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  1. I was thinking to get some better PR Wonga might have sold it to a body with a better moral compass than these loan-sharks-with-Ipads.....Northern Rock again?
  2. So to illustrate your, and I presume by association CFC's lack of bigotry, you post a sentence so laden with bigotry it's wearing a tricolour and booing all the way through "God Save The Queen"?
  3. Agreed HF....theyre a con...give it a go yourself?....I wouldnt use "particle board" meself like, or marine ply as its known in the UK...not unless you like a more "industrial" finish in the bedroom...fnarr fnarr..
  4. Aye, a genius marketeer. Is it fair to say that if he'd chosen to go down a certain road he's the sort of fellah who could have ended up with millions of followers anyway in a sort of David Koresh sort of way i.e. because of the type of person he was, or was it mostly because of what his products actually did? bit of both?
  5. What did he die of again?...wiki plays it with a straight bat, but was he 50 a day or a skag head or something? Looking at it from outside the IT world, if he was nicking good ideas and bringing them to the mass market then his core strength was as an imaginitive marketeer, rather than someone who dreamt up techy stuff from scratch?...which makes him a suit basically, not an "engineer" as such. Which,I admit, is probably simplifying it a bit.
  6. That gives a false impression of me....I usually wear a long hose with sandals....
  7. You're not, but if I sell my flat this year I am
  8. Am wavering on the S3....the spec on this looks great to these untutored eyes...... http://www.phones4u.co.uk/shop/shop_contract_details.asp?ItemKey=678104&intcid=HP_Just_arrived_P4#sthash.rJ8y3qVh.dpbs
  9. Would Taylor have cleared the corner?.....we'll never know...Sissoko on for France
  10. Scotland 2 nowt down....Mickey Thomas said this is the worst Scotland team ever...don't know how far back hes going but he might have a point. The players look like they don't give a fuck, even more than Englands do...
  11. And if you're intent on really punishing yourself heres Serbia v Scotland.............. http://www.bbc.co.uk...otball/21944611
  12. France v Spain legal stream courtesy of the Guardian... http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2013/mar/26/france-spain-live-mbm
  13. Just about made my mind up to go with an S3... as you say for most kinds of media it seems to be well ahead of the iphone. Dont need work email or calender outside of the office.The screen obviously is the big thing, the lad I carshare with says hes had both and the battery life on the S3 is miles better than an iphone when playing music, android apps v apple store apps is irrelevent for me. Size was the only drawback but I've just slid one easily into my pocket (matron! ) Gonna go to 3 and ask if they'll do unlimited data on one, line rental should be cheaper because as mentioned the S4 is imminent.
  14. That may mean I could put the squeeze on for a lower line rental on the S3 perhaps?....thanks for the info, will look at the Xperia...
  15. Things Croat and Serb may be improving mind...
  16. Indeed, thats a great read. Thanks Meenzer It should be sent to Alex Salmon, the stupid fat tosser. In fact I might just do it...
  17. The contract length is in proportion to the lower wages though...if the player moves without asking for a transfer the player gets his salary paid up, so he's not losing anything in the long term and the club benefits by paying a lower yearly salary. The only way to keep the players in the long term is to pay them the same theyd get at a regular top 4/5 club. They've got to maximise earnings, its a short career...or so their agents will tell them. Thats how we kept 3-4 premier league standard players when we got relegated. If there was a "relegation clause" in their contracts you wouldnt have seen Colo,Barton and Smith for dust. To pay bigger wages you need more income. How so you raise income? by selling a couple of players for big money. See Carrol, A. currently of East London via Merseyside. The money for wages in the championship came from Ashleys pocket, that wont be happening again.
  18. See my post above. You only gain a real advantage when the very good players are sold and replaced hopefully with better players, with higher wages generated from the sale.Its very difficult to pull it off. Lyon did it in France, but apprently its one of the most attractive cities in Europe. Whatever we all personally feel about the North East, its unlikely to make Johnny Foreigner hang around for anything other than hard cash and a good crowd to play in front of for 2-3 seasons.
  19. Disagree. No way of advancing the next level without selling.Sadly, Its all about money. Thats the next step. If we do sell Cabaye say, could we pay a better player more with what we generate from the sale?...it seems unlikely, but thats the way we've got to go, in the short term at least. Ashley's wallet is closed.
  20. Wigan away attracts the sort of bell end that invaded the pitch at Darlo....lots of tickets available, relatively short travelling distance. Twats
  21. No. I thought you were stating that buying music through itunes is the way ahead. Apologies for any misunderstanding
  22. I'm not clinging to anything CT......Ashley's already shat himself once financially during his time here. After that he made changes; "we wipe our own mouth" etc...if thats the case the income has to be generated. Outside of selling the very good players we have, how do we steal a march on the other clubs with a similar income? If we do (when we do?) start selling to increase revenue for other hopefully better players, perhaps on bigger wages, then we may kick on. If not, we'll probably stay mid table ish. Doesn't take a genius to work that out, which is good news for you..and Mike
  23. 70p a go though, thats the point. Theres more than one way to skin a rabbit, young(ish) Jedi
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