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  1. Not at all mate, it's folks like you (at that time) who needed the help, but it's the absolute cunts who make it so hard for those who are REALLY trying to help but are tiny cogs in a massively fucked machine. The problem is there are MASSIVE (the majority) numbers of folks on UC who "manage" (putting aside views of if it's managing enough, for a moment) and who NEVER call for anything or even consider trying anything on, they just get on as best they can. The problem is that when they can't manage and do need to reach out for some further help they are a lost voice in a sea of chancers.
  2. The difficulty is when "joining" the system, that's where the main hurdles are to try (but fail) to prevent the pro's getting in (again) - because the big scam is opening/closing/changing accounts. The genuine have to prove they are genuine, above and beyond what should be straightforward. solely because of the twats. As Ant says, I know folks who are working with these twats in that area and they are professional scroungers and there are many thousands of them, they have FB groups on the latest things to say, the rules they know backwards, and the scroungers know the full script on
  3. I am well aware of that, and wasn't even extrapolating it out to "the whole country's problems" but there's a large lump of professionally poor who muddy the waters, in the current circumstances, for the other poor fuckers on the subject that was in question. IMO we should have a reasonable UBI for everyone, but that'll never happen.
  4. There's a section on Govt website which details what you can get an advance for. Amazing how unlucky some folks are when their cooker, washer and fridge freezer all break the same day after they've paid off their last advance !!! (they do have to pay them back btw). They are tightening up though, when UC came in it was "have an advance" now it's really pissing the scratters off when they realise there's notes on what was given for last time, no you can't have money for a new cooker, you got one last year it'll still be under warranty (obviously they pissed the money up the wall and never
  5. Suppose, if his whole team of useless coaching bastards leaves with him, you need new super duper guy to come in along with his new bunch of absolutely tremendous coaching chaps, more than one guy to line up.
  6. Guaranteed the twat will be getting pre-emptive excuses in for Sunday, "the takeover is great for the club but the uncertainty about the manager position has made my preparation difficult" etc etc
  7. Aye, her skeleton’s in a rocking chair in the attic and Charley regularly goes to consult her, after he’s checked the showers.
  8. Allegedly Rangnick has said some dodgy stuff in his past (about African footballers), hope we get him, but undoubtedly the press will be all over him if so !!!!
  9. When he played for Ferguson, he must have been permanently paying as much attention as Shelvey is in that photo.
  10. If he's there on Sunday, it's going to change what should be a great atmosphere utterly toxic.
  11. My dad was evacuated (from Heaton) to Whitehaven, at one point was allowed home for a few days, one lad stayed an extra night, house bombed that night and whole family killed.
  12. I think I'll go out and do a bit of looting (I'll leave the raping to the makems)
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