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  1. Coronavirus

    You should have just said I'll get Mahatma Coat (thought Sochal etc was genius btw)
  2. Coronavirus

  3. Coronavirus

    I'm not sure there is any rationale behind what they are doing, I just think they are grossly incompetent and haven't got a fucking clue although I do still believe they are not averse to the "cull" that this is bringing.
  4. Coronavirus

    Absolutely and the effect of mental Friday when they closed the pubs has to hit yet !!
  5. Coronavirus

    Just off a meeting with some Texans and some continentals, Texans ask what it's like over here, we Euro folks explain lockdown etc. and they say "Geez it's not as bad as that here" We euro's all think to ourselves you shouldn't call it "bad" you should call it "good" - and the Texans in question were VERY senior/executive type folks !!! . US is going to get creamed by this thing.
  6. Coronavirus

    Well yes, I would, but Mrs treats parcel like it is garlic and she was a vampire and if it makes her happy for me not to touch it, so be it.
  7. Coronavirus

    I'm not too bad as am WFH but Mrs very wound up - Amazon parcel and dogfood parcel are in quarantine in porch until tomorrow a.m. (2 days) Must admit working from home is a distraction, to a point, but the whole social distancing thing if you meet someone when out is bizarre and unnerving IMO, lucky though we live on edge of farmland/countryside so the dog walk is usually "Other people" free. I wouldn't want to be living city center just now.
  8. Coronavirus

    This. Pretend to have it and publicise but if they then do get it = cue panic about "there is no immunity".
  9. Coronavirus

    Can you catch it via your chuff ??
  10. Coronavirus

    I resemble that remark
  11. Coronavirus

    In France you can go out "solo" for jogs/dog walks, exercise, go to work, shopping etc according to fella I deal with (Parisienne, who's got a canny cough just now mind!!) so long as you have your completed form stating the purpose of what you're doing and where from/to, Police everywhere checking and dishing out spot fines if you are "off route". Can only go out one person per car for any reason.
  12. Coronavirus

    No argument here and Rangers are still dead The Rangers* might be maintaining the tradition as well
  13. Coronavirus

    We've been told to work from home for next 4 weeks (minimum) I did a fair bit anyway, but US office folks (even those who like us here can work from home easily) have been put on a 2 group pattern to "protect" them, one week wfh, next week in the office, rinse and repeat - madness. It's going to go horrific over there I fear, when it hits those without medical insurance and those folks start dying from lack of care !!! Of course I could be wrong, the President reckoned it was all a hoax.
  14. Coronavirus

    They're all at the beach (Seaton Sluice) with their kids, Mrs walked the dogs this a.m. she said it was like height of summer and mobbed, windbreaks tents the lot!!
  15. Not really odd at all, if crown prince’s people say, “say nowt” you’re not going to go risk getting Khashoggied are you .

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