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  1. Celtic

    It's actually an Irish lullaby, go and read the lyrics for you don't know what you're talking about.
  2. Celtic

    That's really intelligent, however I for one can see that it's just you, and not the majority that has one brain cell. Listen mate, the people with one brain cell - or less - are the tossers among your support who come out with this shit. And don't tell me its not many, because its a lot. And don't defend it by saying the other lot are just the same, they are, but its no excuse. You are all a bunch of tosspots. You sing religious songs and you are bigoted cunts. You sing IRA/Irish originated songs/anti British songs. There is no place for this in football. Every Celtic supporter I have encountered - without exception - has touched on this bigotry bollocks. The only question is how long and how many pints it takes them to get there. We don't give a toss about this sort of thing down here. We really don't. We've had 2 testimonials down here in recent times where a lot more than "a minority" have behaved like a bunch of absolute cretins. So far as I'm concerned all you lot who want to play down here - for the English money that you despise - can bugger off. You're not welcome. And you would get relegated anyway, with all your 3rd division rejects playing for you. Firstly I'm not your mate. Secondly we don't sing sectarian songs, there's a small group of people who sing them at away games, usually residents of the actual away town who don't actually care about Celtic's principles. I'll ignore the rest of the flaming. Thirdly we don't want to play down there, the majority of fans would prefer a European / Atlantic league if there were a break away. Your comments are laughable considering your team are the laughing stock of English football don't you think? Probably not.
  3. Celtic

    That's really intelligent, however I for one can see that it's just you, and not the majority that has one brain cell.
  4. Celtic

    Evening, I came in to ask if you've heard any news down there about Aiden McGeady moving to St James, there's some piss poor journalism surrounding this rumor and wondered what your take on it was, do you even want Aiden at St James etc. But let me clear up the issues in this post. It's a very, very small minority of fans called the Green Brigade, mostly kids with silly ideas and some of the older 'csc' who should really have grown up by now but haven't. They have one eye on the pitch and another eye on every move our - to be fair - disgraceful rivals across the city make. Their issues are entirely surrounding the wearing of the poppy on the players shirts on Saturday, nothing else. I do not support them and neither do the majority and more importantly neither do the club. However, I can see their point, that Politics has no place in football. As usual it's only the actions of the minority that hit the headlines, no mention of the 58,000 people who stayed behind to watch the game, no mention - down south that I can see anyway - of the fact that these imbeciles were drowned out by the minutes applause. There has been a great deal of debate between us Celtic fans all week regarding this and on Saturday many of us felt uneasy about the whole affair. All I would ask is that nobody jumps on a bandwagon of believing all Celtic fans are neanderthal terrorists, we're actually doing a hell of a lot to move forward, while our rivals struggle to grasp the simplest orders to stop singing sectarian, racist and hate filled 'songs'.

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