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  1. The Rangers stuff is bollocks, he lent them £3.6 million of much needed revenue, to keep the new club alive when no-one else would, his return was the merch deal, which in truth wasn't that much worse than a previous one they had with JD Sports (iirc) under Murray before they died. Not defending him, but he didn't stitch them up, he drove a hard bargain as he was the only show in town and they were in deep shit. He could of course, not have lent them that money and they'd have died again.
  2. It would appear so, just installed 17.3 went to Ares to reinstall and not on their list anymore. Installed Covenant which seems canny
  3. Exodus appears to have fucked off again
  4. Add in gassing all catholics and they'll be fine
  5. They've gone big for the unionist vote and have been aided and abetted by Scottish Labour, they've campaigned solely on indyref#2 and appealed to the sash, the cunts. It's been all about stop the SNP who agree with more of Corbyn's policies than Scottish labour do (last stronghold of the Blairites - well until tomorrow probably).
  6. So Iran which is supposedly the scary bad guy in the middle east suffers a terrorist attack from same wankers who attack us and who are funded by our Arab so called allies, marvelous !!
  7. I think she lost because she was Hillary Clinton, many folks I work with and my friends and family over there nearly all voted for Trump (which really surprised me) but most all of them said they would have voted for Sanders if he'd been the Democtratic candidate, they really really hate Hillary C. Felt they had no real choice and it was anyone but her. Bit like how I feel about May and her crew.
  8. If there's a small Tory majority, Scottish labour could be culpable, they're virtually campaigning with the Tories and basically supporting them to stop the SNP and Indyref2 up north. Their whole campaign is "stop the SNP" nothing about the shite Tory government we have.
  9. First time in my life I'll be voting Labour Devil v deep blue sea
  10. I find neither offensive in the slightest, I come from a generation where name calling was laughed off.
  11. .....................Awaits "alreet Tex" post
  12. So not racist then, since when is Arab a racial slur, raghead, camel jockey or goat fucker, fair enough. Arabs are incredibly proud of being Arabs, even the smelly ones. Worlds gone mad, fucking snowflakes
  13. Awfully convenient, this news developing at the same time the enquiry into establishment nonceing is descending into farce.
  14. Problem is also here, but we don't know it. Grooming/rape gangs specifically, but hushed up to avoid backlash. Source a blabby polis and corroborated later (co-incidentally) from someone who has a relative who's a child protection officer with Newcastle city council. That sexual assault in Leazes park which got into the news, much to the horror of police and authorities who kept it quiet, they said, because it would "jeopardize the investigation" but really because it was supposed to be hushed up, tip of the iceberg stuff.
  15. other than the logic of getting into a position where only England can possibly win. Also putting extra miles into the Pakistan bowlers legs when next match is next week, not to mention the psychological element of piling up the runs. They were obviously batting to a time (40 minutes) rather than averages, that's just a silly notion tbh.