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  1. newcastle in europe? dont be fucking deluded. newcastle dont have the mental or physical ability to do so. either 'we' bottle it or we're just shit! now, viduka - there is a man who could get us into europe - but our wank, shitty, arsefucking training ground always fucks him over! your all cunts! U HAVE WASTED THE BEST PLAYER YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!!
  2. why dont you just shut the fuck up you prick ok? who gives a shit about simon whoever?
  3. And he must be sitting on your fuckin knee now fuckchops considering you're both posting from the same computer ..... you stupid cunt!
  4. Mark Viduka would fucking kill our firm! he would absoloutely beat shit out of allllll of them! fuck me, i love the man...MARKY, MARKY, MARKY!!!
  5. i have noticed actually and i dont really get it. then again, i always got a long with the Leeds firm (mates with a coule of them...) good lads, good lads man!
  6. Rumours of Simon Grayson leaving Blackpool soon... Good manager at a shit club - Good enough for newcastle? (considering the current situation) ....Id say so
  7. ......everyone hates Liverpool.... their fans are pathetic, there manager is crap, and there players are the the top of mediocrity.... yet they think they believe they are the best team in Europe. PAH!!!
  8. To be honest, i think without a prolific goal scorer such as Owen or Viduka (yes, Viduka does have a good goal scoring record with clubs in premiership and europe) we will struggle against any team. lets face it, Ameobi is not going to do it for us. the team we have is definetely good enough on paper, but obviously there is no confidence. Tonight im predicting 3-1 to villa, Barton pen.
  9. ---------------------Given------------------- Charvet - Woodgate - Beresford - Solano (its how i play Pro-Evo) ----Bowyer - Speed - Ginola - Nobby---- -------------Viduka------Shearer----------
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