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  1. Thats fair enough just on missing out on the wages, cant be easy.
  2. Anyone still want to claim Benfica were "there for the taking"? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmfWdAoQh1s
  3. even if you do say so yourself. Are you genuine about not renewing next season because of Pardew?....would any change of manager get you to reconsider?...
  4. Its not incomplete, it is what it is. Ashley had a look in the summer and didnt fancy the prices. He liked them a lot more in January, many agreed. Thing is, if we go down, its going to look very short sighted.....to some I'm not saying its right or wrong, if we stay up the lack of Europe next season may well help us where it definetly hindered our league form this term. We need a striker and a centre back. But if Mike doesnt like the market again this summer then I wouldn't be holding my breath around the end of August....That kid at St Etienne is someone I've actually seen on ESPN two or three times and he looks fuckin mustard. Is there anyone else interested?...bound to be some big hitters iyam, I think he's unlikely.
  5. Manu banned Cantona themselves for the old kung fu kick. Is this of the same magnitude?..."example to youngsters" etc etc?...
  6. Thing is, I think its fair to say that possibly 3 of the January deals just weren't possible in the summer on the terms we eventually agreed...Debuchy, Sissoko and Yanga. A lot of people like this policy. Or possibly a lot of people liked this policy when we finsihed 5th. The policy hasnt changed though. Theres a lot of criticism for Ashley for not strengthening in the summer, but if he had done it may have cost the club 5-10million more. We cant have it both ways, and there has been a lot of praise for this policy.
  7. I've not blamed "a handful of idiots", I've not blamed anyone for anything! People are entitled to their opinions, what else do you want me to say?....you're continuing what appears to be a well worn narrative on Wearside, that we're a bunch of fuckin idiots. Well fuck me, thanks for the update.It doesn't mean its true does it? We're no better and no worse than any other group of supporters, including you lot. Now, if you don't want to appear to be "dodging the subject", are you happy to have someone capable of abusing lone black women inside a football ground among your support and should we judge you all by that?
  8. There were no protests after that day. We were relegated 8 months later. Did the cockney mafia bloke have a point?...could he see where conspiring to get rid of Keegan would end up?...shit, who'd have thought it?...I honestly cant see why you'd give a flying fuck about any of that though..
  9. Riiight....who was that again?...and we're talking about fans here, you keep dragging players into it. Neither Bowyer or Wooodgate were charged with a racial offence, if that's what you're on about. Woodgate was convicted of Affray, Bowyer was cleared of all charges.
  10. The cockney mafia banner was done by someone I know well. It was his opinion. I didn't share it and couldn't give a fuck how he came across, it was his opinion. He certainly didn't come across worse than some dumb fuck picking on a loan black woman at a football match. But you're not all tarred by that are you?
  11. Nowt more embarrassing than racially abusing your leading scorer's mother at a game...does it mean that all mackems are racist?...Bent soon fucked off, that actually hurt your team.
  12. So we all have the same opinions then, is that what you're saying?...when there are at least 3 saying that Moyes wouldn't come? Did anyone mention the fabuously named Jurgen Klopp on RTG?...its the same thing...why don't you get it?
  13. the thread in which at least 3 posters have stated Moyes wouldn't come here anyway? try again old son, perhaps with equally stupid claptrap from a month or so ago about some of your lot wanting Peter Reid or Kevin Ball to replace O'Neil as manager till the end of the season. You cant tar everyone with the same brush, its fuckin stupid man. can't you see that?
  14. That's one of our players ....thought the fans were "deluded"?....suppose we all are?..... what you may need to do is ask yourself though is why you actually give a shit about some banal pre season utternaces from a foreign player of a club you don't support?... what the fuck are you trying to prove?
  15. Turned on and it was 1 nowt to Man City 3 good goals by Spurs. Havent seen enough to agree with Neville but he's saying Huddlestone coming on changed the game. Who did he come on for?...then Neville names Bale as motm?..
  16. Moyes isn't coming here, forget it. Moyes is looking for a step up, not sideways. Stevie can fill 4 sheets of A3 on why he thinks we're a bigger and better club but that's not how we're viewed by the wider football public. Not sure even if Moyes will go anywhere. Who's he been linked with?...Manu?...not for a couple of seasons yet I wouldn't have thought.
  17. Yeah it could be argued that Benitez is just Pardew with knobs on, very pragmatic. He's got something though, good at cup ties etc..It showed he's got real fuckin balls taking the Chelsea job too.I think he'd be a good appointment but don't for a minute think he'd even talk to us.
  18. Ok. what's the shortlist?....who would come that's better?....am not saying its impossible, but think about it....looking at this summer I think Bentiez would be the absolute pinnacle of expectations but he'd want real money so he's a non starter iyam. Anyone else who would come who has regularly got a team into Europe?...am not suggesting David Moyes would ever come to us, but that's not a trick even he can pull off under similar financial conditions
  19. Thing is, assuming we stay up, if we're in the bottom half dozen at the end of September he'll either be sacked or under huge pressure. Last weekend damaged him, not fatally, but he's "winged". Derby disasters put all a managers failings into sharper focus.
  20. The peasants are revolting. They've got valid enough reasons. Thing is Ashley has always appointed someone needing a job and who was greatful for the chance. He needs to be as ambitious with his next managerial appointment as he has been with the players who have come to the club. He'll pull the trigger when he needs to, ask Hughton. But as I've said, the 8 year contract sends a message and if we're bobbing along in mid table for most of that it may well suit Ashley very well as he claws back his investment. Then you've got to get someone who would gladly work for Ashley...lets face it, we're not looking upwards, even fuckin Redknapp refused. But people need to realise Pardew didn't give himself the contract. If he's mediocre verging on shit and its got to the point where its time for a change then some people need to start getting the message to the man who appointed him.
  21. All those calling Pardew are reminding me of the Blackburn fans who called Steve Kean all last season.....theyre missing the point by a million fucking miles. 8 year contracts do tend to send a very specific message.
  22. Who's responsible for appointing the manager?
  23. Best job application I've ever read This was less good though:
  24. No Demba?....just confirms he's still horrifically under rated.
  25. Its nothing tbh, I couldn't give a fuck what he says anyway. it comes across as an honestly held opinion. In saying that, you could say that by reacting to the criticism after Sunday by having a bit of a dig back that he doesn't realise the local significance of the game/result. But we have got to put it aside. No Tiote or Marveux v WBA is more of a concern for me than Pardew getting a bit tetchy in a press conference.
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