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  1. Coronavirus

    Re my second bit, it didn't need any level of competence IMO, just the "it only kills old/sick people which is great" so we don't need to do anything (lazy win win) mindset, fits perfectly with Johnson's "why do anything when I can do nothing, because I'm a feckless lazy twat" persona, anything done afterwards has indeed been "winged" usually only when either forced or shamed into it.
  2. Coronavirus

    If only we were an island and had had the benefit of weeks of advance notice of what was coming, back then a hard lockdown for 4-5 weeks and it'd all have been over weeks/months ago, there'd be crowds at the football and 5 deep at the bar etc. and a quick economic bounce back. We would of course have missed the opportunity to cull a good number of the old, poor and ailing, which from the twat governments perspective would have been a major issue.
  3. The Guitar Thread

    With pink mother of Pearl buttons obviously
  4. Coronavirus

    I'll have the jab but you can stick your microchip
  5. Coronavirus

    Yep, they take multiple years typically. Vaccination fag packet calculation: If it takes 5 mins to vaccinate someone, and then you need to vaccinate everyone in the UK, that's 65 million x 5 minutes, which works out at circa 2.25 million vaccination days (at 12 hour days) and then if you have 8680 vaccination centres working those 12 hr days 5 days a week, you could vaccinate everyone in a year. (there's 7600 GP practices in UK -ish). Then if there's an annual booster needed............................. 65 Million People at 5 mins each = 325 Million Minutes = 27.1 Million Hours = 2.257 Million days = 451K Weeks
  6. Politics

    Wales seems to building a head of steam also
  7. Politics

    I suspect the UK will not exist as the UK
  8. Recommend me something to watch!

    You’re not alone !!
  9. The Guitar Thread

    If it comes back Pink I’ll not be happy only girls (or incredibly talented players) should have pink guitars
  10. The Guitar Thread

    I'm the old (but not as old as Leazesmag) twat who disappears for months on end Cheers Gemmill btw
  11. The Guitar Thread

    Cheers 👍
  12. The Guitar Thread

  13. The Guitar Thread

    Will ask around for a more local mechanic 👍 can’t recall capo make but it has a rubber face so never gave it a thought
  14. The Guitar Thread

    On a serious note, J45 disaster, left capo clipped to headstock for a few weeks, never gave it a thought as was playing infrequently and on my other stuff, and eventually takes it off and it's fucked the laquer Any ideas on where/if that could be re-done ??
  15. The Guitar Thread

    Bender Tackycaster

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