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  1. Where's that from? I'd love to read more. Thank you
  2. May I suggest he'd be a damnsight better than any of our current defenders. My dog, Chas.
  3. That'll have absolutely no effect on Man U. None of the current squad know what his history is with the club and I'm sure the manager doesn't give a toss either. The best chance Hull have is that Man U puts a junior squad out. Meanwhile, we'll draw.
  4. Hate the regime not the ... etc. etc. etc.
  5. Alas .. Perth Glory is my second team too! What a toss-pot of a season that was ...
  6. The season that killed caring.
  7. A significant problem is that the majority of politicians and industrialists who deny climate change or just sit on their arse about it will all be dead when the worst starts occuring ... and therefore have no real emotional investment in the issue.
  8. McMahon has a $12 million penthouse in Manhattan, a $40 million mansion in Connecticut, a $20 million vacation home, and a 47-foot sports yacht named Sexy Bitch.
  9. We'll have to rely on the home game to Cardiff to keep us up ... maybe ...
  10. That first processing/interrigation scene between the two mains (don't blink) is extraordinary ... in every way: the writing, acting, directing, photography. It's also a much funnier film than many give credit.
  11. Jesus, we get ahead of ourselves ... we gotta beat QPR first.
  12. Knowing what we know about Ashley and cash, no way is that true. Unless Pardew was really able to push his credentials after the 'Manager of the Year' award.
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