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  1. At no time since this all started have I heard of as many folks I know catching this bastard as I do just now. But yeah let’s open everything up 🙄
  2. Not foreign, but on my clematis the fucking huge bastard, it’s fucked off now leaving eggs behind. Any advice ??
  3. It’s beyond my comprehension how Lab and Lib Dem cannot see the ONLY way to fuck off the tories is to get out of each other’s way. Do it for one election only, bring in PR and every vote then counts and the tories are fucked !!!
  4. Trenbolone* apologise again bro typo bro
  5. Contented smile 😁
  6. You just know that even if it fucks Gemmill up for a day or two, he ain't gonna admit it
  7. You Pfizer'ed yes ?? Give it a few days, you'll feel beyond knackered for 24/48 hours.
  8. Great news, I’ll tell me mate whose son was a very promising cross country runner but got fucked by long COVID that it’s just a myth and he’s fine really’ he’ll be thrilled.
  9. I think with them not going up this season (again - chortle) that Covid will give them a boost attendance wise for next season, initially, no-one's been near a game so many will "just want to get back" I suspect if same happens and they remain unrelentingly shit crowds'll drop off very significantly and get more toxic as time goes on. Am rather excited by the prospect
  10. They are talking Morecambe and..... Seriously who the fuck do they think they are
  11. If you relentlessly fuck about with nature, nature will get it's own back, every single time. Some of the responses on that post mind - we need to level China etc, how many tens (or hundreds ) of millions of deaths would trying to do that cause
  12. Who the fuck do they survey !!!!!!
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