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  1. Seems Man U are sniffing around McKenna (as well as Chelsea, Brighton) week before cup final, great timing
  2. Not seen that, cheers (Fallout was great as well) P.S. second season of Mayor of Kingstown just out
  3. Recent and recent-ish - 3Body Problem, The Expanse.
  4. Is she dyslexic ? It's Williams who race not Wilson !!!
  5. They’ve kept their proper keeper on 😂
  6. It’s riveting I notice the far side linesman has an amazing tache (if it was 1975) damn Ewerk.
  7. Not seen those was transfixed by the Titiwanga
  8. There’s an add just been on and there is a place called the Titiwanga Stadium. Wonder what shows they put on there 😱
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