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  1. Like the scientists I worked with at AWE Aldermaston in the early 90s who were at the end of hugely distinguished careers in the field of nuclear armaments?....the same ones who invented,developed and oversaw the actual physical task of getting a raw lump of Plutonium and chucking it into a huge glove-box lathe and witnessed,as I did, the skilled operators actually machine a Trident nuclear warhead? You're sort of right though. Once a nation gets nuclear capabillity, it encourages others to,which is where you get the phrase "Nuclear weapons have kept the peace in Europe since 1945" so in a way the whole world has been kept in check by having nuclear deterrents acting as the ultimate peacekeeper.
  2. It was fabulous, Danny Boyle will probably end up "Sir Daniel" after that. All those involved should feel very proud. Anyone know roughly what time the cycling road race is slated to finish? Starts at 10, 150 miles....got to go out later, but am hoping to make it back to see the end.
  3. Thats the crack like, that was down to one man alone. I think some monumental cunt could do it for shits and giggles.
  4. Isnt Ben Arfa's agent Simon Stainrod?....
  5. Am I right in assuming that if the ego maniacs of Wall Street and Canary Wharf choose to kill the Euro, they just can?.....no one elected them either, but people did vote for Gideon and he'd rather sell his own granny than attempt to bring those fuckers to heel.
  6. How is Walkergate's answer to Hugh Grant theses days?
  7. Knight has kids with Ohara's missus?...and hes been abusing her on twitter?.. I cant make head nor tale of twitter, its beyond me. Where does it actually say that, or is it only inferred?
  8. Yeah, but if we stick to our guns money wise Liverpool are unlikely to agree to letting him come here. Reckon we'll probably bring in another striker and Carroll will do a season on loan at West Ham, if theyre the only ones who meet Liverpool's requirements. He's been told to fuck off like iyam, which is shocking when you consider Rogers's first choice striker last season was Danny Graham and he got 12 goals. Can't imagine why he wouldnt give him a go at least, its piss poor management. If its come from above Rogers's pay grade then he's an even fuckin bigger fool and so are the ones at LFC who are saying Carroll should be peddled. Cant see on what grounds they could say he should go.
  9. I think he'll have little option than to join West Ham if their offer is accepted. Cant see us matching it.
  10. Here's CT's "scoop" in all its glory Newcastle United close to landing Mathieu Debuchy by Mark Douglas, The JournalJul 27 2012Add a commentRecommend inShare.0 3Share on emailShare on print French footballer Mathieu DebuchyNEWCASTLE United will finally wrap up a deal for long-term target Mathieu Debuchy when they return from Portugal next week. Despite talk that Newcastle were ready to walk away from the deal, The Journal understands that United expect to make rapid progress on the protracted transfer of the right-back after the completion of their Algarve training camp on Tuesday. We can reveal that United have already agreed personal terms with the France international – and will up their bid in the coming days after Mike Ashley gave a green light to a new and improved bid. Debuchy is intended to be one of two outfield additions that Newcastle currently plan to make, with centre-back recruits appearing to have slipped off the radar in favour of pushing through a deal for Debuchy. So far United have remained deadlocked after they offered around £5million, some way short of Lille’s valuation. But the French side signed Djibril Sidibe from Troyes this week, which illustrates that they are preparing for life without the highly-rated Debuchy. That has to be good news for Alan Pardew, who missed the first day of his team’s short stint in Portugal to watch United’s under-17 side compete in the final of the prestigious Milk Cup against Deportivo Brazil in Belfast. The Newcastle boss will link up with the squad today, in good time for the first game of the Magpies XII Trofeo Guadiana campaign against Olympiakos (kick off, 8.45pm). And he will be boosted by news of a potential breakthrough in the club’s pursuit of one of the rising stars of Euro 2012. Debuchy has been watched by Newcastle for the best part of two years, but the end is finally in sight for both player and club. The defender has certainly made no secret of his desire to move to Tyneside and join close friend Yohan Cabaye, who has checked in with the rest of the Newcastle squad here on the sunny Portuguese coast. Cabaye was a welcome return for United, but Hatem Ben Arfa will be given extra time to recover from his Euro 2012 exertions - with the current plan that he will join the rest of the Newcastle players in the coming days. The training camp got off to a flying start yesterday despite the absence of Pardew. The team trained at around 6pm on a municipal park in the leafy Vale dos Lobos part of town under the watchful eye of Pardew’s lieutenant John Carver – along with a surprise appearance from former United midfielder Nicky Butt, who was in Portugal on holiday. It was a competitive session that saw Davide Santon emerge as a doubt for the Olympiakos game after sustaining an ankle injury following a heavy challenge by Haris Vuckic. But Tim Krul will make his first appearance of the summer against the Greek side while Steven Taylor – as revealed in The Journal yesterday – is also set to return after a seven-month absence from the Newcastle side with a ruptured Achilles. The Academy graduate will play 45 minutes as he continues to battle back from the most serious injury of his career. Another notable absentee from the training camp was Rob Elliot, with Steve Harper and Krul sharing goalkeeping duties during yesterday’s work out. Read More http://www.journallive.co.uk/nufc/newcastle-united-news/2012/07/27/newcastle-united-close-to-landing-mathieu-debuchy-61634-31483308/#ixzz21o7gL3V4
  11. Aye they just said on the radio....well deserved, he ran in the Hlesinki Olympics in 1952 and broke the 4 minute barrier for the mile a couple of years later. Then he knocked it all on the head and started a career as a neurologist which it looks like he excelled at too: And it avoids Daley and Steve Redgrave squaring up to each other in the bar afterwards if one or the other had been asked to do it
  12. I'd take more water with it if I were you Davey
  13. I think to all intents and purposes he's been told to find a new club. This is the danger of playing hardball, it lets others in. If the West Ham deal is the only concrete offer on the table come the end of August he may be in the same posistion as Owen was when he left Madrid. The other thing is West Ham may well offer to pay all his wages, which will appeal to Liverpool greatly.
  14. Naaaa.....filmed at tyne tees, big fat hairy bloke presenting, on about half 4/5 o'clock, they had bands on every week...well, Hazel O'Connor was on regular anyway...
  15. Anybody appear on this?.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCH0gh6cA1Y thats the only footage I could find....was its "little brother" series called Razzamatazz or am I making that up?....
  16. Fletcher isnt fit to lace Gary McAllister's boots. If Fletcher is good then so is John Collins. So is Brian McClair.
  17. Didnt Daley get on a podium somewhere with "Carl Lewis is the worlds second greatest athelete" emblazoned on his t shirt?
  18. Posh and dirty. Am off to a "code of conduct" meeting in a minute with frankly images in my mind that I could be arrested for
  19. This will mean nothing to anyone under 30 but I googled it and was so impressed I thought I'd just link the entire page http://images.google.co.uk/search?num=10&hl=en&site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1280&bih=823&q=max+headroom&oq=max+headroom&gs_l=img.12..0l8.1453.6717.0.8295.
  20. Sammy A frankly blows CT out of the water on this issue with daily bible referenced shizzle: Sammy_Ameobi If you are kind only to your friends, how are you different from anyone else?-Matthew 5:47...love your enemy, do good to those who hate you! That kid will go far....probably semonary college
  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/olympics/18983272 Beckham 5-1 to light the Olympic flame at the opening ceremony tomorrow night. Imagine how Redgrave & co would feel about that self regarding cockmonkey getting the gig in front of someone who has actually competed at an Olympic games, nevermind winning 5 gold medals
  22. Dance Energy with this chap was also appointment to view television back in the day kids
  23. Liverpool should take a hit on Andy Carroll...according to Pardew http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18981850
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