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  1. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Yeah we have a fair few ourselves not as many as the thugs from the other side of the city but a few. As for Mackems I know what you mean their a miserable bunch of feckers, lived with two in my uni days I swear they looked for your result in the hope you have lost before they even looked for their own on a Saturday. P.S - That is perhaps the most odd reason I have heard for anyone quick liking the Villa.
  2. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Well it wasn't, if people had actually read my posts then they would have seen that but instead like on most message boards they don't. If I wanted to have a pop I would do it directly rather than going around the houses, Newcastle are a good club but it seems a few of your fans have rather substancial chips on their shoulders.
  3. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    From 82 to 92 your average never went above 30'000 then all of a sudden with the Keegan era from 92 onwards it rocketed. What a fucking idiot Tell me a club who's gates rocketed in that era. It was a time of high unemployment, hooliganism was at an all time high, in the space of 15 years we had sold FOUR world class footballers, Super Mac, Waddle, Beardsley and Gazza, we flirted with relegation nearly every season, yet STILL STILL we were one of the best supported clubs in England. Take 1984 we were in Division Two yet STILL were the third best supported club in England. In fact in a period from 1977 to 1993 we were in the top 10 of English football ONCE. Our relegation season of 88/89 we averaged 27,000 till the last three games when we were already relegated, which made us fourth best supported club in the country. 85-88 typically 22-28,000 average as I said despite no hope or anything, and a club with absolutely no ambition at all. As I said in terms of support and what we've been through we are pierless. We will never and have never averaged 15,000 like Aston Villa (in the top flight in the 80s as well). We are in an era of Talksport/SKY fans like you who don't know any facts about my club. I'll tell you now in terms of support I look down my nose at everyone bar Man Utd and always will. Sunderland are a better and more loyally supported club than Aston Villa. You could have been more succinct Stevie and simply pointed out that the Keegan era coincided with the building of the North Stand. Before that we couldn't be issued with a safety certificate for a capacity of more than 30,000 so we were filling the place despite being shite. Not to mention the fact that for one whole season (1987-88) we had a further capacity reduction thanks to the demolition of the old West Stand, the construction the Gleneagles-style grandstand in the centre Leazes meaning that was out of action and the deployment of portakabins in the North East corner which prevented anyone from standing there either. But don't let facts get in the way of an argument - seriously man, next time you come on here spouting the odds, do some fucking reasearch first. Yes, you're more successful that us at present... but it's on the pitch, not off it. I remember them green seats in the Leazes, however the capacity was still 26,000 when that was going on. The message behind your post though, I wholeheartedly agree, fucking Aston Villa, and I'm saying Aston Villa like someone in a bar saying those two words with a mixture of scorn and joviality. Comparing them off the pitch to us. I thank god every day I wasn't born in the Midlands, and that he placed me here, because I'll tell you this now, I know its a stereotype, but they genuinely are boring cunts. The most exciting person to come from the Midlands is Lee Hendrie, that's how pathetic they are. Back to the point though they are better than us terms of league table and behind the scenes, they will never begin to match us in terms of the blood of the club, the support, who will apart from Man Utd? I could say the same about you and Jimmy Nail but I'm not going to sink to your level as I like most Geordies I have meet you normally funny and warm people, clearly your an exception.
  4. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Are you fucking dim or what? What odds am I spouting? Have you read this thread, did you read any of my posts. I'm not on here having a go at Newcastle, I haven't had a dig at Newcastle at any point but a couple of people like yourself feel the need to jump down my throat and have a go, your just making yourselves look daft. Do my fucking reasearch? Why do I need to do any reasearch when have I ever said we are better supporterd? I haven't. In fact I made no comparison between Villa and Newcastle. I came on here to talk about football with fans who I was always led to believe were the sort to want to talk football regardless of who you support. It seems I was wrong, you would rather have a pop at people who aren't even attacking your club.
  5. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    4 years after winning the European Cup we were relegated pal. You seem to have a real issue in regards to this subject but your issue isn't with me so as I said before your barking up the wrong tree throwing this shite at me.
  6. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Your the fucking idiot, you have totally gone off on one trying to defend your club against attack and I wasn't even having a go. If you stop for a minute and count to 10 I've not had a go at your support, all I was doing is commenting on why you seem to get stick from it in response to a post made by one of your fans. You can look down your nose and get on your high horse all you want, frankily I'm not really arsed fella so go ahead wage your little war against your imaginary foe knock yourself out. When your finished I'll still be taking football with the other sensible people on here. P.S - Don't judge me as some Sky/Talksport fan when you know nothing about me, I've had a season ticket at Villa Park since 1985 so your barking up the wrong tree.
  7. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    From 82 to 92 your average never went above 30'000 then all of a sudden with the Keegan era from 92 onwards it rocketed. 7 or 8 of those were in the 2nd division after a decade as a feeder club I know, I'm not having a pop. I think people should actually read back through my posts before jumping down my throat.
  8. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    From 82 to 92 your average never went above 30'000 then all of a sudden with the Keegan era from 92 onwards it rocketed.
  9. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    I think its because the media rammed it down everyone's throats about how well supported you are or have been since the Keegan era but people remember times when your crowds were shall we say less impressive. Now when things are going well for whatever the reason your numbers are down, you can see the conclusion many jump to I'm sure. I agree with you dips in your attendance are treated differently to those of other teams but I think that is the flip side of the coin from having the media lavish praise on your support in the past. Don't get me started on Spurs fans..... Regardless of the various ups and downs in numbers nobody could in all seriousness claim you aren't a very well supported club.
  10. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Which is what I originally suggested and is the parallel I was drawing to us in the final years under Ellis.
  11. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    I wish I'd never mentioned the empty seats thing now....
  12. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Glad its not just on Villa boards that threads go way off topic
  13. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Surely you wouldn't have the money for Santa Cruz? I wouldn't touch Elano personally, half a good season and an ego the size of Gareth Barry's arse. I do though think Bullard would be an excellent signing for you.
  14. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    Milner's an odd one and can be frustrating but when you have a player like Young on the other wing Milner kind of balances the midfield a little. The other thing is Young wasn't the best crosser of the ball when we signed him, far from it but look at him now. We have John Robertson (Forest European Cup winning winger) on the coaching staff and he has worked wonders with him hopefully he does the same with Milner. I was the same in his time here, kept saying he was young and that they'd work on his crossing and it would be sorted out in time, but if anything it might have got worse at times! Maybe your guys will work wonders with him, but sadly i think he's destined to continue delivering appalling crosses from easy positions alot of the time! But since you're top 4 with a good shot at CL qualification its not abig worry is it! Not huge no mate. Perhaps Robertson will have more success that McDermot but with Young in the side its not much of a worry, I think he has 4 or 5 assists for us already though.
  15. N'Zogbia in Lyon link

    In the history of the club? Your showing a little ignorance there I'm affraid. I'm sorry I fail to see your logic in regards to the loyalty of our players compared to yours from a few years ago. Didn't a certain Andrew Cole leave at the first opportunity to go to Man Utd? Are players are hardly screaming to get away, Ashley Young signed a new 5 year deal last month in case you missed it and became the latest player to commit to a long term deal in recent months following the likes of Gabby and Curtis Davies. Will Ashley Young be at Villa in 3 years? Who knows, in modern football I don't think you can say that with any certainty about any player at any club. I really don't think you will finish within 6 points of us this season to be honest but wish you the best for the second half of the season none the less.

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