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  1. I remember when I was a kid we went to Edinburgh castle and in the chapel there, there are (or were) books of remembrance, never forget looking over at him and he was stood over a book tears streaming down his face, I'm guessing it was his regiments book, mam just ushered me away sort of "come and see some this over here". Strange how memories come back to me, god knows what his memories were
  2. As a further aside, other grandfather "went through" as they called it (active service right from 1914 to 1918) was at the Somme and god know what else, wounded a couple of times and he HATED remembrance day, used to bring it back I guess, he would never ever talk about the war all I remember is him coming into the room one time when I was a nipper and the cenotaph thing was on the telly, he spun round and left and I heard him mutter, "I don't need this shit to remember my friends".
  3. Isn't that the point, i.e. the dead, I am not a poppy fascist, but I do and will always wear one (not this fucking early though) and hate how it's been weaponised by the cunts. I wear mine in memory of my great uncle Gordon, who was killed in September 2015, at the battle of Loos, we have all his letters home from when he joined up right through to the telegrams of when he went missing, missing presumed killed and then letters from his mates describing how he supposedly died, both say he died painlessly/instantly, one said he was shot through the heart and one says he was shot in the head
  4. When I was a kid, circa mid 60's, got taken to a county show/exhibition thing in Exhibition Park (aptly named) and one stall was mobbed, bloke was chucking these little flakes into a big chip pan and they'd fluff up like magic (basically quavers before quavers were a thing) had a big audience and loads of "oooh Aaah's" going on, needless to say mam and dad bought some, they tried at home, chip pan had to be up to napalm and indeed they fluffed up but then burned in seconds, if they did get them right they were OK but greasy a fuck.
  5. Thick as whale spunk fucking hell !! had the misfortune to look at her twitter profile 8.5K followers as well, geezus
  6. German car manufacturers will sort it out for the airlines
  7. Yet another project fear item becomes reality
  8. To week ending 2nd October, total registered deaths, all causes from ONS, remains at 5% (circa 600) above 5 year average (been around that for last 3 reported weeks).
  9. Trampdalf obviously magic'ed himself into a stately home
  10. Evidently this app only checks you in, and not out, so if you only go to one place and you don't check in somewhere else afterwards it logs you as being at first place until midnight - fucking shambles
  11. Thoughts and prayers for all those little fish out in the Pacific with (checks notes....) no water 🤷🏼‍♂️
  12. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/7222830-Foege-Letter.html ex CDC director not mincing his words
  13. but. but but, household spread is the main cause they said
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