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  1. Is your missus coming with you mate?......
  2. Well theyre more entitled to get emotional about than you are seeing as they do actually pay for a ticket. Fuck off anywhere, just stop spilling your fuckin idiocy on here.
  3. Flick the stream over to Stoke then old son, simple as that. Fuck knows what you'd be like if you actually had to pay to watch NUFC....
  4. A troll from Norway apparently...who'd have thunk it?
  5. Wullie S, and those who wrote the King James Bible, are largely responsible for the move from middle to modern English. Chaucer wrote the Canterbury tales only 100 years or so before Shakespeare and its like a different language. 1000s of phrases from the Bible became commonplace when every church in the country got one.
  6. Thats ok, I agree. Its been shit. Dont see anything changing fast though...thats Mike for you
  7. Not when you were cheerleader in fuckin chief for the entire regime last season you can't. Well, you can, but you'll run the risk of looking like a flip flopping, inconsistant whiner. And who wants to come across like that?
  8. I read in a book that reason Mexicans call Americans "Gringos" is due to the Scottish Marching song "Green grow the rashes O!" which was the marching song of detatchments of Scottish mercenries during the Mexican War of independance. The Mexicans heard the jocks singing it and started to call their opponents on the battlefield "Gringos", and that eventually became the term for all Americans. Which is a great story. And apparently its bollocks too!
  9. Whats changed though?....you've not made the case very well here. Your "cure all" of Shane in for Guti didnt get us a win on Saturday at home v moderate opposisition. I think we've been unlucky.
  10. Thats what some are saying though CT...you personally cant have it both ways, love eberything about the club last season then "everythings shit" this season when the reality not a lot has changed. I don't think its as bad as people are painting. We created enough to get something from the last two games. Mind, I cant disagree too much, we're shite to watch atm. Movement was an issue last season too, its just that everything that Cisse and Ba hit went in. hmmm...that one also needs a bit of work CT
  11. The emergency services put extra bodies on duty at times when there is a full moon. My old man did his own amateur survey on it. Almost always, over the period of around 15 years, any fisticuffs down the village pub was when there was a full moon. People are controlled by the fucker and have been since the dawn of time
  12. The same could definetly be said about us last season. And did anyone think that when we had good performances we were poor to watch? When you've got Demba, its tempting and look at the goals he scored up till January last year. He fuckin destroyed manu on his own virtually (bit of help from an unusually active Shola ) Theres nothing wrong with playing that way...seemingly only when you're winning though.
  13. English teams have almost always in modern times played a mixture between short passing and long ball, and many have been very successful at it. Chelsea for the last decade being the latest. Arsenal under George Graham are another. Theres fuck all wrong with playing direct football with one or two flair players thrown in. I don't know why anyone would imply we played like Brazil 70 last year, it was mostly pretty far from the case.
  14. Got a navy blue Schott of NY jacket in Paris when I was there in the summer.....very,very similar to a Harrington without the lineing...smart as fuck.
  15. you mean I was supposed to stop wearing them?...when??!!
  16. Wouldnt disagree, but then I'm not complaning that we didnt strengthen. We are where we are. I certainly don't disagree with much you've been saying, I just fail to see what can conceiveably change.
  17. CT it was Ashley who appointed Pardew and Ashley who wouldnt do the deal for Debuchy. Or had that escaped your notice? I'm not launching a huge lecture on what a cunt he is. His is the only game in town at the moment though and if he's just given Pardew an 8 year conract I expect he thinks he's doing fine.
  18. Pretty sure CT got beaten to shit by fans of the likes of The Jam or Madness back in the day..... although he may have even been on the receiveing end from the Wham and Spandau Ballet fans too by the sounds of it
  19. My mate says the same about his team Everton....they may be a good guideline for how we're likely to do under Ashley/Pardew. Good and bad spells during the season, leading to the inconsistancy which seperates the top 5/6 from mid table sides. Whether we're entitled to expect more is neither here nor there (I think we are, but its a bit of a folorn hope at the moment) things aren't going to change very much.
  20. I'm lead to beleive that the Asda suits (George?) are very popular where I work...not that I have to wear one...overalls are mandatory though...
  21. Fuck off and watch them then mate. NUFC clearly dont make you happy, and lets face it in Norway you have a lot of choice. If you cant see we created enough both last week and this week to win the game then theres no hope for you, or seemingly the team and Pardew.
  22. Liverpool were unlucky last season, same as this. If Suarez isnt taking the they chances create, theres no one else. Is that starting to sound familiar? Its the story of the last two games for us.
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