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  1. ECML is 200km/h which is pitifully slow by modern standards.
  2. Me too, he was my favourite as well, always thought Solo was a wanker..
  3. Barnes out for yonks, sounds like a metatarsal injury
  4. xHY of 10K, not be sniffed at, not sure what his exHY were mind. In all seriousness, it was obvious at Villa away last season what a miss he was tbh
  5. Romano became a one man Greenwood cheerleader for days on twitter, the cunt
  6. Probably a rounding error (the get out for all stats nonces)
  7. They're not all mental, just most of them. [Mackem at Work] Glad we didnt sneak through the play-offs last year mind seeing the gulf in class with Sheff Utd [/Mackem at Work]
  8. https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/get-a-grip-youtube-hustlers-dont-watch-football-with-the-camera-on/ This bit caught my eye for some reason:
  9. At what time did the sub eventually arrive ??
  10. https://twitter.com/magpiechannel_/status/1706023066042597609?s=61&t=dT18lkv_gtx3CedULmHiZg
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