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  1. Dont you want to see even better players at NUFC?....we have a big chance to do it the right way, and thats by having no sentiment about any of the current playing staff and selling them when an offer comes in thats more than their true value. I'd let Tiote go this summer as well for the same reason.
  2. Sky money goes to all clubs though. The only way we stay ahead of most of the rest in that regard (ie appearance fees and performance money) is to be canny in the transfer market.
  3. Agreed. But does CT think that the players get paid in buttons and fluff?....that 35mill surplus goes towards paying the wages too.
  4. Well if he goes this season its highly unlikely its going to be for 7mill now. Its not about that...its maybe adding that fee perhaps to the 10mill or so we paid for Cisse to get our next striker from perhaps the 15-20mill bracket. Doubling up if you like. Dont think anyone could see us spending 10 mill on a striker before January...in fact there was a guessing game on here how much we would spend on one player. Many thought we wouldnt get near 10mill. Thing is that was only possible after we sold Carroll for 35 mill.
  5. Where does the money for other transfers come from?....does Dekka find it down the back of the sofa?
  6. Where do you think the money for other transfers is coming from CT? Am not saying theres nothing in the kitty, am saying this could be for next seasons transfers & the wages those players will earn.
  7. See reply above, but its also a sum of things such as youve mentioned yeah. For me its a no brainer to get rid.
  8. If he scores 30 for Liverpool or Spurs and they finish above us then yeah, its a big mistake to let him go. Cant see any other scenario where it would be detrimental though. This is how we make money for the football club, sign cheap, sell big. Its a business. Lets get on with it. Selling Ba this summer is good business.
  9. Am still of the opinion that its bad business not to sell him this summer tbh....and if a club gets desperate towards the end of the window, so much the better...if theres a replacement lined up that is...
  10. FYI http://www.toontastic.net/board/topic/32559-mackem-messageboard-gold/
  11. it took more than a change of name and sky money...the findings of the Taylor Report into Hillsborough forced through the most fundamental changes...and the Popplewell Report into the Bradford City fire in 1985. Dont think some of the worlds best players wouldve come to patched up Victorian and Edwardian stadiums for too long.
  12. When a fee is agreed between 2 clubs, it sends a pretty strong signal to the player that his future lies elsewhere. The player's opinion historically didnt count for anything at all, but they do have a lot more say nowadays. But as I say, it does send the message loud and clear that hes not required.
  13. weve got access to the bbc website.....but not to the live olympic streams
  14. You need pace to play effectively in the Premier League...its the major difference between good and very good players. Lee Clark was a good player who lacked the pace to mark him out as a very good player. Don't know how Vukic will shape up but if you've not got the pace for the Premier League at his age...
  15. I have a name in mind reported
  16. Liverpool accepting the deal means they dont want Andy Carroll......unless someone comes in with a better offer he'll do a year on loan at West Ham whether he likes it or not.
  17. Theres not many 18 year olds break through nowadays but they seem to rate Adam Campbell highly and apparently manu are amongst some other clubs who sent scouts to Northern Ireland to watch him last week. Is his record any better than Chopra's at the same age though?....
  18. Shes a good broadcaster like. Knows her onions and knows shes perfectly within her rights on the BBC to question shit like this. THe BBC dont have to keep advertisers and sponsors happy. I think the corporate world will get their fingers burnt if a whole nation's atheletes in certain diciplines are shown up to be mostly dopers. Watch this space.
  19. Somebody said Claire Balding is getting grief for rolling out that stat live to the nation last night. Didnt see it myself. Fair play to Balders is she did.
  20. I dont and I know the difference between someone having a laugh and someone being unecessarily personal. Its not a fine line, some people wouldnt stroll up to someone they vaguely knew in a pub and speak to them like they do on here. Taking the piss is fine, but there is a line in the sand iyam.
  21. Yeah he was deeply unpleasant sometimes. No ones ever really picked on me on here and if they did I'd probably put it down to them being deeply unhappy as a person in general, more to be pitied tbh.
  22. Whos in his "coterie" then? I cant stop you from quoting me when your only trying to wind somebody else up but fuckin cut it please out ffs, its what Leazes used to do. You may disagree with him on a whole range of things but you're basically just a different side of the same coin.
  23. Yeah but how did it end up like that?....theres no reasoning with that type, but you probably gave it a go a few years back?.... people were still trying to make him see another side of things till quite recently. I really dont know why theyd bother. He quite often agreed with me, me being quite strongly anti Ashley and that, but I very rarely reacted to his comments because on virtually every other subject under the sun I disagreed strongly with his "black and white" view of things...if he'd got to his time of life without working out that the truth about most things is the grey area in between the black and white then theres no hope for him.
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