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  1. Do you crawl around on all fives?
  2. Been a while….. Does anyone on here manscape? Had a blast of this for the first time the other day with my Philips oneblade. Must’ve nicked my ballsack a few times cos the next time I got a good ball sweat on they were sore as fuck! The way your pube-free balls stick to your leg too isn’t the best feeling in the world. Its only a few days since I did it and there’s a fair bit grown back already and now they’re itchy as fuck. Can’t say I’ll be doing it again. 2 stars out of 5.
  3. Never too far away mate! Ah sunshine fanny....great mammories...
  4. Any rivers, streams PM me please seeing as i've just discovered Front row sports is blocked!!
  5. http://bookfaked.com/2012/03/09/katy-perry-topless-picture-leaked-nsfw-pic/
  6. Probably my favourite band, absolute genius musicians. Gutted, never got to see them live for one reason or another and was one of the things I really wanted to do whilst it was still realistically possible. Their stuff was basically the soundtrack to me and my mates' teenage years.
  7. To the left, to the left, everything I do is with my left, with my left!
  8. Anyone ever been to the test? I'm in Barcelona next weekend and theres testing on from 1st to 4th March and was wondering if its worth going, it's not too far to get to the circuit and tickets are on sale on the gates from what I can gather tickets are fairly cheap just don't want to be going up and seeing next to no action. Anyone know how many laps they tend to go out for when testing?
  9. Fuck me ref thats the easiest handball you'll see all season
  10. I've found that recently and Im only 29. I usually end up tossing and turning for 2 hours in a shit sleep before I can be arsed to get up and go to the bog, The remedy is probably as simple as not drinking before I go to sleep Is it not a possible symptom of prostate cancer? Sure I've heard that somewhere before.
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