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  1. ..... listen, i would like to see a lot of player back - just not alan shitty shearer... aka the manipulative cunt
  2. Buy him!

    too heavy and old???...... fuck off! you dont have a clue do you!
  3. Kinnear's new contract offer

    2 posts into forum life and you've just lost 99% of it's members! Kinnear is a joke, an embarrasment, a liability, and most importantly a shit manager. lol really you cant say that - the team has no morale, and i know its his job to sort that out but can you blame them? they have joey barton in the changing room wet willying every player with a foreign background michael owen who is probably going and they know it a defence which cant tackle to save their lives a keeper who has pretty much gone and... what he really needs to do, and i know this is obvious... he needs to get some money together, forget about the front and the midfield, on paper its got to be one of the best... he needs to get spending on solid defenders - spend big - just get someone who can make a fuckin tackle!
  4. Kinnear's new contract offer

    wo wo wo wo... i know this might not make me too popular.... wtf is wrong with kinnear??? its not like we're going anywhere with anyone at the moment.... kinnear is a good solid manager, and he knows what hes doing! give him a break! fuckin hell! would keegan be better?
  5. Blossom

    Hello!!!!! ..................................................... welcome all to my humble thread.......

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