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  1. You guys are crazy :-) I am going to the beach, maybe i post more pictures when I get back!
  2. I cant believe how many pictures of me are out there! :-)
  3. Me and Gisele! Where did you find that :-)
  4. Yes but you now see what I look like. I want to see what you all look like and then i maybe will post more pictures :-)
  5. I did not understand your question :-)
  6. Scolari ha ha. He only wants to win Wold Cups with Brazil, not England :-)
  7. If you have seen some of the skills Ronal has used in Brazil games you will know it was a shot I went crazy with joy!
  8. Although my english is good it is not great. I do not understand? I live in Rio, near the nice part of town :-) What is admin Shearergol? Do you know Alan Shearer?
  9. What is that :-) I have been told that Alan Sherer is the best player to ever play for Newcastle United FC. Is that correct? And also he will no longer play! is that correct also?
  10. Well if they are like the english boys I have met until now I will be happy. They were lovely. I understand about IP now. How do I know what mine is and I will tell you :-)
  11. Middlesborough? They are another English team :-) I have never been but I would like to see Newcastle play there one day
  12. You are not making sense to me now. Stapehen said some of you guys would be strange :-)
  13. what does it smell like, chicken?
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