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  1. Mayor of Kingstown, not one character that isn't a completely evil piece of shit, zero endearing qualities on show, very violent. Thoroughly enjoying it.
  2. Also, weren't City against the ESL I've nowt against City (apart from 76 and that cunt Tueart) when I worked down Oldham, many years ago, the canny lads were all light blues.
  3. and a Department for Creating Icebergs
  4. Steady on, that's not the way to describe the moment of your birth.
  5. Aye, but which press, high press, deep press, low press or interstitial press ?? Maybe even Xpress.
  6. they also had Declan Rice, which didn't help our Bruno-less midfield. Better to draw than lose tbh. Can't comment in detail about game as I watched it in blurrivision as was dragged into the local by Hamish (the dog) at 1:00 and had a liquid 4 hour lunch 😳
  7. Was van lass or the herpes riddled sister in law the heroin of the story ??
  8. On that subject, actually I suggest we don't wake them up
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