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  1. He may do tbh, find it hard to believe he found one to commit voluntarily.
  2. Not selfish at all just looking forward (hoping) to not have to live under the Tory yoke in perpetuity. What's with your anti Scottish venom/hatred anyway
  3. Borders should become a roadblock for smugglers etc. I'll be moving north of it anyway so no worries
  4. Definitely hypocritical but they are soon to be fucked over one way or another, football's going to go streamed PPV sooner or later, might be in Sky's interest to assist in fucking off the non-legacy 6 and rebuilding with what's left, they almost certainly won't get a slice of the ESL pie.
  5. Indy types are the antithesis of Brexiteers, given they (we) wanted to stay in the EU, you'll find the rabid brexit types are the west of Glasgow flag shaggers.
  6. One of the local's (full blown conspiracy nut) here, says he can't wear a mask because of his Asthma, and yet smokes tabs !!
  7. Celtic and Rangers trash every place they go to to play it'd be carnage down here. The other teams mentioned would treat it as a canny away day out tbh. Most "other" teams fans would love it, if those 2 fucked off, everyone realises there'd be a very skint period but it'd be better longer term.
  8. Can you copy and paste on an etch a sketch ??
  9. The last thing we need is the sectarian carnage/nonsense from Glasgow down here, they want in they start at the bottom. SFA wouldn't go for it and Scottish Gov't would definitely object (SNP considerations etc).
  10. They (Sky/BT etc.) need to step up and come out against it and guarantee/protect revenue in line with current contracts, they ain't going to get a look in, or rights, to this new league, nailed on it'll be a streamed PPV service through bloody Amazon or the like.
  11. None of my opinions are bollocks
  12. I have no doubt that could happen, but it's nowt to do with the NFL, which is a fucking great game to watch.
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