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  1. The Guitar Thread

    Was going to go in on Saturday but saw they were sold out, will keep powder dry for a while I reckon.
  2. The Guitar Thread

    Stand down - sold out, back to mulling May just hang on a flog some shit and get a daddy LP
  3. The Guitar Thread

    Strangely it's me doing the prevaricating and trying to find a window where I can be arsed to get up to town
  4. The doesn't stop an ownership change though, can happen after a takeover, lets face it it's unlikely any owner would fail those tests given we're not being bought by the Russian mafia unlike some.
  5. The Guitar Thread

    Nah still prevaricating, never got chance to get into town over weekend
  6. The Guitar Thread

    Yeah would never buy a guitar online tbh, I'll know as soon as I hold it if I like it or not
  7. The Guitar Thread

    Cheers, it is Guitar Guitar I'll be going to, if I go Half tempted to trade in my J45 and go full on LP
  8. The Guitar Thread

    That one is £899 in sale (list price is £1199) a Standard is around £1600 I reckon (£1300 if you're lucky)
  9. The Guitar Thread

    Looks or sound/model ??
  10. The Guitar Thread

    I should never have sold my full on Les Paul those years ago, want that sound again but can't justify laying out for a full on LP just for me to play in my office - when I'm supposed to be working from home
  11. The Guitar Thread

    Should I or should I not ????? Mrs reckons I should, but that just means she's after something !!!!
  12. Recommend me something to watch!

    It's really good, apart from the lack of cowboys.
  13. The Walking Dead

    It's gone to utter shit, and is 2 to 3 seasons overdue for killing off, and the writers have run out of ideas but are flogging it for every last cent that it's worth IMO Last Season him with the mullet is captured and goes to work for the bad guy because he can make ammunition, this season everyone blasting away as if ammo grew on trees (with endless supply of all types of guns that have appeared out of nowhere despite last seasons gun roundups) One episode Rick and the motorbike bloke (Darrel ??) are pinned down in passageway in a house, scene cuts away to some tedium somewhere else, when it goes back to Rick, he's wandering around outside taking pictures with a polaroid - shite !!! TBH, it lost it's way (for me) when it turned out anyone who died "turned" not only those who were infected directly by walkers, in that situation there is no hope, so psychologically what's the point of trying to survive or recreate a civilisation, everyone is destined to be a walker. Should never have removed the "cure" potential that was something worth surviving for and to work towards.
  14. Recommend me something to watch!

    Hired Guns on Netflix, excellent viewing and it would appear Billy Joel is an A list cunt
  15. The Rangers stuff is bollocks, he lent them £3.6 million of much needed revenue, to keep the new club alive when no-one else would, his return was the merch deal, which in truth wasn't that much worse than a previous one they had with JD Sports (iirc) under Murray before they died. Not defending him, but he didn't stitch them up, he drove a hard bargain as he was the only show in town and they were in deep shit. He could of course, not have lent them that money and they'd have died again.

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