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  1. Rather that, than needing one to find my cock
  2. They'll open up too soon again, nailed on
  3. It's actually quite scary how fucking strong dogs are, I need both hands just to pick up some of the one's he quite nonchalantly trots about with
  4. You'd think so, but he gathers amused crowds especially when he drops the fucking things at my feet to be chucked !!! (who then have to hop/skip out of the way)
  5. Ankle biter, my problem with ours is ankle bashing (he likes sticks)
  6. He died years ago, they probably murdered him, bastard EU !!!!!
  7. I have - My ex neighbour (15 years ago) was a salmon fisherman (out of Blyth) one small coble type boat all sold locally
  8. Then we eat turnips and beetroot (per job rate will likely be calculated on distance to travel I reckon). 3 day jobs taking 5 near on 40% reduction in their earning potential.
  9. Lot's of drivers are paid by the "Km travelled" sitting not moving for 2 extra days is not an incentive The salaried one's companies will just pass on those extra costs. Saw something yesterday where drivers were complaining that their allowed hours driving expired whilst waiting for the check's to be done and they had no-where to go, their tachographs will log they were driving illegally if they move on. Utter carnage.
  10. Lad at work (working from home though) bairn sent home from nursery as another kid's has tested positive, but only the kid has to isolate not the whole family ???? (seems strange/daft) Also things seem to be slowing up here: Compared to last week:
  11. From a a lad at work: "found out yesterday that my cousin was fuming at her ex-husband recently, apparently he felt ill with coronavirus symptoms just before xmas but he still went to his parents for xmas and his new wife's parents (who have illnesses) for boxing-day... subsequently his father-in-law has now died and his mother-in-law is in hospital... when he found out he was tested positive he said to his son (also my cousin's son) that he'd pop round the next day to see him... my cousin told him exactly where to go of course, it's no wonder the virus is spreading with people like that"
  12. Vaccination update - Mother in Law (age 84 with COPD), second vaccination postponed "indefinitely" Sister in Law works in care sector, 2nd Jab same. De Pfeffel's serial rule breaking cunt of a dad has had his 2 though so that's OK.
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