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  1. bizarre

    jeeeeeez we're making it onto some dodgy boards out there! welcome mate 117482[/snapback] Your Welcome We are the Official Fan Club of this man ---> We enjoy good humor, getting stoned, and playing with ourselves while we are on Myspace commenting on each others good looks. Oh, and if you do decide to drop by, and register. Don't forget to post porn within 10 posts. Its a nice lil rule we have to weed out the squares. Continue on with the good work, my euro friends. BTW we really love accents!!!
  2. bizarre

    Hello Europeans, First, I would like to say that. I think all you guys are fit. And that me and all my friends over at rogan board would like to say, go get em tigers. Roar! Here is the link to our DELICIOUS sausage fest of a board http://forums.joerogan.net/showthread.php?t=48144 Drop in if you's want. We love accents!!!

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