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  1. Phil Collins did....and someone else...Jim Davidson?....to be fair reading Cabaye's posts he really is in that special bracket of people too, so I'd be careful about bandying your cash around HF
  2. Not followed it, was out Friday night and at match yesterday....anyone disagree with the general consensus that Europe have been, to quote a mate who's devoted the whole weekend to viewing it on Sky, "fuckin wank"? have they any chance of pulling it back in the singles?....
  3. Have the europeans lost already?.....
  4. You can only piss with the dick youve got, and in the absence of a lot choice in the posistion I'd say give him a go. Laurent Robert contributed very little in both build up play and defensively, but his ability to deliver a football got him in the team. Try Shane out, get him into space where he can deliver the ball and we'll see if the rest of the team can carry him, as Robert himself was carried during a lot of games. And Shane will graft his nuts off defensively anyway, which you never got from Robert.
  5. Bigi was preferred to Anita when Cabaye was ruled out v Reading....and why was Tavernier brought on yestrerday in front of Anita when Taylor got injured?...fair enough, rb isnt his main posistion, but I think it was significant after Tav's good showing at OT. It would appear that giving youth a chance after decent performances is high on Pardew's selection policy list. So for me, and very possibly Pardew, he definetly starts v Bordeaux and must have a huge chance of playing at OT in the league.
  6. Start with Shola and Ba up front,bomabard Ferdinand and Evans...they dont like it up em! We'll have to go for it if we want anything out of the game, if its Willo and Perch at the back theres gauranteed goals at out own end. What we're doing this season isnt working, so its time for a change,regardless of who we're playing. Get Ferguson on from the start as well.
  7. Wont let me buy a mackems ticket now....cant even fuckin sign in...
  8. Just been on to get my Bruges ticket....looks like its sold out to those with 100+ points.....that was fuckin quick....
  9. For the first 5 years of the champions league only the champions of each nation qualified......I've got a first class stamp here, do you want it so you can write down what you know about football on the back of it?....
  10. Sounds like someones looked in the mirror and doesnt like what theyre seeing......
  11. Did Dekka mention that SD pay nothing for their "package" at SJP, whilst continuing this narrative that they want to maximise revenues and couldnt afford to significantly strengthen the squad this summer?....ok, he was "economical with the truth"...is that better for you? Am not entirely unhappy with the way things are going at the club, and am quite willing to be patient, but every time the self regarding prick mentions this it boils my piss. They are not in any way shape or form maximising revenues,if they were the stadium would be sponsored by some other corporate entity. If no one wants it, it should remain St James Park. You can dress it up any way you like but for me that is the case.
  12. Thing is mate, things are going ok with the club, its pretty unarguable. But theyre STILL lying through their fuckin teeth to us. If they sold the naming rights to Virgin I dont think anyone would argue too much, he's made it clear he's not putting another penny of his own money in so this is the pot we piss in. But to keep up the pretence that theyre some sort of benevolent father-figures when theyre coming out with this sort of unchallenged fuckin bollocks makes me sick.
  13. Same policy as last season, which earned an "Ashley Amnesty".....whats changed?...we wouldnt have paid 7mill for him last season either.
  14. From the BBC's comments on this subject: One good season, 8 years at Newcastle. Winning the Champions League, 1 year contract at Chelsea.
  15. Fair enough, but nobody likes a grass
  16. It means that the intended victim of a murder attempt survived, i.e. they didnt die hope this helps Are you suggesting that taxi drivers who nearly hit cyclists have been up for attempted murder???!!
  17. If you had a near miss in the car due to someone else being a tool would you report them? I nearly hit two cyclists riding side by side who were coming the wrong way up a one way street last night at about 10pm. Difficult to take their details though
  18. He's not a fan, he's another fuckin wum. Wouldn't know the Gallowgate End from his own bell end.
  19. ""You can look at naming rights - a strong, brave decision, because we know it's such an emotional subject. "So why do it? Because we need to bring in more income, more commercial income This is where journo's fail miserably...why didnt Simon Bird ask him how much SD are paying for the privelige? I really don't think he's going to get banned from the ground for asking that. Apart from that, we've heard it all before, and to be fair its largely posistive.
  20. all these long contracts are very fishy iyam. Is this another cost cutting measure from Ashley?....are they on half the money a premier league coach or manager should be on so theyve doubled the length of a normal contract?.... This means if they leave for another club, NUFC have saved a fortune. If NUFC sack them, theyd have to pay the full 8 years money up. Which doesnt make a lot of sense for anyone tbh....its not an incentive to do well, but there will almost certainly be huge bonuses for success. Ashley does beleive in rewarding employees who have done well for him.
  21. Theres been a lot of people on here pre judging Merveux as being a very good player too, and lets face it,as we speak he's been shite ....has Merveux played any more or less than Ferguson in the last two seasons?.....its far too early to judge either tbh so get your hand out your pants and put the kleenex down CT. Fergie may be the next Nile Ranger, who came on and changed the game v Liverpool no more than 18 months ago and looked for all the world like a skinny Emile Heskey, only 3 times as good. I admit thats unlikely, but you really cant tell with younger players. Ferguson has got to break into the side first and whether we like it or not Gutierrez is one of the first names on the team sheet and is likely to be next season as well. That may see Fergie disillusioned, and he might even leave to get first team football elsewhere, which would, it appears, mobilise suicide watch UK into action in the Boldon, Tyne & Wear area. If you ask me to I'd say we're looking at a left footed Wayne Routledge. Undeniably talented, but far too small to make a big impact due to the hugely physical nature of the league he plays in. I hope to be proved wrong on that.
  22. Hmm...doesnt say how much they have paid for Bates & co's shares...
  23. De Gea, Vermijl, M Keane, Wootton, Buttner, Fletcher, Cleverley, Anderson, Rooney, Welbeck, Chicharito back four looks a bit...unknown?...very experianced apart from that. Tiote will have to impose himself on weak-ish (all things considered...Fletcher over his dicky tummy?) midfield.
  24. Its not about transfer fees as such, its about paying champions league wages to attract champions league type players. Buliding up a kitty for that is very important. We've got 4 players here of that standard who got huge increases on what they earned on the continent when they joined (Cab,BA,Tiote and Cisse) but to get to the next level we have to continue to recognise that Ashley isnt putting any more of his own money in and everything we spend on players including their salaries has to be generated.Not all players are going to accept what we pay atm and those who have will want more next time round. Premier League type prize money is going to contribute hugely to that (500k a place?) so in that regard its right to concentrate on the league iyam.
  25. My sisters eldest girl spent so much time with my mother when she was a nipper she strarted pronouncing her words with the same Manc accent as the old dear....she now speaks like all the rest of the her Scottish classmates. So its not really an issue iyam CT, but am sure it will remain one for you
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