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  1. True but death by a thousand cuts for Johnson is perfectly fine for me
  2. That party is on the day Dan died, we had to wait 3 weeks for his funeral, 10 only inside and loads outside in the wind and rain and no wake. I fucking won't forget it.
  3. Leave me alone, have some compassion, I was evidently massacred at the Alamo earlier today FFS !!!
  4. As an aside, it is now obvious the Minnesota Vikings are yank Mackems to my Packers Geordies: (and who puts a picture in the splash zone !!!)
  5. Even worse!!!!! custodians and safekeepers of Nazi gold and refusers to hold sanctioned cash from Putin
  6. Short update, from RTG, evidently: I have been digging around for months for dirt on their owners as evidenced by my posting link to a tweet first posted erm... today, I am so devastated by their win at Wembley I couldn't wait to stir them up, all my points have been so thoroughly counteracted I have been shot more times than if I'd been at the Alamo, oh aye and I've been sportswashed.
  7. Inflatable ring cushion would do that for him
  8. Been dropping it in and around twitter, Wisemen Say podcast blokey got it
  9. Done, I'll probably get banned again
  10. I may have to post that in their monster thread at some point 😀
  11. It would appear the mackems are built on a fortune derived from holding all the worlds poorest children to ransom :
  12. Isn't he getting on a bit, not to mention he's got loads of responsibility in Rome.
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