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  1. As a former frequent flyer and therefore bored with the whole experience, I used to fucking LOVE getting a nervous flyer sat beside me. (And believe me some were genuinely terrified) I would dispense endless comforting words about flying "all the time" to put them at their ease, all the while waiting for an opportunity and a noise to exclaim "what was that!!"
  2. They've mobilised some elite units by the look of it:
  3. Probably released against his will, a Russian POW camp is probably more salubrious than Pennywell.
  4. She'd better hurry up, he's going to be beyond skint before long. Evidently more states just waiting in line after NY to do him, Illinois is next supposedly.
  5. Twitter is canny just now, protests in Russia and the tribulations of Donnie
  6. The law suit is 220 pages long !!!! They've got him like a kipper in NYC, but hopefully the federal criminal stuff will stick. Given his whole financial plan/set up is loans to pay off loans, surely no-one will lend him money with all this hanging over him.
  7. On top of the civil suit - She's referred him for criminal tax fraud to the IRS, what was good for Al Capone could be good for Donnie boy (and his brats).
  8. The good news for the tangoed twat just keeps rolling along 🤣
  9. Exactly this, Scotland is as dead for labour, maybe even moreso than for the Tories.
  10. Flight from Moscow to Armenia, $150 yesterday, $1400 3 hours ago, $2800 now. Rats, sinking ship comes to mind.
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