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  1. Shepherd Disappointed At Journal Article

    To be honest, although it may be hard to accept, the reason O'Neil isn't going to be the newcastle manager is because he is going to sunderland following the takeover by Quinn and his Irish consortium.
  2. bizarre

    You were linked here from a Pro-Wrestling Forum, so I really don't think you're in any position to be taking the piss. 120203[/snapback] Hence the term 'rough and tumble'! Who just suggested the polis thing with 'Sophie Skinhead'? Why not phone him, telling him he's talking to Det. Sgt. Freedman (starter for 10) of Durham police and ask him to come to the station at 09.00 Sat morning to discuss some irregularities that have come to light. The charv would then announce himself to the desk sgt at the allotted time who wouldn't have a fuckin clue why the daft salted peanut (skinhead with dandruff) was there. Just a thought. EDIT: I knew I shouldn't have had that extra beer - we don't know the fecker's name! Thick, or what??? 120230[/snapback] It's Sophie
  3. it's a bit quiet on here

    Is everyone shitting themselves in case sunderland win on monday
  4. bizarre

    have you decided yet what you are going to do to the bastard?
  5. bizarre

    Definately give him the option to own up and only get a caution. Then tell him he has to pay a £100 fine, take it off him then kick the shit out of him. This is a class thread BTW.
  6. bizarre

    how long will the photos be on here before they are deleted
  7. bizarre

    chase her all the way down to the sands and chuck her in the river

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