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  1. Faux outrage as always on twitter . No Italian ex footballer every called me Nigger. Just plenty from the wonderful UK shires. Where were you anti fascists at Swindon? Where we're you when he was st WHU/Sheff Wed. Pick and chose your outrage.
  2. http://m.guardian.co.uk/politics/2013/mar/31/liberal-conservative-coalition-conservatives April 2013; a "brave" new world, brought to you by a bunch who make Thatcher look like a benevolent reformer. This is just the start of it folks.....
  3. Union or league?......league is declining in general, union is watched by more people than at any time in its history. Sky has been good for one, bad for the other. A lot of top divison football clubs are now watched by their biggest regular gates ever. The rest of the football league clubs however are muddling along in various states of health. Brighton on the up, Coventry very much on a downer. So its difficult to make any sort of accurate comparison iyam.
  4. Steve McLaren has achieved the same as O'Neil in the game, including a league cup win, go figure...
  5. Fuckin hell, is that opposite Harvey Nicks?....we created a state of the art dentists surgery there around the time Ketsbaia was putting us into the champions league in Zagreb.....it looks very much like its not there now will try and read article later
  6. Didn't he sell sofa's out the back of a van or something?....hey, am not knocking it, we've all got to earn a crust etc etc....
  7. Well theres probably delegation, and obviously goalkeepers get specialist training and always have done. Wenger certainly used to take all sessions at Arsenal, don't know if that's the case now.The likes of Mourinho, Rogers and AVB are "tracksuit" coaches as well, its how they got ahead in the game in the first place having not amounted to much as players. Theyre unlikely to delegate much, in fact Wenger has been criticised for it and that's why I mentioned Bould. Ferguson has delegated for a long time, but I doubt RVP could learn much from Mike Phelan tbh. Don't know about Laudrup,I Martinez strikes me as in the "tracksuit" mould, I know Les Ferdinand works with the strikers at Spurs, is that the sort of thing you'd be looking for?
  8. And then turn up at every game for the rest of the season too, possibly ending in relegation..... I honestly fail to understand how some people think nowadays. Perspective is sadly lacking. Maybe am just getting older and the fire is dimming a bit, but if that were completely the case I'd have lost interest by now.....14-18 degrees in Lisbon last week and superbock for a couple of euros a throw....if that's what is involved in following NUFC in 2013 as well as shitty results as yesterday then I'm definetly in
  9. All fair points, but how many clubs actually have "dedicated" coaches for specific areas?....does Steve Bould only do the defence at Arsenal?...doesn't reflect that well on him if he does tbh. What in effect you're saying here is Pardew isn't good enough in certain aspects of his work, and that's fair comment too. But then we'll go out and get good results at the likes of Anzhi and Metalist largely because of his tactics. He is overall ok, about as good as we'll get for the money. Complaints on a postcard to Mr. M Ashley of Hertfordshire.
  10. Harsh on Bez that last bit iyam. Did we offer Enrique a contract btw?....
  11. Did the "You're only here for united!!" chants make you die inside just a tiny,tiny bit?.....
  12. On a freebie no doubt?.....they pay people to attend their games....judging by your crowds this season you lot should give it a try
  13. Am not saying the side covered themselves in glory in any department. But if youre saying 14 players couldn't be arsed then that's shite too. The truth is somewhere in the middle. Sissoko wanted the ball all the time, Simpson got forward, as did Anita at times. What they then did may have been shite. Lack of effort it wasn't. The opposistion also put in their best performance in months too. They were too good for us. I don't know what else there is to say apart from at that price they fuckin should be.
  14. Did you look at the way they passed it around today?...we couldn't get a fuckin kick man. That's called being outclassed. Of all our sins, lack of effort isn't one of them. They were on a different planet because their players were sharper, more imaginative and more confident and probably have been all their careers, with a manager who is indeed better than ours. That bracket of player costs money we don't have. And don't forget without their 3 best players for a few months they've eneded up 15 points behind a pretty moderate manu side. Go figure.
  15. Southampton have won three league games since January. We've won four, including beating Southampton. But its lack of effort that loses games, of course. How the opposistion play is irrelevant in this, silly me.
  16. The other thing to take into consideration is Thursday night. If we win two nowt will Pardew be a genius?.....are Benfica likely to be any better than Spurs this season who we have played ok against twice and beaten once.
  17. The best squad we've had for all of 8 weeks....about as long as Cisse's scoring streak last season Theres no rhyme or reason to this season. Neither was there last season. We're a bog standard inconsistent football team. Changing the manager may help, am not completely against that thought. Pardew's not safe, Hughton will tell you that. I just can't see who'd come and work for Ashley who would be an improvement.
  18. And I'd like to say how pointless it is pointing out that pardew can be useless at times as long as we've got Mike Ashley running the club. Sometimes in life you have to accept the limitations of the situation. I could be cruel and say I expect you're personally used to that, but I won't. Oops! My streams gone down is it 8 nil yet?....
  19. What did the great man have to
  20. Weve not beaten Citeh home or away in 13 years. Even before the money we'd been shite against them.
  21. No better and no worse than half a dozen away performances this season. Key players out. Is it all down to Pardew?....tell me am wrong if you like, but ffs we've just been beaten at Wigan as well.
  22. Yes. Newcastle United have a long historic tradition of ripping teams bankrolled by groups with unlimited wealth apart, especially away from home, as you well know. Pointless question. Now, Monroe Transfer and loonytoon will perform the halftime caberet where they will write what they know about football on the back of a stamp
  23. Have your travel plans fallen through Bobby?
  24. I was thinking to get some better PR Wonga might have sold it to a body with a better moral compass than these loan-sharks-with-Ipads.....Northern Rock again?
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