fuck me Wykiki thats too depressing for words. Froome did come from nowhere, didnt know about the Tenerife stuff till you posted about it the other day. As you say its all hugely suspicious. If theyre doping it might be something undedectable atm, but it may come out in the future when the testing technology catches up. Hope you're wrong, but it really doesnt look good.
  2. Did the Slovenians collaborate with Hitler too? As for the Croats, they were Stalin's bitches. Nothing new under the sun.....the only thing I found when we played in Belgrade was all the taxi drivers had a pistol tucked into their belts...dont think they had many fares doing a runner as its a Wikl-fest on here today, here's my contribution...after the riot between Dinamo and Red Star in 1990 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinamo_Zagreb%E2%80%93Red_Star_Belgrade_riot these lads http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Blue_Boys basically became part of the Croatian Army, and the Red Star mob were associated with Arkan http://observer.guardian.co.uk/osm/story/0,,1123137,00.html In other words, they make the Chelsea Headhunters look like boy scouts...
  3. Deschamps was in for the managers job here when FSA got sacked, maybe he's bitter because he was passed over for Keegan?.....
  4. No,its just that Frankie Boyles fans aren't easily offended. His detractors tell the world that they are personally offended by his material wherever they heard it As you say, theres an off button. But thats not going to make nasty, vindictive people like journalists and those who are suckered by them shut up. And neither is it going to shut the likes of Boyle or as Fish mentioned Jerry Sadowitz up either. I see the points and largely agree but I just cant help thinking that you reap what you sow in life. Upset the wrong people and you pay whether you are morally or legally in the right. So Frankie can have his day in court on the back of (some) jokes about the disabled, because he's now worth a gazillion pounds more than when he was offensive as a student or a social worker when all it wouldve earned him was maybe a smack in the jaw in some bar somewhere...the stakes are higher now, as has been pointed out its his career on the line if it goes against him. Nobody forced him to do it mind...
  5. You're literal interpretation of this is spot on, but life isnt like that. If the "moral majority" are out to get him, lead by the media, then its likely he's Donald Ducked. I don't think he deserves it as such, but I would add what does he fuckin expect? People are nasty, and so is he for money, regardless of what he's like off stage or whatever. If it goes against him he'll only have himself to blame.
  6. But the bottom line is he has caused offence. Thats why he's in court basically defending his right to be as offensive as he likes as long as he's not racist. Its a tricky one, I do understand that. I'm all for freedom of speech but a lot of others would defend their own right to feel offended too. If theyre out to get him by fair means or foul, he maybe shouldve thought twice.
  7. Again, the facts will be important in a court of law but there are those who would be up in arms about abusing the disabled who also may possibly use casual racism every day. We've all met that sort of self righteuos character who also happen to buy a lot of papers. If he didnt want his career to be affected maybe he shouldnt have gone down the road of upsetting the moral "majority". You're factually spot on its undeniable, but I think he should take it on the chin if he's made a fortune out of causing offence to others. Outside of the court the facts are irrelevent, he upsets a lot of people and if they feel the need to fuck him over for doing so then it goes with the territory. Lifes not fair, as am sure Jordan could tell him.
  8. I thought they were doing away with juries in libel trials?...could be wrong, am not sure whether this government went through with it or it might have been the last one?... didnt know he's had a dig at the "racism" thing, have you got a link for it?....
  9. Agreed, but it wasnt on the front page as far as I can make out so the Mirror's lawyer just says that it would be difficult to sell a paper on the back of a story printed on page 12 or whatever it was. I understand completley why its in court, its just that at the end of the day it comes down to what you find more offensive, taking the piss out of the disabled or being accused of racism. He can only defend himself in court because he's made a fortune out of that sort of humour, and then when somone takes a cheap shot at him he acts all hurt. Goes with the territory iyam, maybe he should try and expose some of the more ridiculous overreactions to the whole race thing in this country with his humour if he wanted to succinctly make his point.
  10. Yes, thats true. But I dont spend my life (some would say) childlshly abusing people and as a get out saying "only joking!" People take offence at jokes about disabled kids, theres nothing you or Frankie Boyle being clever and enlightened in the art of comedy can do to change that. In view of that, he's got to accept a bucketload his way, whether its accuarate or not is neither here nor there in the area where he dwells. The other way of looking at it is my boss would be disciplined if he cracked the joke about Jordans son at work, yet Frankie Boyle ends up a millionaire on the back of it. He cant have it both ways, some people are going to try to strike back at him, then he uses the money he's made from his brand of humour to take it to court? honestly, talk about double standards. Both the Mirror and my boss would need a tiny bit of evidence as well to back their claims up, so I presume there is some there somewhere, its not clear how they came up with the headline as far as I can make out. It will come down to a judges opinion in the end, and he's unlikely to be any better informed than you or I.
  11. What about Hitler Wolfy?...did the Soviets invent him to make communism look good?
  12. For your average Joe I'd agree, but if anyone called me a racist I'd laugh in their face. If he of all people couldnt use his quick wit and ready use of sarcasm to make his accusers look fuckin stupid without recourse to the libel laws then its a pretty poor show. This is the man who verbally insults disabled children and their parents and he cant shoot the geniuses at the Daily Mirror sub editor's department down in flames?
  13. Frankie Boyle is suing the Daily Mirror for calling him "racist".... isnt that a little bit fuckin sensitive of him of all people? I understand the point he's making, but ffs, after some of the things he says about other people he's not showing an especially thick skin himself here...he doesnt offend me particularly but I dont suppose he'd br hugley surprised if he upsets others with the things he says so he's made his own bed in this one iyam...regardless of what he has or hasnt said http://www.bbc.com/n...t-arts-19950407
  14. Wheres Mr Positive gone? talk about fickle...I thought everything in the garden was rosey?..... then one thing upsets you and it's "disastrous"
  15. Couldnt agree more...you may have liked where we ended up in Cologne.... a club full of "young men" dressing up, one lad dressed in a Richard Gere white US Navy suit took a partticular shine to us and joined us on the dancefloor when 50 0r so assembled Mags took over vocal duties for a rousing version of "Hey Jude" accompanied by the house band
  16. Its that time of year again ..... http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/newcastle-united/nufc-news/2012/10/15/nigeria-interested-in-taking-shola-ameobi-to-african-cup-of-nations-72703-32036419 /
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19935925 60k at Anfield. Good luck with that lads
  18. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/newcastle-united/nufc-news/2012/10/15/win-the-chance-to-witness-newcastle-united-history-72703-32034756/ Here it is folks...its history! Still, as an aside, looking at the set Shola is displaying in the promo shot, I think I've been out with flatter chested lasses
  19. The thing is if we're morally bankrupt because we're now sponsored by Wonga, then why weren't Blackpool and Hearts pulled up for it too?....I've googled it and theres fuck all criticising either club till last week, despite what Colins said in the mos yesterday. i understand the reasons why, but its the glaring inconcistancy in the media that boils my piss.
  20. Double standards from a magistrate and part time football referee, who also happily finds a home at the Mail on Sunday?...who'd have thunk it? The media fuss in general compared with whats been said about Blackpool and Hearts is fuckin shocking. Theyve not been able to lay much of a glove on us in the last couple of years (whilst simultaneously ignoring that SD paid the square root of fuck all to the club for the name change) so when this all blew up it was right up their street. Yet again there is better and more informed comment on the likes of here than in the press.
  21. Fair enough, but in today's economic climate people will find it difficult to afford it year on year...the real die hards have their ST's and have had for decades. What happened at The Emirates may inform what happens at Anfield...after the initial huge wave of interest your more casual supporter (you're counting on these to fill the new seats, those that paid the 5er) may lose a bit of interest if things aren't going so well on the pitch. And LFC haven't (comparatively) really been pulling many trees up lately. Another question is why you've never managed to cram more than 50k in over a season before, even when you had arguably the best team on the planet?...has Anfield always been officially restricted to <50k? Crowds in a lot of cases rose to record levels at a lot of clubs after the re-devlopment of the last 20 years, there'd never been a London club which had averaged over 60k until Arsenal moved to the Emirates, but looking at what LFC have averaged over the years coupled with the economy being on its arse and the teams form being fairly average, I think you'd struggle to find and extra 20k fans paying top dollar 18 times a season at the moment.
  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19935925 looks like the green light for the re-devlopment of Anfield....the BBC aren't comitting themselves to a figure, but I ddi read 65k at the weekend....fuck knows how they think they'll fill that like but there you go...
  23. Every time Patrick Collins opens his mouth about NUFC I want top put my fist in it...theres some in the media that aren't keen on us, but this bell end actively despises us... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-2217350/Alan-Pardew-Wonga-pals-credit-Newcastle-Patrick-Collins.html?openGraphAuthor=%2Fdebate%2Fcolumnists%2Fcolumnist-355%2FPatrick-Collins.html
  24. Radge(d) is used as an adjective north of the border "that cunts radged"
  25. Get it right, fud was also used 100 odd miles from Glasgow in the Borders, ask anyone they'd tell you am right
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