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  1. Aquavit

    Hi Besty I found this forum by accident when I was looking up "aquavit" on Google, so I thooght it only fair to share the information. Best wishes Hagar the Horrible
  2. Aquavit

    Hi Meenzer I sympathise with your problem. In the words of Doctor Hook "I just can't get enough of that lovely stuff"! In the past I have had to rely on relatives bringing me back the odd bottle from Norway. But now it seems as though they are rationing me and holding back until its my birthday or Christmas. The prices in Ikea and the specialst stores are too expensive to say the least. However I think I have just found the answer. Make my own Aquavit Its basically Vodka infused with herbs and spices. There are plenty of recipes on the internet - just type into google "Making Aquavit". You can buy the vodka of the make and strength of your choosing. add the herbs and spices and a few days or weeks later hey presto! - Aquavit. Here's a couple of links to be going on with: http://www.eatfeed.com/recipes/aquavit.htm http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m3190/is_/ai_87131083 I'm going to experiment with a bottle of Asda's cheapest vodka at £6:54 and see how it goes. If it works well I'll splash out on something with 40% or 43% alcohol. Best wishes hagar the horrible

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